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on May 29, 2018
Poor Kylie, she tries hard, but unfortunately, cooking does not come easy to her. Lots of her “experiments “ end up on the Oops Board. Fortunately, for Kylie her friends & the community support her. Unfortunately, she finds herself involved in another murder, this one extremely grizzly. Fortunately, she has help with her investigating. Unfortunately, she finds herself targeted by both the police & the bad guys! There are plenty of humorous moments to lighten this chilling whodunnit. I am addicted to this series!
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on May 31, 2018
Love love this new series. Kylie trying her hardest to cook but just can’t get it. Keep them coming!! Definitely worth the read!!! Love the Tiffany series also
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on June 5, 2018
I normally like to support other writers, but...this book badly needed proofing and editing. Things like "off-sight" instead of "off-site," "priming the well" instead of "priming the pump"--I really get bothered by people screwing up idioms, unless they've made the character who says it a particularly dim bulb on purpose. I wish I could say more good about the story line and the characters, but the main character owning/running a cafe when she can't cook just really does not work for me at all. I don't buy that the police would consider someone a suspect because a con man tried to blackmail him, especially with the attempt in this case. So from the start, I couldn't really enjoy it. A. R. Winters, I wanted to like your book and support your effort, but I just can't. I really am sorry. Please get a good proofreader and editor. It will be money well spent and help move your writing up quite a bit. most of my concerns could have been easily fixed.
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on May 29, 2018
I really enjoyed this book. I have read the others in the Kylie Berry series. Kylie is a divorced owner of a cafe who is not a good cook. Somehow she figures out how to cook enough to sell food to customers by having a discounted Oops board and making recipes from the internet. She has 2 suitors- one is Joel who owns the newspaper and the other is Brad a cop. She likes them both but is not ready to commit. Joel is accused of murder and Kylie and her computer expert friend Zoey investigate to solve the murder. They ruffle lots of feathers and almost get killed themselves. There’s a new cook to help her named Jonathan and Patty is back as is favorite customer Agatha. All in all a good plot and lots of action and likable protagonist. I received this as an ARC
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on June 7, 2018
A cute and quirky cozy mystery. This is part of a series, and while I have not read the previous books, I had no problem following this one. There is some character development that I assume was played out in the books prior but other than being curious about some of the relationships, I don't feel like I was missing out. The Protagonist is a fairly new divorcee who moved to a small town to start fresh, and like most cozies, she ends up getting involved in a murder investigation. She has a small group of friends she can rely on, and they are each unique (some a little more colorful than others) and each play a small role in the story. There were a couple spots where it seemed like the story jumped ahead a little quicker than what I would have liked to have seen, but nothing major. There was also a couple scenes that while a victim, the police arrested her for no apparent reason... and none was ever given. (Of course the so called charges never stuck.) I don't know if there was something going on that I missed out on in the previous books, or what, but both those instances felt a little harsh if the only reason was because she was "a busybody sticking her nose in where it don't belong." The book is clean and safe for most ages. There is some drug use talked about and some mild violence. It reads quickly, and easily.

*I volunteered to review an ARC of this book.
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on June 14, 2018
This was my first book by A.R. Winters, so it was a good test to see if you need to have read books 1-3 in order to understand everything. And no, it turned out it was fine. Some references to prior cases, but most persons were well introduced.

I had high hopes for this book. I had thought I would love it. But it never reached the high level I had expected; I was in two minds whether to give this an ‘OK’ or a ‘like’.

On the positive:
+It had a good pace;
+It was a pleasant read;
+It had a nice vibe.

On the negative:
-I haven’t laughed out loud once. If you state on the cover that it’s a laugh-out-loud mystery you create certain expectations and they weren’t met;
-I didn’t like how Kylie was stringing along two men. Yes, I know there is this whole reverse-harem-hype going on; doesn’t mean I have to like it;
-The overall feeling I had after finishing was: nothing was very realistic.

