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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
In Like Flynn
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on June 27, 2018
👍👍Another super hot alpha fella hits the pages in another great Donna Alam romance. I love her Scots, but laid back Australian hunk Flynn (is it coincidence that she named him after Erroll Flynn, another Aussie heartthrob?!) is fierce competition and fits in well with Alam's already-established circle of couples. Chastity and Flynn, the main protagonists, sizzle!

There's humor (once again, Ella's alcohol-fogged brain draws some chuckles), some sad moments related to Chastity's past, lots of jaw-dropping cavorting, and some male rivalry that turns pretty nasty. I truly enjoyed Chastity and Flynn's story and can't wait to see them reappear in future Alam novels.

Recommended for the romance, passion, humor and feel-good camaraderie that graces this well-written series. Although it's a standalone romance, I recommend reading Alam's Scots series, and Easy and Hard as well, to get the full scoop (and a lot more fiery romance) on the circle of friends and family.
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on June 26, 2018
I always know when I pick up my Kindle to read a book by Donna that I'm going to love it. In Like Flynn is no exception. OMG, Flynn....delicious, hilarious, naughty, everything you dream about a book boyfriend being!! And Chastity is fantastic! Independent, sassy, sexy, proper but not so proper, purveyor of ...well, you know or you'll find out. And the cameos by Kier, Paisley, Mac, Ella, aarrgghh...all of the fun people we have met thru the books. Flynn is surprisingly intent on Chastity after their one night stand after a destination wedding. She's kind of irritated with him because she hasn't been able to orgasm since their night. Because of their mutual friends, he's in the right place to get back in her bed...and the steam...oh la la. He will just charm the knickers off ya!! I received an early copy in exchange for an honest review.
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on June 27, 2018
In Like Flynn by Donna Alam a five-star read that you will want to be in the pages for a long time. Flynn, Flynn, Flynn what a man of mystery you are, you dark horse. (take the horse thing how you want) What a man. This book was so hot and funny, but it should come with a warning of DO NOT READ IN PUBLIC. I laughed so hard I spat coffee all over myself and then had to explain to a community of older people why I was holding a meeting looking like I had an accident. (I will give you a hint when you read the book you will get it, Taxi, and cat) I have had to promise to take the other books I have by the author in and show some of them how to download it as they though it sounded hilarious!! Mind they also like the idea of Aunt Camilla Wolf, who I am hoping we get a short story about her and a couple of the other older ladies across the reads. As Camilla is a character and a half, kind of like the lady you hope to become one day. Once again, the talent Donna Alam has shown putting words on a page, you will laugh and you may cry. But I promise you one thing, you will blush. Thank you for being amazing else stalkery mcstalkerton will come back and haunt you misery style.
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on June 29, 2018
Chastity is the owner of an ethical porn site and since her hook up with hot Flynn Phillips she can't achieve an orgasm on her own. She blames him for this problem. Running into him again at a BBQ a friend is having sparks fly between them again. Flynn hasn't forgot his wild night with Chastity and would love a repeat however he knows he'll have to work for it because of how he left things. They end up reconnecting and having sexual romps in various places but will Flynn be able to show Chastity he can be in it for the long haul?

This was a great story once I started it I couldn't put it down. The chemistry between Chastity and Flynn is blazing hot. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this to any of my book friends.

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book. I enjoyed it so much I bought my own copy.
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on June 28, 2018
"In Like Flynn" is one wildly entertaining gem of a read! In true Donna Alam fashion, I laughed my way through this book. Witty, sometimes snarky banter abounds between the two main characters, Chastity and Flynn. Add in some explosive chemistry, loads of sex, a creepy neighbor, misunderstandings, and appearances by many of our fav characters from previous books, and this book is nothing less than a total winner! While a stand-alone book complete with a HEA, you would best enjoy this book if you read all of the books in the series. It doesn't matter in which order you read them, just that you do. The series is quality writing so entertaining that you won't want to miss a single word. I've read every single book written by Donna Alam, she is true genius!

