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on May 18, 2018
Modern day metal Juggernauts, Five Finger Death Punch, have returned after a tumultuous couple of years with And Justice For None.

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Five Finger Death Punch are undeniably one of, if not the, biggest modern metal bands today. For me personally, their meteoric rise was a bit of surprise. I had seen their albums before they got huge. Way of the Fist I'd seen on a Best Buy shelf with their unique album art. I thought it looked cool, but was in a musical rut during that time and didn't pay too much attention. Periodically I would hear friends or Co-workers speak about War is the Answer. I'm not sure if War is the Answer was the album that shot them into stardom, but American Capitalist was undeniably their massive hit of a record.

It's a shame because I really didn't care for American Capitalist. I liked a few of the songs, but that album had this strange mix of poppy lead guitar over bombastic palm muted guitars, bass and drums. It personally didn't mix well to my taste. So that is where my support stopped for a few years album wise. However, no matter what time of day, if a rock station was on Five Finger Death Punch's signature sound could be heard pumping away with Ivan Moody's gruff baritone vocals and screams. So of course 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell' Volume 1 and 2 released the singles were really good. Whoever is in charge of 5FDP's music videos deserves some recognition for their rise. While of course the music and lyrics are great, their visual presentation really maximize the meaning and impact of the bands music.

Regardless of my renewed interest, not until a year ago did I pick up another 5FDP album, The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Volume 2. The album was great and reignited my interest in the band. I of course plan to pick up the rest of their back catalog, but the last two years of Rock and Metal has been really good, so I haven't really had time enough to repurchase older efforts. So with faith restored, I pre-ordered And Justice For None, which absolutely no doubt the title a play on Metallica's own ...And Justice For All. I pre-ordered the deluxe and got lucky enough that Amazon was able to momentarily obtain my copy for about $9.50. I chose it due to the extra tracks and I liked the album art much better than the standard edition. The album packaging is cardboard, printed with that awesome album art, but the booklet is like most artists CD booklets these days. The CD itself has some cool looking print on it as well.

Onto the music, there is no denying love it or hate it, 5FDP have a very recognizable sound that many have tried to adopt. The drums always sound like an arena set with bombastic double bass. The guitars have a very muddy chug to them, highlighted by clean leads. While of course the band has said that if Ivan left, they would continue, I think it would be quite a detriment to their identity. Ivan's unapologetic baritone clean vocals and deep growls are now instantly recognizable. The band do what they are known for, mixing it up with double bass heavy aggressive music and heart felt, usually still heavy, ballads. Wrapped up with Ivan crooning his troubles with constant fame and struggles like that of his alcoholism and bad life choices.

I'm not going to lie, there isn't much change up in the formula here. If you've heard the last few albums, you know what to expect. That being said, And Justice For None does seem to have a bit more groove to the heavy songs than before, while the leads seem to be more prominent in this effort as well. Another notable difference is that Moody's scream seems a bit more ferocious here than it has been in the last few years. They don't mess with the formula enough to call it a true evolution, but it is enough of a deviation it doesn't sound worn out. If you are a fan of 5FDP, then And Justice For None is a fantastic addition to their catalog.

Chris, Jason, Zoltan and Jeremy perform solidly on this album. Jeremy's double bass is very clear throughout the album, while he throws in some fills here and there to spice things up. It sounds to me Jason is pushing more leads through on this album, they just seem more stand out than prior albums. His solo's are also excellent. Zoltan's rhythm guitar is solid and cleaner than on previous albums as well, not quite as much mud in the chug. Jason and Zoltan complement each other very well. Whether the two are chugging heavy riffs together or Zoltan is supporting Jason's leads, they are in sync, even switching up to acoustic a few times throughout the album. Chris is a versatile bassist, chugging along during heavy songs, but switching up to a more individual groove during slower songs.

Ivan, the beast himself, sounds great on this record, his screams sound better than they have in awhile. He delivers his rage driven songs about fame and life issues, while serenading on slower songs about loss and sorrow. His cleans have come a long way with vibrato and really puts meaning behind it. His lyrics are as always personal and relatable, especially to those in the armed forces. I will always have respect for 5FDP for supporting them so heavily. A big point lately for Moody as well is that he has finally gotten sober for the last year and has been really focusing on bettering himself.