I still gave a ‘like’ because the book did give me a few pleasurable hours. Entertaining, yes. So, the benefit of the doubt. But there are better cozies out there.

I received a complimentary copy of this book through Hidden Gems and voluntarily posted an honest review. I received no remuneration for it.
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on June 1, 2018
I love this series!!! Kylie and her Oops board crack me up, and her and Zoe together just spells trouble lol. Owning a café sounds easy right? But what if you cannot cook AT ALL, then is becomes the biggest headache ever. Kylie tries so hard and yet only 20% of the time does she actually pull it off, what she is really good at is being nosy and solving murders Brad would prefer her to stay out of. When Joel is accused of murder and asks for Kylie and Zoe's help, there is no way they can say no. For one thing, Joel and Kylie have a bit of a crush on another and for another no injustice goes unsolved to Kylie. Although Brad, another love interest is beyond irritated, he is learning that he must accept Kylie how she is or walk away. The more feathers they ruffle the closer they become to solving this thing, and when crap hits the fan, well let's just say things take an interesting turn. This series always has me dying of laughter and I cannot picture it ever ending. The love interest aspect held appeal until now, and I think it is time for Kylie to make some sort of decision before she hurts two guys she truly cares for and also thinks of family and friends.
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on June 9, 2018
This was my first Kylie Berry book. I enjoyed all of the different characters. Unlike some books with a larger number of characters, the people in this book had such distinct personalities that it wasn't hard at all.

A fun, sometimes funny cozy mystery with a family of goofy characters. Enjoyable enough to make me go to the first book in the series and start reading.
One thing that was a bit irritating was the Joel/Kylie/Brad situation. I don't know if that started in earlier books and it is just a continuation, or if it started with this book. I guess that are just dating, but it seems that Brad and Joel are more serious than Kylie. I guess it will all pan out in future books.I

Another strange thing seemed to be the shift in language some of the characters had. They would be speaking one way, and then their speech pattern would change to become completely informal. It felt like the change was coming out of the blue. There seemed to be no consistency and I found it to be a bit disruptive to the flow of the story.

I voluntarily read and reviewed the Advanced Reader Copy.
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on June 6, 2018
I like this series; it's entertaining and funny. The main character, Kylie, is refreshing in that she owns a cafe but is just now learning to cook. Who does that? Unfortunately she is getting quite the reputation for stumbling over dead bodies, through no fault of her own which, for a small town, is interesting. I like her rag-tag group of friends as well; they are a well-rounded bunch and their personalities come shining through.

One thing I wish would improve is the proofreading, and this is a problem I have with a lot of these self-published books. At one point one of the characters is talking about another character and calls him by his own name. And there are a couple of instances where a word is left out or another word is put in where it doesn't belong. Small details, sure, and they really don't detract from the story, but I am somewhat of a nit-picker and I notice them. I quick read-through from the author would no doubt take care of these issues.

All in all, a good, light way to pass the time and I am looking forward to reading more of Kylie and her friends.
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on June 11, 2018
Kylie is once again investigating a murder. This time the Chief of Police thinks there might be a serial killer in Camden Falls, and it's Kylie! After all she found the severed hand of Morgan Bleur. Morgan was in her cafe earlier that morning and left. Brad Calderos, a police detective with the Camden Falls police department tells Kylie to stay out of it. Then Joel Mullen, the owner and reporter of the Hearld tells her that he may be a suspect because Morgan tried to blackmail him and they got into a fight. Well, that changes everything! Kylie, Joel, and Zoey Jin, all team up and decide to look into this case themselves. They find out that Officer Matt Dill was a dirty cop and leaking information to the local drug dealer. But did he kill Morgan? He has a pretty good alibi. So who killed Morgan and why? He must of had dirty on some one and tried to blackmail them and they killed him, if not why was he killed? You will need to read the book to find out the answers. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book from Hidden Gems.
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