I was given an Advanced Read Copy of this book, loved it so much that I bought myself a copy.
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on June 27, 2018
Take a case of an absent orgasm, a toffy head strong pornographer, throw in a hot as f#@! cheeky Aussie larrikin and you end up with a riotously funny, sexed up, sheet scorching tale that is Donna Alam's latest ripper RomCom In Like Flynn!!
Donna delivers yet again in this story with her signature witty banter, fantastic supporting characters including the obligatory crazy geriatric and a generous helping of super hot sex that will have you fanning yourself, reaching for your battery operated boyfriend or climbing your significant other!

Following a post wedding tryst that Chastity would rather forget, she's left with an elusive orgasm and she thinks the cocky Aussie PA who stared in her island hookup is responsible for it's theft.
She wants it back, and she's prepared to chance a one off go-around with the delicious Flynn Phillips to get it, but he's just got a taste for this uppity "duchess" and is not going to let her get away without a decent tussle.

This author knows how to create delectable heroes and she nails the Aussie persona in a wickedly naughty package with Flynn, without making him crass and cliche. This boy is no bogan!

"Flynn Phillips is like a ninja at dirty talking and probably holds a bachelor's degree in innuendo."

The verbal sword play between he and Chastity is fiery and hilarious and makes this a fun, fast read whilst building the bones, beneath the fun and frivolity, of a great love story built on foundations of laying demons to rest, embracing change, developing trust and commitment.
And with the help of her superb cast of new blood and some old characters we love from her previous books, these two will have you swooning all the way to the end because they really are "cute as!"
5 sinfully fun stars!!
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on June 30, 2018
I loved Flynn from previous books and was so excited he got his own book. He is handsome and quick witted and oh so entertaining.

Chastity has had a couple of bumps along the way
And her circle of friends is small. She is a fierce friend with a heart of gold even when she tries to come off differently.

These two burn up the pages and Alam can write a sex scene! (Fans self)

This author writes hilarious dialogue and smokin hot dirty talk. Loved this story and all then ones intertwined. You can read any of them as stand alones but I promise you won’t want to miss any of the hot men!

Reviewed by Becky for JoandIsaLoveBooks
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on June 27, 2018
I think this may be my new favorite Donna Alam book! Chastity and Flynn had a scorching night together months ago...and he took something from her. Chastity’s life is in order. She owns a successful business, has a great place to live, she’s got it all, right? And Flynn. Happy go lucky secretary to one of his buddies. Living the high life. But there is more to these two than what it seems. This book was perfect!!
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on July 12, 2018
What can I say other than Donna Alam has another tremendously funny read with In Like Flynn. The storyline & plot are engaging & entertaining & include Alam's off the charts, witty, sassy, laugh out loud hilarious banter. And as always, the author writes her humor with a slight British twist. But warning, when reading 'In Like Flynn' it's a given that you will absolutely laugh out loud numerous times and, if you are in public or otherwise not alone, be prepared for their curiousty & questioning looks, your response to 'what can be so funny' can be 'have you read a Donna Alam book?' Definitely Recommend One-Clicking this fantastic read! Follow as Chasity tries to figure out why she no longer can reach her 'O', an ability she apparently lost after her recent hook-up with Flynn. Does Flynn have a hold on Chasity's 'O'? Chasity is curious to find out if a repeat performance with Flynn will give her back her 'O' or has Chasity lost her 'O' she forever? Worst yet, will Chasity needs Flynn for her future 'O'? One-Click this delightfully humorous & banter-filled read In Like Flynn by Donna Alam
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on July 2, 2018
I adored this book. A sassy Australian who steals the “O’s” of a British porn producer? Can’t lose! And if you want to know something else...this doesn’t follow the typical trope. There’s also a mysterious guy who’s also a neighbor and he may or may not be all he seems to be. Give this one a shot, you’ll love the realistic characters and witty banter.

For those familiar with her works, you’ll recognize some of the characters from previous works as they grace the pages. While I recommend reading ALL her books, it’s not a requirement to have read these books in order. (It helps you to have a full view or this universe of friends the author has created, but each book is technically a stand alone book.)

Always one who’s breathes life into her characters, she’s a master at showing their strengths as well as their weaknesses. She’s been making better and better characters with each read.

Except for one part that made me wonder WHY someone would believe something so obviously FAKE, I realize when someone is afraid, he or she will grab onto any reason to NOT face those fears.

There’s no cheating nor anything triggering, maybe a moment where it’s a little scary, but it shouldn’t trigger anything.
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