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on June 18, 2018
Purchased this tablet for when I need a display larger than my cell for browsing, movies, ebooks, and text editing. Main feature is screen quality/resolution and wide view angle. This tablet's display is excellent for a 10" at the price.

Normally use my cell as a wifi hotspot. Bluetooth keyboard (Arteck Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 7-Colors Backlit Keyboard with Built in Rechargeable Battery, Black
 ) and speakers (oldie but goldie Jam Classic). All Bluetooth speaker and keyboard hotkeys, ctrl, back/fwd/play/pause buttons work as expected. Bluetooth, USB, and cloud file transfers work fine.

Marshmallow OS takes up about 5gig, after installing Amazon Prime video, (Netflix already installed), ebook reader, file editor and a few other apps there was 10Gig left on the internal drive.

Plugged in a brand new 32Gig SD Card which worked immediately right out of the package. Removing the panel to insert the SD drive took a bit of tugging, was fearful of breaking my new toy but all went well.

Movies stream/downloaded at the NetFlix/Amazon 'Good' setting view really well. Higher data rates/resolutions look a little better (maybe? hard to tell).

The processor is snappy and very responsive - faster than most tablets I have used - no keypress delays and switching between screens/apps is a breeze. In my case, am not running much in background so about half of the 2Gig memory is free; your mileage may vary.

The built in speaker/mic is servicable in a pinch but will want to use speakers, buds, or headset. Cameras are pretty much what you would expect from 2mp front/5mp back.

Battery life is good; I downloaded four - 45 minute TV episodes while tablet was charging to 100%. Played all 4 episodes with wifi off, screen brightness around 1/3rd. This used up 50% of the battery. Then streamed two episodes across wifi which brought battery down to 15%, for a total of six episodes.

Would recommend this tablet as a cell phone accessory for people that wish to see the 'bigger picture' without lugging around a 10" phone all the time. Tablet has had no issues and exceeded my expectations. For my use case - this tablet is awesome!
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on June 14, 2018
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on July 6, 2018
 This was a horrible mistake. I trusted the reviews on this one and live to regret it. This tablet is sluggish. The play store barely works. Spinning circle of death when I try to install apps and most of them fail to install. The screen was state of the art in 2001 and there's no native ability to screen cast. I wanted to install a few apps to test if they would work on this device as I'm unclear on the security status. Most of these cheap knock off devices show up as rooted and won't run copyrighted app content like from tv providers. I can't even get anything to install to test.
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on June 15, 2018
Great tablet and easy to program at 1st I couldn't understand why it wasn't down loading my apps. But it was because it didn't have enough power so I charged it up and all is great now. I love the tablet more then my 4 yr
Old tablet.
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on July 13, 2018
well, were should I start??? I guess I will start with, it is easy to set up when I got it, it's works nicely. fast, no lag when looking stuff up online. the screen is great, nice colors. speakers work nicely, I have messed around with the camera and it does take nice pictures, I haven't use the video part of it as of yet. very light weight, which I like. the battery does last a long time, depending on what you are doing at the time. love playing games, and the games run very smoothly, with no problems. some times the wifi part drops out when trying to do stuff, but that's not the tablet, that's just my signal. do love the 10 inch screen, I had a 8 inch tablet before, and loved it, but this bigger screen is much better. when the battery gets low, and I plug it in to charge, it doesn't take that long before it's charged. there is so much stuff the tablet can do, I just haven't tried it out as of yet. but so far, I like everything about this tablet. I told some of my friends about it and showed them what it can do and they are thinking about getting one as well. very happy with this tablet. it does everything that the more expensive tablets do for less money... if you want a good running tablet, for fun or work, this is the tablet too get. the other thing that for me is a pain, but not so much is that the charger cord is too short. but I just changed around my space, so that I can charge it better. but over all, there is nothing about this tablet that I don't like. very pleased with it.
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on July 10, 2018
very pleased with my new tablet does everything I wanted it to do only thing I wish it had is a help and support option and a media player that would download media other than that it exceeds my expectations for a 100.00 tablet, the battery life is much better than I expected very pleased with that too! and a free case and screen protector, the camera could be a little better the resolution is a bit low, but the overall functionality of this tablet has so far been excellent, for 100.00 you can't ask for much more than that!! I would buy it again! =)
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on June 11, 2018
Just received this tablet for my Dad for his birthday. It was so easy to set up for him, is a great size and lightning fast. I would recommend this tablet to anyone.
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on July 7, 2018
This Is a great tablet its internal hardware matches bigger brands for a smaller price which was my selling point. The device performs well for typical tasks suck as using apps and watching videos. Its the best budget 10' tablet on amazon right now and i did a lot of searching, The bigger brands go for 150-200 for the same hardware and a smaller screen, that being said corners were cut on the tablets build but it gets the jobs done and works well. i wouldn't recommend it for heavy gaming or child use though. The cameras "Decent" but who gets a tablet for that? lol
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on May 26, 2018
I recently had to buy an andriod tablet to meet my work needs, several days go, I bought a kids tablet, it seems works well. So I choice to buy the same store's product for myself. the screen size is big enough but portable than a computer. When i got it, the running speed is very fast, maybe will be slower after long time using, load application quickly, the colors are vivid and bright, light in weight. camera may not be the best, but my phone is enough for taking pictures.
review imagereview imagereview image
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on June 30, 2018
This tablet works perfectly to my son. He loves it so much. If you wanna get a tablet to watch vids or games playing for your kids, here is the one. The screen is big enough ,
which is good for kids' eyes. It's not too heavy to carry, and most importantly, great price. Beside, it worries me not as much as an expensive iPad, lol. Great present for kids
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