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on June 29, 2018
It is such a pleasure to watch Billy Bob. Not many actors have his endearing magnetic charm. I love how he treats each individual in this story with the exact sentiment that comes from his unique heart. The good guys get their very own Billy Bob recognition due and the bad guys - well what a great relief to see him deal them their fate. Yes, the dark dark dark stuff was not necessary. I expected some dark as there was some in season one but the amputee thing was over the top disturbing mixed with the senseless killing of Julio. Don't forget most people want to be entertained not just shocked every minute. This cast is still phenomenal! I wish the writers spent more time showing Brittany who we saw learn a great life lesson being paid even though she was a traitor in the last season come into her own instead of using her for a play toy to a psycho. After the first two episodes I clearly thought I was done, then I missed watching Billy so I did watch the rest of the episodes while leaving the room during the stupid parts and turning the volume down. I thought this team was supposed to me made up of understated skilled underdogs who together can accomplish much more than the mainstream conventional law firms? It never really went that way this time. I felt so sorry for them. All they went through was in vain. Billy's team needs more story written for them to remind us of their unique investigative skills and less dark fillers.
Being a dog trainer for film, I was happy to see the dog from season 1 briefly appear during the last scene on the beach. I'm sure if he or she showed up earlier, something awful would have happened to it also. I hope the writers will write a season three but with less dark dark stuff and more about the characters that you made us fall in love with in season one.
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on June 21, 2018
Geez, how bush-league of Amazon to temporarily censor reviews to prevent negative comments! I totally agree that Season 2 of "Goliath" was AWFUL. The writers and producers obviously think we're all idiots and as depraved as they are, The scripts were amateurish, throwing in every possible cliché from bad TV cop shows and presenting dumb plot elements that defy reality and common sense (SPOILERS ALERT):

WHY would Marisol, a young and beautiful candidate for the mayor of Los Angeles, get the hots for an alcoholic, smoking, frail, 60-something Billy? Stupid.
WHY does this mayoral candidate -- in the middle of a political campaign -- seemingly have ENDLESS free time to be with Billy, sleep with Billy, wait around for Billy, go on holiday with Billy, hang out with Billy's daughter...? Stupid.
WHY do the writers believe we all want to see close-up, blood-spurting torture-amputations and amputation fetish masturbation sequences? Stupid.
WHY isn't the cop assigned to watch Julio the main suspect when Julio is found dead from a "suicide" hanging INSIDE THE JAIL? Stupid.
WHY after Billy escapes from Gabriel and kills one of his guys, do Billy and Patty RETURN to Gabriel's home in Mexico only days later seeking to talk to him? Didn't they assume they'd both be murdered?? Stupid.
Why did Danny, knowing he had a target on his back and was sought by Gabriel's goons, go to his death not being able to protect himself because HE WASN'T CARRYING A GUN? Stupid.
WHY was Tom, although apparently sedated, so freaking JOVIAL when he discovered Gabriel had just amputated his arms and legs? Stupid.
WHY-OH-WHY did Amazon hint in the viewer notes of the final episode online that this was merely Billy's "Round One" with Marisol while not making even the slightest suggestion of that in the actual episode?? Anyone simply streaming this at home would assume that Billy lost and evil won. REALLY Stupid.

I wonder if Billy Bob Thornton, while reading through the scripts for Season 2 ever thought to himself, "Man, this is some pretty lousy sh*t! I should probably speak up and say something."??
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on June 16, 2018
Clearly, as most reviewers here are saying, the writing from season 1 to 2 really took a dramatic nosedive in every way.

Season 2 just proved too disturbing for my worldly tastes. The whole amputee theme with the bad guy as a hobbyist surgeon chopping off limbs (and ultimately more) of anybody who looks at him wrong or interrupts him (he hates that) and being exposed to this over and over -- pretty much a good portion of seemingly every episode after maybe the first -- is just TOO MUCH! Even for the most desensitized and jaded viewer. It shows him doing the surgery. It will give you nightmares and not in a good way (if there is such a thing).

And lest you give a sigh of relief that at least this season they didn't have the over-the-top sex-power pervasions of the first season, oh no, it's worse here, as now we've got a bad guy who also has amputees in a secret room in his mansion whose life purpose is to get him off. Oh, and it gets sicker. It sure does.

I get it. These are bad dudes. But honestly, there's only so much I can take before my gag reflex kicks in. If you still value whatever shred of childlike innocence you have buried inside, think very hard -- and be warned -- before watching this season.

