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on January 4, 2016
My new grill cover arrived today and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. I have the weber performer deluxe, newest version with painted metal work surface and digital timer with electric battery powered propane igniter.

Packaging was great, as usual. Came in a pretty nice package with a zipper. The fit is snug, but will loosen a small bit over time I imagine. The material is thick, and seems durable, almost a denim feel with a plastic coating on the underside.

Usually I am very critical of things that don't get excellent reviews and I only have 2 small items to note about this product.

Pros: tight fit, durable, affordable, resealable container, 3 year warranty, vinyl cloth material that won't crack like a soft rubbery type vinyl.

Cons: it could be 4 inches longer to cover the wheels but this isn't a deal breaker. It could have some Velcro straps at the bottom to secure to wheels so it won't blow away. These are both so minor, because it's main purpose is to prevent fade and moisture which it will do just fine the way it is.

I wasn't aware of the 3 year warranty when I purchased it. This was a really nice surprise. I would buy again and again and again. If it wears out, I'll buy again without hesitation. I hope others find this review helpful, if so please click the button. Don't hesitate to ask any questions.
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on August 31, 2015
After 2 years of exposure to harsh winds, rainy weather and Michigan winters, my last grill cover called it quits. It had started to tear in a number of places and finally has been rendered useless. The Yukon Glory appears to be made of a heavier grade material then my previous grill cover and it seems to be a custom fit for my Weber Performer Grill. The fit is snug though, so it requires just a bit of effort getting the cover on. I think while not as convenient as quickly draping it over and using velcro straps, it does mean that you get a high level of protection for your grill, as a missed or worn velcro strap and mean a lot of unintended exposure for your grill. With the fit being precise to my grill, I don't have to worry about that. I imagine that wear from wind will also be greatly reduced due to the very small amount of excess material this cover has. The heavy grade material also bodes well for its longevity. I have only had it a few weeks, and will update this review as needed, but so far I would easily recommend this cover for anyone with the Weber Performer.
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on September 20, 2016
Although I live in an area known for foggy summers and cooler temperatures, the top of this cover faded terribly within the first few months. I contacted the seller and they failed to respond. I then contacted the manufacturer and they failed to respond as well. It's now 4 months since installing and I already want to replace it.
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on April 9, 2016
I own the older 05-09 Weber Performer with the One Touch light system and the char bin under the counter top.

Anywho I bought it on Craigslist a little while back but the guy selling it didn't have a cover. I thought "It shouldn't be so hard to find a cover." Little did I know the Weber one would cost me $50. I already had to buy new grates for the the Performer so spending $50 on the cover wasn't an option.
So over to Amazon I turned. Unfortunately, every cover had reviews claiming it wouldn't fit the Performer or that they were of horrible quality. So I was unsure about this.

However I received it, opened it, and put it on my grill. So far no problems other than a pool of water building up on the cover over the counter top but that's easily fixed by leaving something on the counter top to cause water to run off. The wind doesn't lift it, it feels of good quality. It's safe to say this is a good choice for a replacement grill cover
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on August 13, 2017
Fits my Weber Performer Series Grill very well. Lasted 2 years before small holes started appearing. Treated it with Scotch Guard so was hoping for a longer service life. Mine is exposed to direct sun for about 6 hours daily.

I give it 3 stars for fit and function. I'd have given it 4 stars if it had lasted more than 2 years.

I'll look some more to see if I can find a longer lasting cover. As I write this review (August 2017), this cover is no longer available.
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on April 6, 2015
I have never used a grill cover so this is new territory for me, but the package seems much heavier than some I have looked at in the store. It fit my Weber Performer perfectly - snug without being to tight to put on easily. This cover does not have any straps or velcro designed to hold it on the grill. From what I have read some like that and some think it's a waste. We will see how it holds up to a summer storm and eventually a Wisconsin winter. I will update at some point after use.
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on September 18, 2015
I bought my Weber Performer grill on Amazon 3 years ago, and at the time I also purchased the grill cover that had the Weber name on it. Unfortunately, the grill cover began to get brittle and crack in the second year and also the seams started to unravel where it was sewed around the edges. I can say that the Yukon Glory cover fits my grill perfectly and feels like a heavier and better quality material than the previous cover. The Weber cover did not feel as pliable as the Yukon. Also the price is better for the Yukon cover than the Weber cover. Only time will tell how well it will hold up, as I always keep my grill outside even in the winter months (I have a covered back porch). But I believe that it is a much better quality cover for the money.
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on October 5, 2014
We have the Weber Performer grill and originally had the Weber cover. The original cover was a tight fit, hard to get on and off the grill. This cover fits perfectly, and we don't have to struggle to get it back on when we finish grilling. Nice heavy vinyl.
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on June 16, 2016
Fits great, looks great! Awesome value for a quality cover versus paying for overpriced brand name versions.

I also have another Yukon cover on my Genesis grill. It is standing up for many years at this point. The only bummer is that the color has faded due to the sun. The only thing that I can think of to improve these covers would be to coat them in some kind of UV blocker for more color durability.
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on May 31, 2016
This is a nice cover. My grill is a Performer Platinum 2013 model. I have had two of the Weber covers already. The first was a vinyl model that weathered poorly and had to be replaced after two seasons. The second was a much more expensive cover that attached by velcro to one of the grill's legs. That cover was so loose fitting that it blew away during a storm never to be found again. This cover is made of a nice material and is a very tight fit. It does cover the grill completely and it proportionate to the shape of the model it just takes a while to put on. I am certain the Yukon Glory won't be flying away anytime soon. To me a good choice for your Weber.
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