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on November 25, 2017
I'll be honest, I was expecting straight chinese trash electronics. I'm very happy to be wrong. I'll do a quick breakdown
1. picture quality is really nice. Like better then my friends full size projector.
2. Sound is passable. For a small gathering, the speakers should be fine
3. The auto correction for keystone is actually pretty good.
4. Build quality. Wow. Feels nice and heavy doesn't feel cheap but still very portable. Very happy with it.

Now the cons. There are few, but could be a deal breaker to some.
1. The wireless streaming is garbage. Like really bad. Barely works with many apps ( I have a mibox hooked up now so it's night and day)
2. The remote and it blaster are terrible. You have to hold the remote right up to it. I thought mine was broken at first. Not great to be honest.

Overall, very worth the 400 I paid. If you need a decent projector, that's protable and has basic functionally with the addition of a Chromecast, this is perfect. The software is crap and so is the remote, but using my phone and Chromecast has solved most of the issues. 8/10. Good job seeying. Please fix the remote or add a phone remote app over WiFi/ native Chromecast support. This would be perfect with those features.

The photo was taken during the day where most projectors would fail terribly. Screen size from 10ft back is about 8ft for context

Update: the projector ended up having issues being charged. I contacted the seeying and they sent out a replacement unit. Got it back in a few days after sending the old one. For anyone worried, they will honor the warranty. Great projector. Great company. For the great service, I'm going from 4 to 5 stars.
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on November 29, 2017
 This Seeying smart projector with HD crystal clear image, android operating system, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. all the great features 30,000 hours of lamp life, so you do not worry about this thing dying out.

The y2 newest portable smart projector, it's like a rubberized matte black feel which is kind of cool, remote that's a pretty's cool that they also include tripod and HDMI cable if we need it. its package comes with remote controller, HDMI cable, power cables, a tripod and menu.

I actually like that it's simple operation system. they don't make it too complicated. you got video, YouTube, photos, screencast. you have an app store, you can actually download Kodi on this. It works well with my ps4. The PlayStation 4 actually running smooth and there's barely any lag.

And the colors here the 3000 to 1 contrast ratio looks amazing. this is DLP technology so it does give you very vivid bright colors. this projector also has REAL thirty-five hundred lumens brightness so it does get a very right clear picture.

let's talk about the noises that the projector makes, so the fan on the projector is very quiet. I've heard a lot louder fans on a lot smaller models and the speaker on this projector well. But it better hooking up a Bluetooth speaker when you're planning on using this outdoor

I putting it up on the big screen. its quality is great for the price tag. you can get up to 200 inches, it looked amazing playing movies on it. I was able to play some video games on it, there wasn't much lag. I didn't feel much latency when I was playing.

All in all, this Seeying Y2 smart projector is deserves to buy, if you want a gaming or video projector for your home. I recommend you get this one.
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on January 29, 2018
 The seeing y2 DLP projector gives you guys an idea of scale, little bigger than a 5.5 inch display martphone. If you're going to compare this against the h9 6p or even like the pietari projector. it's not as small of a form factor but it's more than adequate enough to fit into your pocket.

it's got 1,500 extra lumens and extra thousand on the contrast ratio. it is better but it does actually miss something which is dual band Wi-Fi and it doesn't have a dedicated Ethernet port, so you can hardwire it in for fixed connection recently on the h9 6p protector.

I tried to upgrade the firmware version. I'll try to do this in the past with many different DLP projectors and I failed cuz you can't find the actual firmware file anywhere online. But this YT projector I actually managed to get the firmware version and you can actually upgrade it.

The operating noise level of this projector, it stays around 41 or 40 when I moved the power brick it goes up to 48 and 50. that's nothing to do with the projector but the ambient sound levels could be better. The projector uses a genuine texas instrument made DLP chip, trust me that's a good thing. now the battery life on the YT projector was really really good, it lasted for about two and a half hours. If you get the appropriate DC to USB you can use a fast charge power pack to actually charge the projector.

The YT projector got the AppStore, this is not the Google App Store, the Google Play Store is actually on the projector as well, but if you use their app store you've got other apps. You can download Kodi, Exodus, you can download show box. All of that, the projector does have this own setting menu. this is all software base and you can actually access all of that, and this should look familiar if you've used any form of Android in the past.

Compared to the test that we do with the other DLP projectors this is far more superior. I have no doubt that this projector will go to 150 inches plus with ease as far as the build quality.

I love this stealth design of this projector and I love the fact that it was just one color very simple.
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on November 12, 2017
 perfect for Lan parties
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on January 5, 2018
We love the quality and ease of use of our projector. The small size makes it possible to take anywhere. We love how a whole wall becomes a beautiful screen. It's like going to a movie in our own living room!
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on January 13, 2017
Nice light, zoomable to a spotlight, with 2 brightness levels. I am an ear-nose-throat doctor who always needs an easy-to-carry and readily-available pocket light that I can use when seeing patients in the E.R. (for nosebleeds, etc) or making rounds at the hospital. Believe me, no hospital have adequate headlights for this purpose in the E.R. or on the ward. By adding an elastic headband and wearing the light up-side-down at a right angle as shown in my photo, it becomes a very serviceable ENT examination headlight that will allow me to see even deeply into the nasal cavity where I need to render treatment. This is a very practical yet inexpensive solution to a perennial need of every ENT doctor. By the way, I do recommend using the lower setting when examine patients since the high setting may be too bright. At this price, I can have several and if one breaks, I'll just buy more.
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on March 7, 2017
Veary very nice light I actually orderd this one and one of another brand that also took 3 AAA baterys but it 7 dollars more then this one .
That being sead I tested them on a dark rainy night this one was the keeper
and I'm going to order another one these in future .. Also this light was almost as bright as a coon hunting light I payed over 200 dollars for don't know how long this one will last but super impressive.
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on September 21, 2017
So if you wear bifocals or progressive glasses, you might find that most headlights will NOT work. You have a fishhook you need to tie on for example. You raise your head so you can see it through your glasses, and then you have NO light! This little headlight is the answer for that, as it tilts down many degrees, to put the light where you need it! I gave it four stars because a friend has a couple and one started acting up the second or third night he went fishing with it. Many of these LED headlights are very, very water sensitive. I bought two and if they hold up for me, I'll increase my rating to 5 stars.
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on January 7, 2018
This is a really wide-field, bright and useful light. Very durable. I live in a rural area and have evening chores and gardening tasks and having your hands free is an imperative.I only gave it 4 stars since if you put it on a baseball cap, the visor has to be really heavy and the cap fit snugly to avoid the weight of the light pulling it down and then you're constantly adjusting your cap. However, since the light swivels up and down, I started clipping it to the front of my jacket or hoodie at chest level, and by adjusting the swivel, you get the same effect.
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on March 25, 2018
Got this to do meetings on the road because it was small light and bright. Could not be more disappointed. The picture is nice however it is super loud. The worst part is none of the software works correctly. The “Airplay” makes you download an app entirely in Chinese. It then says to click this one button. However it errors out everytime. The WPS app for viewing PowerPoints and such insists it needs to update before it can pair the the phone app. That update fails every time. Any attempt to update the underlying android system also fails. There is zero support channel or even an English website to get this fixed. Returned and got a much cheaper alternative that is brighter and quieter and doesn’t have a buggy android system. Hooked this new one up to an old AppleTv for AirPlay instead and am 1,000 times happier
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