The reason I was waiting to watch this season was because of the fun I got from Billy Bob's character, as well as the amazing interplay with him and some of the other cast members, particularly Nina Arianda, who is a real pleasure to see perform and quite often steals the show. Arianda and Thorton have a real chemistry as colleagues and the dialog is often great.

But.... in season 2, Thorton is missing some of his charm. His character attributes this flat kind of acting early on to his depression, and I get it, but the truth is, it's just not as fun to watch. He was depressed in the first season too, but at least had more energy. But I can't blame him for being so depressed this time, with the script being so terrible.

Most the characters in season 2 are cardboard one-dimensional a-holes. Every single character is a terrible person, here, come to think of it, except maybe the poor kid in jail. No, him too. He conceals evidence and repeatedly lies to his lawyer and instructs his intimate young girlfriend to do likewise. He iseven, comparatively speaking, like a saint, though, because even though he intended to kill, he stopped short. Pathetic. Even Billy's daughter turns into a raging drunk by the end. What is the point here? Disgusting and vile and not interesting at all.

It's the structure of this show to spend just as much time on the bad guys. Unfortunately, this ain't The Wire, where the bad guys are actually sympathetic, three-dimensional human beings. The bad guys here are just over the top gross and all-around unredeemable. Fine, I get they are bad -- after all they are Goliaths. Well you can be a Goliath without being so sick you make Hannibal Lector want to take a bath. I'm guessing there are evil people who are not also incredibly sexually perverse, for example. And maybe, if you are going to make sickos (and by the way, twisted and sick does not equal three dimensional and interesting), do you really have to give them so much air time for us to get that, yes, indeed they are bad? (The answer, writers, is no.) Besides that, this show is supposedly predicated on some mystery, but that is often blown as we see bad guys' evil lairs so much.

At least bad guys in first season are mildly interesting corporate bullies, a story slightly more fresh than this hackneyed drug cartel.

Oh, and if you didn't already think it was dark, one huge difference this time round is the bad guys actually win. At least we got the joy last season of David defeating giant. This time the giant kicks David to the curb and keeps on taunting. Not very satisfying, if at all even interesting. We didn't even get a big courtroom finale, making this not even feel like the courtroom drama it's supposed to be.

In general I was let down by season 2. The things I chose to forgive in season 1 were just too overbearingly in my face in season 2 and cannot be forgiven. If there is a season 3, you better double down on the more light and likeable things of the show instead of the sick and depraved. There was a clever couple references to Hitchcock's incredible North by Northwest in this season. It would be really nice if Goliath writers would actually make this show next time with more of that tone humorous and light tone and less of this dark, disgusting, and very disturbing excuse for entertainment I saw this time around. Honestly I'm so sick to my stomach, I'm not up for another season. I'm out.

The writers are apparently trying to find a balance of light and dark, especially given some of the good humor in the first season. There are no laughs this time. If anything, they should have veered to more lighthearted humor this time, not the incredible darkness that prevailed. So so terrible.

I'm not even going to get into all the plot holes. Suffice to say it's a bunch of huge holes within one big black hole.

The dialog is really really trite and hackneyed and extremely repetitive. "I really like her dad. I really like her. I really really like her."

In conclusion, this show turned from being clever and fun with some problems to becoming an eight-hour turd from the butt of Satan. It was really that bad.
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on June 16, 2018
If season 2 was shown as season 1, there would be no season 2. It was awful from start to end... well, I didn't get that far. In fact, I'm not going to waste anymore time on this and if you're lucky you won't either.
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on June 20, 2018
Please understand this review is not coming from some holy roller. I would describe myself as a nihilistic-leaning atheist. I thought Tetsuo was worth of watching again and I liked Lars Von Trier's Breaking the Waves. I don't mind a Tarantino film and liked Dexter. So understanding that I'm from the rather narrow demographic that MIGHT have liked this season, I can only say it is a vile dumpster fire.

Let me describe the KIND of dumpster fire Goliath Season 2 is. Fill a dumpster with dog turds from the surrounding parks, dead hookers, and used heroin needles. Cover in gasoline and ignite.

It's interesting to note that they HAD a show-runner (Clyde Philips) who knew how to make their chosen insane content work. If anyone could make this work it would be someone who ran Dexter. But they fired him and re-shot the 4 first episodes he had completed. I cannot possibly imagine those 4 deleted episodes being worse than what I saw.

To start with, Season 2 has just incredibly bad writing. Even the PREMISE of the season fell down.

