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on May 11, 2018
For the price, this is a great tablet.

- Fantastic screen resolution
- Very responsive screen
- Faster than I thought it would be
- Very light weight
- Charges quickly

- The speakers located in the back are positioned poorly and don't have great sound. However, this isn't an issue as I use wireless headphones.
- The screen seems to be plastic and not glass. At this price point, it isn't a big detraction, IMHO. It seems to come with a screen protector installed. While this may not be permanent, it could serve well.
- The camera isn't the best, but I can't imagine ever using it.

Overall, this seems like a great tablet for my needs - watching YouTube and Netflix with some light web browsing and e-mailing. The fact that the manufacturer says it will upgrade to 7.0 makes it a great deal IMHO.

Will update if I encounter any issues.
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on May 15, 2018
I'm updating my review after my first frustrating evening with this tablet.

First of all, Netflix is not available from the Play Store. It took me several attempts to get it installed and working. It shouldn't be this difficult to install a simple app. Now it appears to be working ok.

Secondly, the sound isn't great but it's better with headphones. The battery seems to drain pretty fast and charge pretty slow. It charges better with my quick-charger. It's a shame one wasn't provided with the tablet. I also had issues with it dropping Wi-Fi even though other devices in the house were working fine.

All in all, you get what you pay for. It's not a great tablet but should serve it's intended purpose of providing me with entertainment while I travel.
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on May 17, 2018
So for starters, the price point on this tablet is comparable to RCA brand tablets and 2in1s at walmart, but surpasses them in screen resolution, battery life, overall power, and build quality.

The company that puts these out also has excellent customer service, and you never speak to bots or have an automated response.

PROS: -Resolution is comparable to that of a $300+ unit, and I would chalange you to find a better screen on a tablet this price.
- I have had this tablet and have run it to the moon and back, it's been on non-stop for 5 days streight running a game and still has not over heated. (Lineage2Revolution)
-2 gigs ram, makes the tablet super responsive, with almost (99%) no latencey issues. Perfect for netflix, hulu, word, etc.
[Note] This is not a high end tablet, running high intensity games will not run at good graphics. But runs other games super smooth.
-Battery, everything but games gives you around 10 hours in my experience.
-Build quality, its surprisingly sturdy for a plastic tablet, tho in some areas is a bit flimsy (edges)
-Camera is comparable to a galaxy S4/3 (depending on who youare, pro or con)
-Built in flash for camera(and light)
- fast charging
-overall a sturdy. Well rounded price point tablet.

CONS- Comes installed with 6.0, which is not bad, netflix does not support it. But there is a work around. It has been stated that it will get a 7.0 update soon, so untill then this is a Con.
-Battery life, when playing a game with any bit of graphics use it's around 5 % every 3 minutes.
-Button placement, Could use a huge make over, power is on a resting corner, so if in horizon, you can only old it (2 handed) with it panned 1 way, or your fingers rest on the power button. Same goes with the volume up and down key. Helps if you have headphones plugged in, therefore it makes it harder to accidentaly hit the buttons.
Almost like the screen is laid further in past the built in screen protector. Con for me. But for some would be a Pro.
SUMMERY- Theres alot of tablets out there on this price point that will lead you to think they are better, but I have purchased over 17 of them and this one is on top. Including a Samsung galaxy tab for 108 on sale, this tablet is still better.
Bad reviews will be on the OS that comes stock. But that isnt to be blamed on the tablet, for its price its great, and blows competition out of the water.
Reminder, it's not a 400$ tablet so dont expect it to be able to run high intensity games like Lineage2Revolition and any good graphics setting. I run mine at custom low, but it will run it. It's a 200-150$ tablet in a 80$ body.

