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on June 23, 2018
I just received my Treblab X5. WOW! what a difference. I have had a variety of less expensive units up to $35 wired, to the phone, wired ear pieces, wireless to the phone and completely wireless earbuds. They all had their problems from low reception, poor volume, or not staying in the ear.

From the moment I took these ear buds out of the box I knew they were much better. The look, style and feel says quality. Even the packaging was top notch. They paired instantly with each other and quickly paired to my IPhone. I walked three rooms away from the Iphone before I started to loose a signal. Other units had trouble keeping a signal when my IPhone was in my pocket!

The device comes with a very nice charging case small enough to carry in your pocket and there are several ear hooks and bud adapters to choose from allowing for a great fit. They stay in and are light enough you could forget you are wearing them if turned off.

The sound is full with great separation, wonderful highs and lows. Volume can go louder than I can handle and is clear at low volume.

I could not be happier with this product, it costs a little more than the junk I bought before. I could have bought two more of these with the wasted money. These units make listening to music a real treat. It appears they play while in your ears and turn off if not in you ears to save on battery, how cool is that. Now, I can exercise and focus on my workout not on getting my ear buds to stay in or to actually work. This is what I have been searching for, a real solution that not only works; but is absolutely great... topped with a one years warranty. BRAVO Treblab.

No I have no association with the company and have not been paid for these statements. When you find a great product you should say so. I suspect if any one has difficulty the company will work with you. They put too much into the design and quality not to listen to their customers.
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on June 14, 2018
I had just purchased Ankers Soundcore Spirit BT earphones and really didn't like them.

I wasn't sure what to expect with these since many BT earphones are gimmicky, but I was wrong. These are the real deal. I popped them in, powered them both on and they paired easily (I have a Pixel XL). The original earbuds (medium?) fit right away. I turned on the music and they were loud. I've got 4 kids and could not hear them as I moved about them.

I also ran around the house, shook my head vigorously, and did some push ups. It felt really secure and didn't move at all.

At $79, sure, they're double Anker's Soundcore Spirit, but I figured why would I spend $40 for something that irritated me at the gym when I (and I think "we") just want something where wires don't annoy me, it's loud enough in a crowd, and fits securely and snugly so there's no risk of falling out. Oh and did I mention - the sound is rich. There's actually great sound quality in these wireless earpieces!

As for 3D sound, it sounds like a digitized way to widen the sound stage. Most people are thrown off by this. But it is there. It's not going to blow your mind, but the sound stage is wider than your typical earphone.

I've never tried Treblab's stuff before but read some reviews on their X2 and thought they might be okay. Their X5 (all I've tried) do seem better. I think for the price difference, just get the X5s.

Super happy and excited. I'll give an update after a full gym workout tomorrow.

A few things. I flew to SFO for Father's Day and left my X5's on the plane! I know. I FB messaged Treblab about this, not expecting much, and they gave me a 43% coupon for another amazon order! So now I have them again!

I did a full workout and they stay in perfectly snug and fine. Sound quality still brilliant. I also noticed (i must've missed it the first time) that under the ear fins you get ear tips, but they also come with the foam ones like Comply. That's pretty amazing!

All-in-all, this is the one to get!
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on July 4, 2018
I have had these headphones for several weeks and can say that the sound quality is excellent, they are comfortable and stay put in the ear and are very easy to control from the buttons. Charge capacity seems good but I have not yet verified that for myself. Sound quality is really superior, better than the in the ear Bose I own except for the QC-35 over the ear. The charging case is very compact and does its job. The only issue I have had with the charging case is getting used to switching left and right when putting the earphones in the case.

One word of warning - the sound isolation is very good. I have found I have to take a unit out of one ear to talk to a flight attendant while flying with the sound off. This is OK except that the unit then needs to be put back into the ear which requires a screwing motion to get the earpiece wing to go in correctly. Not much of a downside, but I worry about dropping them while on an airplane.

I have not had the chance to use these for a phone call but suspect the sound isolation will make them unsuitable for calls for me. I have suggested to Treblab that they add a feature like that on the Bose 20i headphones that uses the microphone to send outside sound into the headphones that would help with my flight attendant problem and using these for phone calls.

Overall, the X5 sound quality is better than Bose in ear that I own and my preferred when listening to music or audiobooks.
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on June 18, 2018
X5 battery last a lot longer than the X2. The problem with the x5 is the contacts for charging. It’s difficult to align everything up so that it charges correctly. If you use the large foam tips and fins. They do not fit in case. Sounds good once you get them charged. Get a larger case and contacts. Earbuds are good. Case is bad. My suggestion is remake the case so that regardless of what size tips or fins you use the case and contacts work. Please.
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on June 22, 2018
Sound quality is great. Bass is reasonably strong; much better than what I expected at this sub-$100 price point and from a set of truly wireless headphones.

