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on May 9, 2018
Note: I bought the product at the full retail price.

1. Comfort
It fits me pretty well out of the box, and no adjustment needed.
I didn't bother trying out other ear tips/wings included. It feels very secure even when I'm running.
All the plastic or rubber materials which directly contact skin appear to be of high quality and don't irritate my skin after hours of using.

2. Design
The quick-adjust behind the neck is literally genius!
This is one of the most impressive functions I noticed.
With a simple pull, I'm able to create a tangle-free tight fit, which greatly reduces the annoying sound as the wire contacts clothes. See attached picture. Replacement included in accessories just in case it's lost.
Pairing is straightforward just like any other Bluetooth devices, nothing unusual.
I found it interesting as the sound prompts is the same across all the newly branded Soundcore products, such as "Soundcore Vortext". It's easy to understand and remember. It only pairs with

2. Range
It says 10m / 33 ft on the user manual.
I have no problem playing music uninterrupted in this range with 3 walls in between!

3. Audio quality
Bass is substantial leaving nothing to be desired.
It's on the warm side and may have the sound signature of Bose?!
It is much better than Apple AirPods for sure :)
I own "Anker SoundBuds Sport IE20" for almost two years now (still going strong), but I prefer the new one thanks to the better fit and seal. It blocks a lot of surrounding noise.
One would really appreciate this noise-isolating feature in an open office or on the plan. I have so many other great headphones and earphones, and I have to conclude the sound quality should be satisfactory for most people.
It's using the latest and greatest Bluetooth v5.0

4. Battery life
It came 100% charged as shown in the status bar of my iPhone.
Music played for more than 1.5 hours non-stop and it shows 90%.
It may reach the 12-hour time. I just don't have the time to test it yet.
Something to update later.

Things I miss:
I miss the magnet switch on/off from "Anker SoundBuds Sport IE20".
I miss the ability to connect to two devices at the same time without power off and do connecdt again.

I hope this review would help someone who's looking for a quality pair of wireless earphones. It is evident that Anker refines products over the years and I think it deserves to be successful.
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on May 21, 2018
Tried 4 different brands and these are definitely the best. Summary of all 4:

• Apple AirPods: Great overall sound, but fell out easily during exercise. Too expensive to sweat on and possibly ruin.
• Taotronics 027 (New model - Black): Great Bass, lots of volume, do not stay in my ears. Somewhat uncomfortable.
• SoundPeats Q30: Poor Bass, nice Midrange and Highs. More comfortable than Taotronics, still fall out of my ears.
• Soundcore Spirit X (by Anker): Best Bass and best overall sound quality of any earbuds I've tried including my son's Apple AirPods. Fit is secure and by far the most comfortable of any of the models I've tried.. Sound is GREAT. Lots of volume, clean Midrange and Highs. Bluetooth 5.0 is a HUGE plus and my iPhone 8 has it (iPhone X has it too as well as some of the newer high end non Apple phones). BT 5.0 has twice the Data capability and 4 times the range of Bluetooth 4.2. and as far as I know SoundCore is the first company to incorporate it into their wireless headphones.

So now the long version: In a previous life I was a sound engineer and made Fitness CD's for Cardio Instructors to use in their classes. Did all my mixing with headphones and I am very picky about good sound. I have been using Sennheiser wired workout headphones for years but with the advent of the new iPhone 8 with no headphone jack, I decided to finally get with the times and try a Bluetooth version.

• Fit and Comfort: I didn't care for the new Apple AirPods as they fall out of my ears and look ridiculous, so I tried a step up with the Taotronics Model 027 that use the ear "wings" that go inside your ear. While better than the AirPods, they still fall out with little help from me. I was constantly shoving them back in every time I touched the controller.

The SoundPeats Q30's fit much better in my ear and were much more comfortable. Unfortunately, they didn't have much Bass compared to the Tao's (and especially compared to the SoundCores) and I just wasn't that impressed. While they fit more snugly than the Tao's, by now I'd become disenchanted with the whole system and opted to see about a pair that uses Ear Hooks. My wired Sennheisers used Ear Hooks and it was never a problem..

So, the next step up was the Spirit X that uses the afore mentioned over the ear "hook" in conjunction with their own better version of the inner ear "wing". As soon as I put them on I knew I'd found my answer. They were very secure and I can adjust the volume at will without the bud popping out of my ear. They were the perfect size out of the box and fit securely and comfortably. The little adjustment puck on the cable allows you to cinch up the extra cable asymmetrically and it did a good job of getting the controller off my neck. The cord is easily adjustable but it also comes with a second Puck that you can attach if you want a more permanent cable length solution.