WHAT exactly is going to be catastrophic for the bad guys if a particular murder of low-level criminals in a bad neighborhood gets chalked up as an unsolved crime? What is so important about making one PARTICULAR cello player go to jail when they already considered framing him a huge mistake, when they still had the murder weapon, which they could have planted on ANY lowlife thug with a known criminal record in the course of their workday?

Or for instance, the writers appear to be totally incapable of creating a believable romance between McBride and the mayoral candidate. We laughed at every scene with it.

Generally things just either happened formulaically or didn't make sense. The characters we are supposed to sympathize aren't fleshed out into real people and we don't care about them. The daughter was completely miscast. Her acting and appearance simply do not work.

Okay, having explained that it isn't JUST the objectionable content - it really is a hack job this season - let's move on to the other stuff.

Torture porn. Amputee porn. Masturbation, trannies, weirdly lingering full frontal nude homoeroticism. From what reviewers who made it farther into the series are saying, kiddie porn and incest?

Go ahead and make your crazy show, Amazon, that's FINE. What you probably DON'T want to do is market this show all over every medium like gangbusters, over PG and G rated content as your flagship show. You probably DON'T want to market it as a somewhat gritty general audience lawyer show. (That's Better Call Saul, by the way)

What could you POSSIBLY have been thinking? What was the conversation at that meeting like? Did someone say "Season 2 will be all about Latex Fetish." and someone yelled "NO! That still appeals to TOO WIDE a demographic! We need a fetish with a much smaller fan base, how about amputee porn?"

How do you not understand that tricking customers into watching something they definitely will not like is bad marketing, bad business practice? THIS is seriously your flagship show???
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on June 16, 2018
Change the name from Goliath to Sodom. What a stupid sick waste of time. A courtroom drama with no courtroom scenes to speak of. A guy gets his arms and legs cut off and he laughs at it. No real dialogue just a steady stream of F-bombs.
Okay, now I need a shower.
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on June 16, 2018
Huge disappointment as I really liked the first season. This one had too many gratuitous murders, amputations, suicides, and weirdness for me. Not to mention one spandex-clad sicko who pleasured himself by looking at amputated limbs. Seriously? Who needs to see that? The basics were there, including good performances from the main characters from Season 1 and what probably started out as a good storyline before the writers took it down some very dark paths -- to stretch it out through 8 episodes, maybe? For example, the whole (boring) Mexican kidnapping thing dragged on through almost an entire episode, necessitating much fast-forwarding. I would have preferred more mystery, less horror and a strong, cohesive 6-episode season rather than what I binge-watched today. P.S. There was some foreshadowing to a Season 3, but unless they get some smarter writers, I won't bother.
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on June 15, 2018
Let's be honest. Season 1 of Goliath wasn't a work of art. It was a legal drama that was more caricature than craft. It featured a face-melted villain sitting in a dark tower viewing his empire with hidden cameras. Yeah, it was a stretch, but it was also entertaining. It was engaging, it was funny, it was worth the bandwidth it required to stream.

Season 2, on the other hand, is a total waste of effort. The writing is hilariously bad, but not hilarious enough to be entertaining. Take for example the comically-forced love-interest between Billy and Marisol Silva. Silva, a Los Angeles mayoral candidate, apparently doesn't have access to any attorneys to represent an orphaned child she cares about. So she spends her precious campaign time searching dark piers and seedy motels for the only alcoholic lawyer in LA who does not defend murder cases. And when she finds him, she's instantly ready to bang. No relationship development, no give and take, just straight to "sure I'll have a drink straight from your bum bottle and look at you longingly while the camera zooms in on my emotions".

It gets so much worse. The "conspiracy" in this one might as well have been written by a middle school creative writing class. Your eyes will roll so much watching this garbage that you're going to give yourself a headache.

Sure, it might get better. But I had enough mid-way through episode 3. Just far too terribly conceived and written. Which is a shame, because another season as a pure Billy Bob Thornton vehicle could have been entertaining. And a little bit more Tania Raymonde has never hurt anyone. Fact.

Amazon, don't you dare allow the same thing to happen to Patriot, or we're gonna have serious words...
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on June 16, 2018
What a stupid ending! No solution! Bad job by those who made this series. Did they forget the show is only 8 episodes, and forgot to finish it?
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on June 16, 2018
Season 1 was incredible.....Season 2 was so bad I wondered if the writer(s) from S1 were fired or quit or something. Not even good actors could clean up this turd of a script. So many things sucked about it, it's hard to know where to start. Just don't watch it. I'm so disappointed after being hooked on an incredible Season 1. I need the day back I wasted watching this so I can go get a colonoscopy or a root canal. Two thumbs down !!
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