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on September 13, 2015
I used this serum for about 6 weeks and saw a DRAMATIC IMPROVEMENT in my skin over that time. I'll be buying some more. My skin is softer, less oily, and my pores aren't as large/noticeable. I used it twice daily--once in the morning, after cleansing my face, I'd apply this and let it dry. Afterwards, I apply my makeup primer and makeup. At night, I rinse my make-up off and re-apply a dime-sized amount to my forehead, cheeks, and chin.

My skin is no longer blotchy and the darkness and creases underneath my eyes has REALLY diminished over the past 6 weeks. My photos of before and after show the difference. The after photo was taken with flash which is why my eyes (Iris) and skin appears to be a bit lighter, but you can see the improved texture overall.
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on April 27, 2015
My face and under chin area are getting tighter! I follow up use with a collagen cream! I will order more in future! Thanks! Great product!
PS I am 68!!
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on March 10, 2016
A little about me: I just turned 37 a few days ago...and then I felt old. It seemed like time finally caught up with me all of a sudden. It seemed like overnight I developed enough gray hairs to warrant a no-makeup run to a drugstore for hair dye. Then as I looked closer at my face...I see these brown spots...that I loving referred to as sun kissed skin freckles in my days of taking walks outside. I also have no wrinkles...absolutely none...except for this one line across my forehead. You would have to stare at me to see it but to me it was waving a flag. Constantly being guessed as the age of 28 has given me a false sense of youth. I needed help....anything in form of a cream, fruit, or tea...point me in that direction and I'll try it.

Day 1 - Night before, I washed my face and let it dry slightly, and applied 3 squirts of the Aria Starr Serum. The bottle itself is nice size, so I'm hoping this serum works out and I end up using it all. The pump is a bit powerful. I find it best to spray unto the palm of my hand versus my finger - because it just sprayed everywhere. The serum was very smooth to apply. I probably could have done two pumps, but of course I wanted to make sure i didn't miss any spots. I also slathered on my moisturizing cream. Within a few minutes I felt a bit of skin tingling! Not like a burn just a little tingling. As the night went on, there was no noticeable discomfort as with some Retinol products. Off to bed! In the morning, I looked at my face...and wow I see less redness and a better tone. My face feels a bit tighter. After my shower and morning routine I applied a moisturizer with sunscreen and vitamin c. Fingers crossed...can't wait to apply it tonight and see the next day's results.

Day 2 - After the usual nighttime routine, I woke up today with a softer brighter face. Not super dramatic, but noticeable. (the pump again, was a bit on the strong side and even pumping it into the palm of my still sprayed everywhere wasting some of the product...maybe I just got a bad nozzle).

Day 3: I put the serum on last night and decided to forgo on a moisturizer. My skin has been feeling extra oily. The serum I noticed had witch hazel, which I had used before. Witch hazel is very moisturizing. So today my face does feel brighter, but like I said more oily. My brown spots are still there. I had a bit of a breakout, so decided to do light moisturizing today. Hmm.

Day 4: Struggling with a some pimples on my left cheek and around hairline. Not sure if it's from the product. My skin feels about the same. Serum did leave my face soft and definitely have no more dry flaky skin.

Day 5, 6 - Same as day 4.

Day 7 - Ok so this is my last day to record my results. After 7 Days of usage these are the positive things I've experienced with this serum. It has definitely eliminated the dry flaky skin I get around my nose and t zone. My skin is much more hydrated and definitely a lot softer. On a dramatic scale 1 being - no difference to 10 being - changed my life....I'm going to give it a 6. I do think the product has caused me to have breakouts. I don't know if my body is trying to get use to it...or an an ingredient is causing me to have a reaction. So it's hard to appreciate the overall effect of the serum when you have to look at your face pimpled or red from popping the pimples to see the overall results. It's like looking at a shiny new car with four dents in it. This is just my experience.

Another week after: I think I discovered my pimple problems. This serum is so moisturizing that when I put my moisturizer on was causing me to break out bc of too much stuff on my face. So using it without moisturizer and I'm having much better results! I have also used it at night and in the morning as well. This is gentle enough to use all day I think.

A week later- Ok so I adjusted some of my routine. I only use it once at night and my morning routine would be just moisturizer to give my skin a break. This has seemed to work. After about 2 weeks of using it now, I would definitely give this product a 7 out 10. My skin is softer, brighter, and no more dry flakes! The pimples have subsided after I made my moisturizing adjustment. I gave my friend a little of it to try. Thinking about sending my mom a bottle! I would definitely buy this product again and look into other products this company carries. I noticed many of these reviews were comped reviews, and so I'm making it a point to say I PAID for this product completely....and this is truly my experience.
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on October 26, 2015
Texture -This retinol serum is odorless and has gel-like texture that absorbs really easily. If you are looking for something rich and thicker, this might not be your favorite serum. However, because of its light, watery texture, I think this serum can be used in all skin type.

Ingredient - Instead of using distilled water, they used herbal infused water as base. It contains decent amount of retinol and vitamin E for the anti-oxidant and anti-wrinkle formation. Hyaluronic acid is added as moisturizing agent, and vitamin C in a form of polysorbate is used for anti-oxidant as well. Even though they used sodium benzoate as preservatives, it is recognized relatively safe from FDA and widely used in other products. I mean, Nobody can make serum without preservatives.

Improvement: Even though it is not obvious, this serum made my skin more firm and I could observe mild improvement on my fine lines. If you are looking for stronger wrinkle correction cosmetic, you'd better just use prescription ointment like Stieva A or Retin A.