Comes with three different sizes of ear tips and wings. Was initially worried that there would be a danger of them inadvertently falling out during my commute, but they fit extremely well. Even during hustle & bustle of the rush hour commute, they were very secure.

Extremely easy to pair. Both left and right earbuds are already paired with one another out of the box. Simply power on right earbud, pair with device, and then power on the left earbud.

Battery life is exceptional for their size. A full charge lasts roughly 6.5 hours at 50-75% volume. Case can allegedly store an additional 14h of charge (though I haven’t tested this myself).

Extremely happy with his purchase. Would highly recommend.
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on July 11, 2018
I mainly got these X5's to use at the gym as a totally wireless option. (I also have the Treblab J1 earbuds, but they are connected by a wire that goes behind the neck, which almost frustrated me more than regular wired earbuds.) But the fit of the X5 is much better and the sound quality is also much better in comparison to the J1. I still like the J1 so I'm keeping them as a backup.

So the quality and fit is perfect for me. I really like the bass for being an earbud. Can't believe how good they sound. And I can't hear much ambient room noise either, which is perfect for me. And they haven't fallen out of my ear yet. They are perfect for my ears.

I love the build quality and design. They are easy to insert and remove, although you may bump a button here and there when inserting or removing from your ears.

I really like the charging case, although I don't know why the left ear piece goes on the right side of the case and vice versa, but whatever, they charge quickly and easily. I have had no issue aligning them with the charging contact points, but I'm using the default silicone tips and earfins and no issues fitting them in the case and charging. I didn't time the battery usage to see how long they last on a charge, but volume used and button usage would affect how long the battery lasts.

Pairing was fairly simple if you've paired Bluetooth device before. Once paired, turning them on (each one turns on separately) is a breeze and connects to my phone really fast.

My only issue with these X5's is when I go to the gym (LA Fitness, not that it matters but maybe it does) as soon as I walk into the gym, the left earpiece keeps dropping sound as if it is losing connection. It does it every few minutes. Sometimes morer frequently than other times. When I used the J1's this did not happen. So I'm assuming it is the Bluetooth connection between the left and right earpiece but I have no way of knowing for sure. The phone, which is playing Pandora, is right in my pocket. Maybe it is all the other Bluetooth and wireless headphones at the gym, but who knows. It is very frustrating as the sound keeps cutting out. But outside of the gym, this has never happened. I used it at work, on the bus, no problems. They are on a full charge so it isn't that. I'll try just playing music from my device rather than thru streaming and see if that makes a difference. But I love them regardless so I'll keep them.

I can't explain enough how good they actually sound. I haven't changed to the foam eartips, but if you prefer those, I hear they are difficult to attach, but the music sounds even better with those on if you prefer the foam.

Also, I don't use this for phone calls so I can't comment on that.
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on July 7, 2018
Wow!! anyone out there looking for a great set of wireless earbuds, I would tell you look no more. these are it, they sound and feel wonderful. the sound, and ease of use are on point. I have own several wireless earbuds and have sent all back or thrown them in a drawer in disgust. these are not the case. well worth the money, you won't be unhappy.
thanks treblab, you out did yourself.
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on July 3, 2018
I have to say, the price of this is amazing for true wireless headphones. The sound quality is good for wireless, the fit is good, and the connection maintained is amazing. I wore it to the pool and left my iphone in my bag on a chair and played down the length of the pool while maintaining connection. There are moments when left earbud would disconnect and reconnect in a second or so. Also, there is a slight audio lag when watching video, more pronounced when streaming youtube. My biggest complaint is the connection to the charging case, where the buds must be placed very carefully or it will not charge. I would have preferred a magnetic connector or bigger connection area. I can’t wait until they upgrade with a newer version. Overall, the wear, use, and fit is exceptional with minor design flaws
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on June 25, 2018
Arrived in 2 days (Prime), new, and very easy to setup. Used them this weekend for a 2 mile run. Never fell out and worked great. These are worth paying extra for the truly wireless ear buds. They don't last as long as I thought they would but still last more than enough for a run or workout. Sounds crystal clear and it really does block out background noise. I recommend these!!!
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on July 3, 2018
Best earpods on earth. I am very picky when it comes to comfort and luxury. I tried several and couldn’t satisfy me but these are just perfect fit, Perfect sound and style. Cannot go wrong with this product. I received one today and I am buying second pair for my wife after this post. Will highly recommend.
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