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on July 7, 2018
For starters, I own a previous version of this product (Q29). I don’t remember seeing the Q30 or 31, but the Q32 wireless earbuds by Soundpeats improves several issues or obvious missing features. My biggest complaints about the previous version were 1. Inconsistent connectivity 2. Subpar earbud playtime 3. Really bad battery life on the case/battery/charger 4. Bad charging connection from case to earbuds

The new Q32 solves almost all of these problems and more. 1. The new 5.0 Bluetooth standard has created a more stable connection (as long as your hands or something else aren’t interfering). The way the connection appears to work is one earbud connects to the playing device while the second device connects to the first earbud. With the Q29 the 2nd earbud was constantly losing its connection to the primary earbud but I have not had that happen yet and I have been playing them solidly for the last few days. As an added bonus, you can now use the earbuds separately which is handy if you use it for phone calls or you need them to last longer by separating. Before, when the right (main) earbud “died”, you were out of luck, even though the other earbud was fully charged. 2. The new 5.0 Bluetooth standard does not give 150ft range (sorry folks) but what I believe it allows the earbuds to do is run more efficiently because based on a similar capacity, I get an extra hour of run time compared to the Q29. 3. The new charger case is, quite frankly, incredible. Previously with the Q29, the battery case would drain very quickly (within 2 days even without use). When the earbuds would separate from the case they would automatically connect to my phone, which is made worse when the case battery runs out because the lack of battery in the case would tell the earbuds that there was a separation which would then automatically turn on the earbuds which in turn drains the batteries on them. You can tell as soon as you feel the case (which is twice the size of the previous case but 5 times the weight = more battery). It has been several days now and I have not even dropped a battery level bar on the charging case. 4. Lastly, the new case and earbuds magnetically dock so that you know they are going to charge reliably.

These earbuds are not much different in size or shape from the previous model, which I appreciate. I can’t stand the Apple AirPod feeling in my ear. These are comfortable and with the right size rubber tip, they stay in easily. They also don’t have a flashing light like the older model so listening at night is not a bother to me or my wife. I will say that I was hoping for more with the hook attachments but they do not fit inside the charging case without twisting the hooks which requires a re-adjustment every time you use them. This imperfect fit also defeats the magnetic charging benefit because even with the hooks twisted to fit, they no longer pop into place with ease. One other tiny/minor issue I have is that the earbuds are now more oriented to a specific ear. Before I could wear an R earbud in my left ear and it would generally feel and look the same. I prefer to rotate earbuds between ears (when only using one) for the sake of hearing safety and overall irritation. This should be considered a minor issue now that both earbuds can be used independently.
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on July 8, 2018
The carrying / charging case has by far the biggest battery capacity (2600 mAH, 18-20 total recharges for each earpiece per 1 full charge of the case according to the specs) compared to competing products that I know of, but the price has minimal to no premium over those alternatives. As a result, I'm not worried about getting through the day with these running out of power. So SoundPEATS seems to offer good relative value, and I'm really surprised that competing products that look inferior have a lot more reviews and are higher on the search results.

Also, the product seems to be good quality and well built. The design is nice and easy to understand, and the lid looks opaque but it actually lets you see the earpiece charging lights through the cover. The plastic doesn't feel cheap. The packaging is solid. There is a small additional bag included for carrying the carrying / charging case in if desired. And they include quite a lot of eartip pieces (6 pairs total), probably more than they needed to (3 pairs seems standard--S, M, L).

My only gripes are that it took a bit of trying (maybe I was doing it wrong) to get them to pair correctly over Bluetooth, and there are minor English mistakes on the packaging. Also it would be nice if the charging cable were a bit longer, and included a plug for the wall.

Overall though, this doesn't feel like a cheap Chinese knockoff; it feels like the quality of their products has caught up.