Packaging: Since this is a pump type serum, you don't have to put your finger in the bottle or spoid out the serum. (We all know how annoying it is.) This is 60ml package so you can use it quite long since we only use retinol before we go to sleep (if you wear sunscreen, they said you can put this under your make up but why taking risks? )

Definitely, I will buy this serum again. It is a reasonably priced, and decently formulated serum with good improvement.
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on April 3, 2016
This is an Excellent product.!! I have been using 20% Vitamin C serum for years and have loved the effect. But I read recently that a combination of Retinol at night and Vitamin C in the morning is the most beneficial beauty system. So I have used this Retinol serum for just over a week and honestly see a more "refreshed" look to my facial skin... I have also started applying it to the back of my hands and hope to see some improvement to the crepe-yness (sp?) and hopefully a reduction in the sun spots. The product goes on easily, absorbs quickly with no sticky feeling and then I top with a light moisturizer. I also use it around the crows feet on the sides of y eyes. My only complaint is I that I hate the pump/ squirt bottle.... don't know if I got a defective one but it seems to squirt all over the place sometimes no where near the intended target (my fingers). Frequently I end up opening the bottle and pouring a few drops out... probably more wasteful this way. I would prefer a dropper style dispenser like the Vitamin C serum.

Also, I have not had any issues with redness or flaking skin but I am sure it is because I have used strong Vitamin C serum for so long. People who are new to this product should take it slow until your skin builds up a tolerance
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on February 21, 2017
This product is so effective at reversing my aging skin. Within two weeks of using this product I saw a 25% increase in the overall appearance.
I use this as a stand alone night treatment on clean skin when I got to bed. This product dries and does not leave any film or oily feel to the skin. I have now been using this for 2 months and have enjoyed an even more dramatic improvements about 60% . I live in Florida and have very light caucasian skin we go out in the sun regularly. So I had dark sun spots ( lots of sun damage) ,dry skin, and lines. This product immediately gave me a fresher look, then it tackled my dark sun spots, then the fine lines dissipated, my skin in plumper healthier and yes "Younger", I am 45 and have beautiful skin . In the past I have purchased all of the expensive doctors created and department store high end products from Paris , I have never seen such a dramatic improvement in my skin. Eventually I purchased 3 more for my friends. Try it but be concsistent as with any skin treatments you must be consistent to get results. I am going to add the Super Vitamin C to my morning regimen. I will elt you know how it works for me.
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on February 26, 2017
So I've been using this for over a month now. It started off rocky since my skin had to adjust to it at first. I could only handle using it every other day and still do. It caused a little redness at first but my skin was able to tolerate it when I added aloe vera gel as a moisturizer. This helps a lot for cystic and nodular acne. If I want really good results, I used my microdermabrasion roller on top of the nodular acne which lets the retinol penetrate the skin easier. By the next day, it will look less like a bump and within 2 days it will be gone. That's a good tip if you have that type of acne problem. On my alternate days I used vitamin C oil. You do need to moisturize good when using this product. My skin was dry and flaky the first week or so until I adjusted. My skin looks way better now even when I'm stressed out. My acne scars have been fading noticeable. I notice top layers of darker skin from the scars come off after showering. It's like it's peeling off. This has been the only product to work on my nodular acne when combined with my roller. Most products are not designed to treat that type of acne and my skin reacts horrible to them. The only side effect I have to deal with is sun sensitivity but I already avoid the sun in general because I work graveyard shift at my hospital and my skin is sensitive to the sun in general. I will continue to use! Took me a long time to find something I can stick to.
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on November 2, 2016
I've given this product about a month before reveiwing it and I am very satisfied. I must say that I use this product in conjunction with aria starr vitamin c serum. I use the vitamin c serum in the AM. and I use the retinol serum at night and during the day if I won't be in the sun. I use these products together in order to keep mild adult acne at bay as well as lightening acne marks from previous breakouts. I do use prescription spot treatment of benzamycin (antibiotic with benzoyl peroxide). But I never really need it much because this serum keeps away the deep cystic acne I had. The only spots I've had is tiny hard bumps... No deep swollen pimples. The acne marks have faded dramatically. To the point of being able to go without foundation on. My skin is brighter and more beautiful!
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on April 4, 2016
I am 64 and have never really had a regimen for my skin--I was blessed as a young person with very nice skin--but now I had begun to see some things I didn't like and since I'd tried some other brand retinal cream, and really liked it, I thought I'd see if the stronger stuff would be better. Man oh man was it ever! The puffiness I had under my eyes has gone away, and I had two little skin tags (one on top of the other) at the corner of one eye, and they've almost gone. The skin on my forehead was a bit bumpy with a couple of moles and those have gone leaving much smoother skin. The tiny lines I was seeing without my glasses have now almost completely faded and I've noticed the skin tones are more consistent, where they were getting a bit splotchy.
The only thing I don't like about this and someone else mentioned it...the pump has too much pressure, so that if I squirt some liquid into my hand, it splatters bits everywhere. That should be fixed, but otherwise the product is wonderful and I will continue to use it, religiously!
I just hope they keep the price at the current cost, it's reasonable.
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on May 21, 2017
First of all I didn't get the sprayer bottle but the dropper. It's a little awkward but that doesn't take away from the effectiveness from the product. Secondly, I had tech neck wrinkles showing as early as age 17, I'm 28 now and I've noticed how much more pronounced they have become. Ive only used this for two days, three times a day with moisturizer and one session of DIY mirconeedling derma roller AND OH MY GOD, my gross premature wrinkles have gone from .... "Ew who choked you with floss?" to really faint lines. If I got results in two days, imagine how this will be in a month. I was considering laser surgery too. Lol, nope.
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