Perfect for children, and people of all ages. I wrote this on this tablet, some reviews will be negative for it doesnt act like a 800$ iPad. Thats because it's not, it's an 80$ android, and that's what you are buying if you choose this tablet.
Not to mention its hefty but light weight. And It supports majority bluetooth devices.
It's now on my top shelf for Price-Point standards and comparisons.
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on June 1, 2018
The first one I received, had dead pixels on it. The seller promptly send a new unit that is working fine.
- Once you create your google account and open a web page, you can install the Play Store
- It is an Improved Android Lollipop, all apps I tried have installed without issues.
- Screen is good.
Update:Before I said: - Battery life is bellow average (4-5 hours at most - this while watching movies and youtube)
- Battery life is Bad (3-4 hours at most, with 5Ghz WIFI and the screen constantly on, brightness at 50%. Drained 20% in 40 minutes)
- You will not find Dual Band WIFI with a 10.1 screen at this price. WIFI at 5Ghz connects ok and works as expected.
- Tablet is all plastic, and be careful when removing the lid to insert the SD card
- Charges to 100% in about 2:30 hours with the provided cable and charger
- If you do not like the free case, you can use the Transwon 10.1 Silicone Case
- Excellent customer service
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on June 5, 2018
I really wanted to like this tablet even before it arrived, but alas I had to send it back. First of all I was unable to download Netflix although the reviews said that with instructions it will be clear I am dumb so it was not clear for me. The next thing is the battery life, I literally had to keep the tablet charging while watching a movie on Amazon Prime the next thing was how light weight it was I felt as though if it had fallen I would have to purchase a new one because it was so thin and flimsy. I gave 2 stars for the sound quality and the picture quality. It had trouble staying connected to my wifi . I currently have a Simbans that I replaced this one with everything with it is better but the sound quality is poor but because I live alone I use my headset when I'm watching movies so you have to decide what pros you can take and what cons.
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on June 2, 2018
I was a little skeptical about purchasing tbis tablet but it had some good reviews and I was willing to give it a try for the price. I was not disappointed. They weight of the tablet is nice and light. The buttons are positioned well, although I would prefer they were a different color. The colors on the screen are bright and vibrant. I haven't experienced any issues connecting to wi-fi and the speed is decent for a tablet under $100. I WILL definitely purchase another for my young grandson!
review imagereview imagereview image
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on June 20, 2018
This is a bad product and the location of the power button and volume is in lower section of the Tablet when you turn it around.
The Battery does not last 4 hours its all drained and it is annoying to keep it always charged.
The screen not vibrant and it does not run fast as stated.
Spend the money and buy a well known product that would last and comes with customer service and a good warranty.
I will not recommend this product, its a Bad product..
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on June 21, 2018
I bought this tablet to replace my old one that quit. This unit has a much better display than the old one, and has a much better response time. I use it like a little computer system at home and on the road. It's also a great Kindle reader, with a nice big screen with plenty of brightness. It doesn't seem to have the ability to store contacts like a phone, but I found a work around, even though it's clunky. Also, the OS seems to be configured so that you can't have multiple windows displayed side by side. I used this a lot on my old tablet, so that funactionallity will be missed. None of these are show stoppers. This is a great tablet. I recommend it as a great value for the money.
review image
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on July 2, 2018

I like the tablet so far. I've had it a few weeks. The seller has been VERY easy to work with if I had any questions or concerns, and I would buy this item again since the Customer service has been excellent. They are very friendly and helpful, and willing to make things right. The tablet is everything it is supposed to be, and it is as Advertised. I really like the tablet so far. It's responsive and performs well. The only critique I have is I was used to the Samsung email app and this brand has an email app similar to the Google gmail app. It doesn't always Sync the 3 Combined emails accts I set up on it automatically, I have to go in and select each email acct to get it to download the email. I'm getting used to that.. Rick D, San Diego, CA.
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on July 3, 2018
I wanted to use this tablet to navigate in my car. Unfortunately, that's not possible: this product is terrible at that. For those that are a bit confused about how GPS and navigation works, let me do a tiny primer about it, so that you can know what's the problem with this (and many other) products.

In order to navigate, you usually use a piece of software like Google Maps or HERE WeGo. These apps contain maps and know how to give directions, but rely on *hardware* to know your actual location. The three main ways of approximating your location with a phone/tablet are: (1) using your wifi signal, getting the location from "your internet modem", (2) using your 3G/4G connection, getting the location of the closest cellular antenna, and finally (3) using a GPS *chip* in your phone/tablet, that passively receives the signal from many satellites, to calculate your location.

(1) is only available if you are connected through wi-fi, (2) is only available if you have a SIM card and you have signal - something you may not have in the middle of the desert, when you need guiding, (3) is the most accurate, and only requires a chip in the phone/tablet.

Before buying, I explicitly asked if this tablet would know my location with wifi off and without 3G/4G. I was led to believe that it was the case, but when I tried it home, the GPS didn't get my location even after wandering 30 minutes under a blue sky. The hardware list did report a GPS chip. However, it didn't seem to be working. For those who care, I tested it with Google Maps, HERE WeGo, and the GPS Status and Toolbox.

Don't buy this. I ended up buying ASUS MeMO Pad 7 ME176CX-A1-WH 7-Inch Tablet (White) instead which is cheaper and the GPS works great.
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