The album also has a few covers, most notably 'Gone Away'. Gone Away was originally released by The Offspring back in 1997. They do an amicable job of covering the song, but The Offspring's original will always be close to my heart. As mentioned before, their video however, add's much leverage to the songs impact. However their the bluesy cover Blue on Black cover is really nice change up for them and adds a bit of freshness to the record. I Refuse is also a very nice addition of piano and acoustic driven music. All three bonus tracks are banger's as well, they are actually some of the heaviest work on the record.

All in all And Justice For None delivers what you expect from 5FDP, heavy metal songs filled with chugging riffs and aggressive lyrics and ballads that tug on your heart strings, spice up by some small changes to their usual formula, with Ivan sounding great.

Five Finger Death Punch deliver a follow up to 'Got Your Six' that is worth picking up.
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on July 26, 2018
The product: A double LP at this price with an instant download cannot be beat. This is a good pressing, regular black vinyl, nothing fancy but it sounds really great, no surface noise. Double sleeve with great artwork and the lyrics on the record sleeves (which are regular photo paper sleeves). Very pleased with this purchase.

The music: More of an opinion than assessment, but I am a 'late to the party' FFDP fan. Not being a radio listener, I never caught onto the band and would occasionally hear some metal fans comment on them disparagingly, if you enjoyed them, you were somehow not a true music fan. (Kind of like the dudes that claim if you like THIS Metallica, you never loved THAT Metallica lol)

Then, I heard Lift Me Up online. I was blown away, bought the record and was really impressed. Yes, impressed. This old school thrash metal fan who grew up in the 80's was impressed by FFDP. I love the way this music makes me feel. It has groove, real punch (haha) and Ivan's voice is fantastic and their hooks are just fun to sing. Even the lyrical content falls into the same category for me: cathartic. This is the best therapy to an insane day at work (cubicle creatures!) Try putting on one of their records and blasting it. A real healthy way to purge stress. This record falls in line with all of their others, it is heavy, intense, loud, and in your face with no apologies. We are who we are, we never said you had to like it.

The product and the music get 5 stars from me.
Must Downloads -
Blue on Black
Top of the World
Gone Away
Sham Pain
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on May 18, 2018
I've been a 5FDP fan since the beginning, and though they've had a bit of "too samey" issues with a lot of their songs, it is still a successful formula and every album has had at least a couple standouts. This one is nice and long, the covers are great. It is a bit mellower than expected, it has several slow songs, but I've always liked 5FDP's slow songs too and they're quite good. Overall, not disappointed at all and definitely worth the buy.
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on May 29, 2018
Classic 5FDP. Thankfully, 5FDP did away with having duets. I felt that this falls in between American Capitalist with fragments of Way of the Fist. A little more softer anthems than hard Fist album. I was cautious after hearing Offsprings remake of Gone Away, since airplay has overrun it so much. Was very happy with this album since I haven't had to skip any songs on regular play. All in all, a well rounded album.
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on June 26, 2018
A surprisingly diverse release from these metal monsters. I love them for their aggression songs, the ones that get me through the day. But this album also explores a more mature side of the band. They have broadened their musical landscape with slower songs like "I Refuse" and "When The Seasons Change". The cover of "Blue On Black" is very good too. But my favorites are still the anger anthems. Standouts are "Top Of The World", "It Doesn't Matter", "Fake", and "Bloody". (I'd give this 5 stars, but I can't get into "Sham Pain", "Stuck In My Ways", the boring cover of "Gone Away", or the unnecessary filler "Rock Bottom".)
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on May 27, 2018
One of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time this album is a very well written album and makes a lot of statements about the band and about the issues and problems they are going through I would highly recommend
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on June 18, 2018
Is it groundbreaking and incredibly deep music? No. But this CD is collectively head and shoulders ahead of Got Your Six, plus there are at least 4-5 really really standout tracks on this one, namely the slower songs like Blue on Black. Well worth your money if you're a fan.
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on June 7, 2018
Another fine cd by 5FDP. They do some good covers on this cd from KWS Blue on Black to the Offspring Gone Away. I enjoyed this CD and I think they should make a cd of just covers, they do them so good.
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on June 17, 2018
Ardmore Oklahoma's gift to heavy metal.Vocal range is there and can pull off acoustic Blue on Black,then right into Slipknot type agression.This band is on my bucket list to see at home
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on June 29, 2018
Another great hard rock winner from one of the best such bands out there today. Here is hoping their legal and substance problems are behind them so they can keep making great stuff like this!
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