I'll update this review if I run into any problems, or my opinions change.
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I recently had surgery and was on bed rest for a couple weeks. My gf and I usually go to church on Sundays but we couldn’t while I was in recovery so I found these headphones. They worked perfectly for us because we both could use a headphone while simultaneously listening to the sermon at the same time. She was able to hold the baby and move around while I laid in bed. The reason I took a star away is that I would rather see longer battery life and increased range for the Bluetooth connectivity. That said these actually worked perfectly for what we used them for. They paired to my iPhone easily. The sound quality was much better than we anticipated and very impressive. They come with different inserts to ensure the proper fit for your ear canal. Our ear sizes are different so we took advantage of using the inserts. They are very compact and have a pretty cool modern looking design. We actually found another cool use as she can use one of the headphones in her ear while the baby naps. This gives her the dual ability of being able to listen to music without waking the baby while also having an ear free to hear when he wakes up. Also you can charge one of the ear buds while using one so you can effectively double the battery life using it this way.
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on November 21, 2017
Work extremely well, Easy to pair just fallow the instructions in the box or Soundpeats site or on the sale page at the bottom. sound is excellent has APTx. have been getting up to about 5 hours from charge to charge really depends on volume and source. Like the ability to use the units individually on long calls. Let Co-workers try them an they all have them now.
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on July 19, 2018
Sound quality is not incredible, it's about on par with my $25 wired bluetooth set, but considering how tiny they are I'm still happy with it. More than sufficient for podcasts. Music lacks a bit in the bass area, but its not tinny either.
Max volume is great though, my ideal listening range is 75% or so of their max volume, so I can always increase it if needed
Form factor is perfect - they fit super comfortably and snug in my ears. I love that they have a hardware button(s) as well, which is not a feature most of these I looked at had
I haven't had a chance to run with them, so I'm not sure if sweat would make them fall out. But they feel super snug, so I don't think that will be the case
The case they come in is wonderful - super good build quality, nice charging indicators, and it's absolutely massive - i've charged them up from dead 5 times already without even recharging the case and the case is still pretty much full
Battery life on the actual earphones is as advertised - about 3 hours max, which is pretty good for these
My only complaint so far is the bluetooth connectivity - you basically need to have your phone on you or you'll have occasional drops of connectivity.
But if you have your phone on you, I had no connection troubles.
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on August 7, 2017
I have a few neckband wireless headphones, but wanted to try something that's truely wireless. These earbud are really tiny and light. To my surprise, it stays on very well. This is my go to headset for commute and work. Each last about 3.5 hrs, but I only use 1 side at a time and charge the other while I'm using the other. Bluetooth range are comparable to my other wireless headsets. Overall, I love it...
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on July 18, 2018
I really love the comfort of not having any wires. The size and fit of the buds was perfect. Also the best sound of a wireless set of ear buds I have experienced.

However the left bud kept loosing connection just sitting at my desk or walking with my phone from room to room. It's just takes you right out of what your listening to and that bums me out. I need to return the buds. I'd love to exchange but Amazon doesn't allow it. Which means I have to pay a non sale price to repurchase a new pair. Unfortunately I'm not paying 20% more to reorder instead of exchange.
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on July 10, 2018
Giving 3 stars as the pairing was easy and the buds fit nicely in my ear. Sound quality is good. First time I used the left earbud lost sound intermittently. Fully charge so it wasn't powering off, the sound just cut out. Test as soon as you get to ensure you can return if this happens to you. Going to order another set in hopes that it was just a defective set.
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on July 12, 2018
I really like these pair of earbuds, they are not perfect but they work really good. The sound is not the best but it is still great and fit really good. It comes with 6 pairs of ear tips . The only thing I am not too happy about is that sometimes when I have the phone on my back pocket feels like the reception is not great. However, if I have phone on my hand or an armband, there are no issues at all.
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on October 5, 2017
And received a Bluetooth headset, with it, my hand no longer sore, thanks! Because the last time to buy a Bluetooth headset, may be destroyed in the transport process, I decided to buy one!
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