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on June 5, 2018
I had been doing some research on wifi enabled plugs with the possibility of getting a smart home in the future. I have various curio cabinets that have the old thumb driven wheel turning switch that are a hassle to get to behind couches. I installed these plugs and downloaded the necessary application on my phone. I had to make sure I was on the 2G version of my wifi, but that wasn't hard to switch to on my phone. The installation process was smooth and painless. Throw in the fact I can now set them on timers from my phone if I want and I can even think about doing away with the old clunky clicking rotating timer plugs I have for other things. I plan in the future to put these into service with a hydroponics project I'm working on as well. Great purchase, and will buy again in the future should I need more plugs!
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on May 23, 2018
 So i started to build my home into a smart home. i first bought the echo spot and then i bought my first plug, didn't want to pay a premium for the big box store plugs so i bought a cheap one off amazon to test out. It works great ! So i took the plunge and bought this pack of 4 plugs to make my house more compatible with my echo. Got the plugs and used them with various lamps and my coffe maker. Setup was easy, the app for this plug is different then my other plug but thats ok cause it all works the same with my echo. Now i can control more of my lamps and if i ever forget to turn my coffee pot off i can do it from where ever im at through the efamilycloud app. You can fit two plugs in one outlet but they do touch and its a lil tight. The plug is rated for 16 amps, so far so good !
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on June 7, 2018
 We received these SmartPlugs and I was able to test them out today.

Opening the box, they appear to be pretty compact, but unfortunately this will be revisited later. The setup with these are EXCEPTIONALLY easy... You download the app with the QR Code on the instructions, sign up for an account (email or telephone #, and 6+ letter/number password), and pair the device. It literally couldn't be easier. Each device once you have the app/made your account takes ~10-20 seconds. From there you can control it fully from the app, OR if you're interested in using it with your Android/Alexa device, you can start the process of pairing it with these. Update: I re-read a piece of the product page and there’s an app called Smart Life that these are compatible with. We have multiple other outlets that use this app, so I’m going to transition over to that one. Same functionality, but I hate having 20 apps for the same things!

To pair with Alexa, you open the Alexa app on your phone, go to the Skills, and search for the Skill that matches the app name (eFamilyCloud ... yes... really). Once you enable the skill, you have to login w/ the account info you made earlier, and then your search for new devices. This process takes ~30-45 seconds for all the devices, and then you're good to go. I was up and running with my plugs in ~5 minutes total, and from the video that you see attached am controlling the plug with Alexa that quickly.

I told you I'd return to the size... Unfortunately these are not quite compact enough to fit two into one dual-outlet properly. This is something the cheaper Smart Plugs struggle with, and it's one of the two reasons I took a star off of the review. You can see what I mean with the included photos. I would honestly rather a device that was a bit wider and shorter so that I could potentially fit 2 into one outlet. There are more expensive brands that you can do this with, though, so you'll have to decide on what you want in the plug - this might be a big deal to you, or maybe not.

The app that controls these is ONLY present on the instruction manual, and there's only one manual in the box - if you tossed it and needed to re-download it (or if you bought several brands of plugs and don't know which plug belongs to which app), you are unfortunately not in for a great experience. There needs to be a QR code attached to the PLUGS to direct to the website or App Store on each of the plugs. This is the other reason I gave it a one star lower rating than 5*.

The button on the side of it is neither cheap nor expensive feeling. To be quite honest we do have some more expensive plugs and the button on those is just as weak/similar feeling. Something to point out with this, though, is that you'll rarely use the button after having voice controls (and automated times for turning on/off things), so this is really just for emergencies where the internet is down, or their site is having issues.

All in all I do think they're a pretty good value - many of the more expensive plugs we've paid $30+ a piece for, so receiving 6 for the price we got these for makes it worth it. As a final note this does NOT do HomeKit, so if you're looking for something that does, you need to keep looking.
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on June 4, 2018
 These are amazing, i was going to buy a 2 pack of wemo but got a 4 pack of these for the same price. And they ade identical. The shape helps in having even 2 plugs on the same socket. Response time is identical to the wemo i have. The smart life app is decent although wemo haas better app, it doesnt matter because I use it with alexa and they are the same in that sense.

It comes in 4 separate pack, so you could easily split or gift a couple to someone if you only need 2.
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on May 28, 2018
 This 4 pack of WiFi Outlets has been a great addition to my connected home! I have used a few other WiFi smart outlets, and this has integrated well with my Alexa’s. I have put together a few pro’s and con’s from my experience with this.

-Great / clean design
-Fits two plugs on a single outlet (some of the time)
-Easy set up with eFamily app
-Intergrates with Alexa
-No Hub Required

-On some of the electrical outlets, I could not fit two of these on a single outlet
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on June 6, 2018
I bought these for a couple reasons. My son can’t reach some switches so all he has to do now is “Alexa turn on bedroom light” and boom it’s on! I also purchased these to have a timer on a lamp or two for when we go on vacation. We will be setting it in evening time for a couple hours to look like we are home. I tested that out and it works great! I may end up buying a bunch more and using them for everything!!
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on June 15, 2018
It works with iPhone and Alexa. We use it to turn lights on at sunset and off at at set time. You specify the location/timezone for the sunset. One of the automatic lights is also used as a reading light, so we use Alexa voice commands to turn it off and on when not during the automatic times. We could use our iPhone's instead of Alexa, but the voice command is more convient. Set up was fairly easy using the iPhone. It doesn't loose it's setting during a power failure, like a mechanical timer. And the sunset feature means it doesn't need to be reprogrammed as the seasons change.
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on May 29, 2018
These are great! Better price than the competitors and they have a powerful current! My whole family loves being able to turn stuff off and on just by voice (through Alexa)! Great quality product!
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on June 13, 2018
Works great. Same basic app and setup as all the other smart home devices.

#1 Pro is that both outlets fit stacked as pictured
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 23, 2018
I’ve been using these for a few weeks and they work wrll. I like the rectangular design cause it lets me use both outlets in a plug
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