• Sound Quality: Did some research. SoundCore is Anker's new high end audio product division and apparently they brought in a panel of experts to help them tailor the sound on these. In short. It worked. These are the best sounding earbuds of any I've tried, and it's not even close. They sound better than the Apple AirPods and those are 4 times the cost. The best part is their BASS! It's thumpy and DEEP... As far as I know these are the only exercise Ear Buds that are rated down to 16 hz! That's Bass you can feel, and best of all, it's clean, punchy and undistorted even at full volume. Speaking of volume... these get louder than any of the others in this review. The Taotronics get loud too, but these edge them out. Midrange and Highs are clean, crisp and detailed. They rival my wired Sennheiser workout headphones, and in fact, I'd say the highs on these are even a bit smoother while being just as detailed.

• Honorable Mentions: If you have a newer Samsung/Windows/Google phone or an iPhone 8 or X you probably have Bluetooth 5.0. As far as I know SoundCore is the only wireless headphone brand on Amazon that uses BT 5.0. This is a HUGE Advantage! BT 5.0 has twice the data capability, and FOUR TIMES the Range of BT 4.2. I walked all over my house and never lost connection or experienced any skips. Could not do that with any of the BT 4.2 models. So that means a stable connection and instant pairing.

The build quality is fantastic just like their cables and batteries. Circuit boards are coated with a waterproof coating (unlike Beats) and utilize the highest waterproof level available (level 7). These should last a very long time and at a price point of 40 bucks, they are the bargain of the century. Honorable mention also goes to the LED. Really like the Red/Blue. Much easier to see than the Red/Green for my eyes. It blinks red when the battery is low (Battery level also shows on the iPhone display), solid red means charging, and blue means full charge. You can use the multi-function middle button to answer calls and even hold it down to reject the call to voicemail. The Mic works well for Siri too. Today I was able to press the middle button for one second and say "Hey Siri, play playlist "Treadmill Faves" and it worked like a charm. Phone calls are also clear and I'm told the sound quality at the other end on phone calls is pretty good for this type of device.

• To sum up: If you are considering one of the sub 30 dollar units as I was, consider stepping up to 40 bucks for these bad boys. Well worth it for the better BlueTooth range, and the exceptionally good Sound. Overall, I couldn't be more pleased with them.
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on May 14, 2018
I am completely impressed by the Soundcore Spirit X Earphones by Anker. They are WAY better than they should be for the price. The sound is really good for earphones in general and the functionality is seamless.

- GREAT Audio: VERY good bass for earphones and you can easily hear the entire sound stage in any song
- Sound blocking: I have to go back and revise a review for the Bowers and Wilkins PX because these block the same amount of sound as those do and they are active-noise cancelling over-ear headphones. It just tells me that the B&W PX's are not as impressive as I thought if these $40 earphones can do the same thing for a 10th of the price.
- Easy to use: it took me less than 30 seconds to set them up with my iPhone
- Lightweight: they easily stay on my head while running or working outside and I honestly forget I have them on sometimes.
- Carrying cases and ear sizes: comes with a great carrying case and a ton of different ear sizes to fit any ear
- Battery life: Only had to recharge them once since getting them, but they lasted a solid 10 hours out of the box.

- Remote does not switch songs with a double-click of the center button

That is literally the only con I can come up with right now. These earphones are easily the best earphones I have ever owned, and they only cost $40. Just TOO impressed with Anker right now.
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on May 20, 2018
I bought the Anker Soundcore Spirit X Earphones earlier this week for a trip next week. I’ve been using an older version of their earbuds, which are awesome. Several years ago, I purchased a pair of high end Shures with custom earbuds. They are amazing...and the Anker line is very similar. The quality of my last Anker earbuds was good; these are a step or 2 better.

I wasn’t sure about the ear hooks, as I’ve had uncomfortable ones in the past. I’ve been wearing these for a couple days and don’t feel them at all (with glasses on or off).

The battery came fully charged and still have a 90% charge after between an hour or 2 of playing.

The packaging is typical Anker, meaning it’s of nice quality. They included a charging cable, extra earbuds, a locking clip, and even a carrying case. I like the semi-hard case. It will be great for travel. This isn’t a major issue, but I have pets and it has caught some of their hair and a pocket lint.

As for sound’s excellent! It’s very well balanced. It trends more toward the highs versus the lows, but you can hear lows, too. It lets you hear the full range of music.

I am glad I purchased these and will continue purchasing Anker products.
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on May 22, 2018
I bought these as my try for an Anker sound product, and one of my first earbuds (I typically use over ear headphones, but want something for exercise). I decided to go for these more expensive newer ones, as opposed to the older model that was $15 cheaper at the time. I figured might as well get the latest ones, right? I kind of wish I had gone for the cheaper pair, though...I maybe would have been happier with my purchase.

They fit okay, and have various fitting options to choose from. The case is a nice touch as well. I was also impressed with how I was able to go upstairs in to our closet while leaving my phone downstairs, and still have a good signal.

However the sound on these things...people are saying they can FEEL the bass, but I am hear no bass from them at all. Everything sounds tinny no matter what I do. Did I get a faulty pair? Are earbuds just bad in general and these are "better than most"? I don't understand. I've tried them with various devices (Pixel 2, iPad 2018, Surface Pro 4) and nothing sounds good with these (meanwhile sounding perfectly fine in my 3 other pairs of headphones, including my Sony clip-ons from 2012).
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on May 21, 2018
Only because I bought the previous version and it worked great... then a few months down the line it went out on me. Replaced it through warranty and it worked great for a few weeks and went out on me. Replaced it again and it worked great, then went out on me in a few weeks. I had to get a refund, which allowed me to buy this one, but I had to pay the difference because Anker would not upgrade me, even after all the problems I had with their previous version which I about in Oct 2017. Problems started in Jan/Feb till I replaced it with this one. We'll see how this experience is.
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on May 18, 2018
These are some of the best sport buds I have used. I love that the ear lock wings and the ear canal pieces are separate. This allows for the most flexibility in getting a nice tight fit for use while working out. Today at the Box we did jumping jacks, seal jumps, crossover jumps, medicine ball cleans, burpees, power cleans, dead lifts, hang power snatch, and pushups. I am only listing all of that because not once did these buds dislodge. The whole workout I had them paired with my Fitbit Versa and was able to listen to my own tunes and mostly forget about them. My only issue is with them hung behind my neck it would sometimes get caught on my hair, but again it never managed to dislodge them.

Lastly on the sound side they had plenty of volume and even pack a decent base punch. From warm up to workout to shower I never worried about them and definitely recommend them if you are in the market for some new earphones.
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on May 16, 2018
I like to at least give a week before I write a review but these are just too awesome to keep quiet about. I've been searching for months now and have been buying pair after pair and returning pair after pair for various reasons (uncomfortable, skipping, connection issues, poor sound quality, etc.). These Anker headphones do NOT have any fallacies likes the others did. These are very comfortable, sound amazing, and no connection/skipping issues. I think the Bluetooth 5.0 is a great touch since I can tell the range is great! I highly recommend anyone who are looking for a great pair of headphones (budget or expensive).
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on May 11, 2018
don't work out as much as I should nor I am not one of those jacked guys at the gym doing power sets. I am a casual exerciser but now I don't have to look like one with the Anker Soundcore Spirit X Sport Headphones. I recently was given a pair of these for an evaluation and I am walking away impressed.

Anker always does a good job of packaging their products, and these headphones are no different. In addition to the headphones, you get microusb cable, carrying case, and replacement ear buds. Let's get down the quick and dirty:

- Great build quality.
- Sounds great: Sharp Highs and decent lows (see cons).
- Long battery life: havent died on me yet.
- Surprisingly comfortable.
- Good Value

- The bass isnt going to blow you away but it doesn't take away from the quality.

In closing, these are great headphones for the value. They aren't audiophile quality, nor do they have the same lows as my Sennheisers, but you're working out it these. No one wants to take $200 headphones to the gym to just cover them in sweat and possibly lose them. Next time I go to the gym, I am grabbing these Soundcore's from Anker.
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on May 18, 2018
I've been through a variety of these types of headphones (two iterations of LG HBS730 primarily) and finally I have to say the proverbial jackpot has been struck. The fit out of the box was perfect and then the sound...easily the best reproduction I've heard with this type of headphone. The bass sits perfectly and isn't's where it should be. Hard to describe but the full spectrum of the music is there. It fills up ears and blocks everything else out. All these are promises/features I've heard with other headphones I've tried. This is the first time a product has delivered on all those for me.

I've not exercised with these headphones yet so I will certainly update this review if there is anything interesting to note in that respect.
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