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Cricut StandardGrip Cutting 12x12 3 Pack
Size: 12"x12", 3 Mats|Change
Price:$13.75+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

This is by far the best place to buy cutting mats. Amazon pricing on these can't be beat! Most craft stores sell these for $13-$15 and most won't allow you to use a coupon.

The product itself though? Well, you need it to use your Cricut. It's as good as any of the other mats that you need to use for your Cricut. It's really nothing special. These are the mats that came with your Cricut.

My issue with them is that they really don't last for that many cuts before the sticky part stops working. This is especially true for paper products, which tend to leave behind a fine dust of paper. You also scrape the glue off a little each time you use the wedge to peel off a project. It's going to be a bummer for you if you use a glitter sheet, have pets that shed, or have much dust in your house.

You definitely want to save the protective plastic that goes over the top to store them in. That's the only thing I've been able to find to lengthen their life.

I've read several "sticky recovery" methods online on how to lengthen the life of these. I've tried several of them. Some people say you can clean them with certain cleaners. I've had no luck with that. Others have said they renew the stickiness with a tacky spray and I would definitely not recommend that unless you want to run the risk of having to replace a blade too. To this date, I haven't found anything that fixes the pads when they are worn out other than if you have a simple project you can tape the edges to hold them down.

At the price Amazon offers them at, it makes it not quite so bad, because you do get a few uses before you have to toss them. When I was paying nearly twice the price, I was getting pretty distressed. It's a shame that Provo Craft hasn't come up with a better solution to renewing these yet. It's a waste of plastic. Definitely not a "green" choice.

My best recommendation to you is just order two of these two packs and have them in reserve. Cricut is undoubtedly a fun system, but this is an area I wish they'd put some effort into coming up with a better solution on.
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on April 20, 2017
Rarely am I so disgusted with a product that I feel the need to give it a 1 star review, but the overpowering, toxic off-gassing on these is truly horrific. Using just for a few minutes, with all the windows open, left my lungs hurting for hours. I have bought several sets of Cricut mats in the past, and while they had a mild chemical smell for a few days, it was nothing compared to this latest set I just purchase. The mats work great...but the overpowering chemical smell is really inexcusable in a craft material.
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on January 28, 2018
These mats are great and at this price for a two-pack, you can't beat it. I am still rocking the classic Cricut and go through these every few months depending on how much cutting I'm doing. These are genuine Cricut brand and come as always with covers that attach to the mat so that you can protect it from dust while not using. Fits 12" x 12" paper perfectly and it is gridded out so that you can also line up smaller paper. These are very sticky at first, but after a few cutting runs, it is perfect. Glad these are not so expensive because I've never found a way to repurpose them successfully at home.
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on June 3, 2017
Edit: I needed to come back and make it clear that these REALLY need to be aired out before use. Not only do they smell terrible (see original review), the smell transferred to the paper I was cutting, so I needed to air them out well before using again. I hung the mats from a skirt hanger (with clamps) and hung that in front of a partially open window for a few days and the smell mostly went away. I don't know if the ones in stores smell this bad, or if it's just Amazon's stock, but it's something to be aware of.

Original Review: I'd give these mats a 5-star rating if they didn't smell so horrible (edit: insecticide, like cheap flea collars). Right out of the package, they reek terribly. Next time, I'm going to have to open them outside (on a nice day) and leave them to air out for a few hours so I don't give myself a headache from the smell. Next time will be a while, because these last a lot longer than the other mats I have.

I use these with my Silhouette Cameo. Most of what I do is print & cut, so I don't really even have to cut the mats down to match, although it can help a bit. (You would probably need to cut them down if using to cut something without registration marks.) I've been rotating several mats for some months - 2 of these and about 6 of the Silhouette mats, and these have outlasted the Silhouette mats pretty impressively. I keep the crappy old Silhouette mats for when I'm cutting something really lightweight (regular copy paper) and use these for cardstock.
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on July 1, 2014
I actually have a Silhouette Cameo and when I blew through my first cutting mat, I read that I could use these Cricut mats instead and they are WAY less expensive. Sure enough, it worked perfectly! I will continue to buy these in lieu of the Silhouette cutting sheets.
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on March 26, 2018
I have had the Cricut mats with the floral designs on them for a while, and haven't had any issues.. However, as with all mats, they start to lose their stickiness after so many washes so I decided to order more. I can't lift anything off of these without it lifting off the sticky and leaving a white mark where it's also lifted up the green coating. I can't even use the Cricut tools meant for lifting off of the mat, like the spatula, because then it really leaves a big mark. I'm not sure why they are so fragile, but if you CAN get the floral designed mats, go with the floral designed mats. I didn't return mine because unfortunately, I needed a green mat, but I wouldn't have kept them had I not needed it. I felt like I needed to give it at least two stars because it does stick and it does feed through the machine, but that's about it.
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on March 26, 2018
I ordered these thinking I could save a few dollars - well not so much. These are not original Cricut Mats, they don't have the flower pattern we are used seeing. I did not experience the strong smell that others did, as a matter of fact they almost have no smell at all. Whereas the original Cricut Mats do have a rather strong smell. My main complaint with these is that the adhesive makes it difficult to get the paper off the mat without tearing a layer off the paper. I've had a few cuts ruined because I couldn't get them cleanly off the mat. So, I'll go back to spending a bit more and getting the real deal from my local store or the Cricut site.
(****UPDATE) I just went to Joannes to purchase some more Cricut mats and they looked exactly like the ones I just received and some of them said they were "New and Improved". So it does appear that the ones I purchased here on Amazon are genuine Cricut mats, but that Cricut is tinkering with the adhesive and design. That being said these are a good price for the mats.
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on March 21, 2017
This is a good quality cutting mat. I had read in previous comments that you can use this on your Silhouette (which is what I have) so I quickly purchased this one instead of the others since this one is a 2 pack. It does work with the Silhouette HOWEVER! please be aware that the lines will no longer meet up. you actually have to start your paper about an inch in and half an inch above the top line in order for this to work for you. Please please please do a test run before you ruin some more of your thicker card stock like I did.
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on May 14, 2015
Buying the 2 pack of the 24" mat is the way to go. Simply cut each one in half at the 12" mark and you have 4 mats. It's the most economical way if you go through these quickly (which I do).

One thing I don't like about these, is the strong chemical smell when you first take the film off. When I'm ready for a new mat, I have to take the film off and leave them in a room I won't go in for the day to air out. Another is that they are too sticky when they are new, which might sound weird. But the paper has a hard time coming off for the first few pages. The stick doesn't last long enough either, and sometimes the glue comes off on the paper.

I have used these for my Silhouette machine when I don't feel like splurging on the Silhouette mats (which have the perfect stick and last a long time). It works just fine. Overall, the price is good for what I do, and it does the job. If Provocraft can improve the issues I've mentioned, it would be a great mat.
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on April 17, 2017
Purchased for my silhouette cameo. Definitely a tougher thicker mat than my silhouette mat and MUCH cheaper. If you want your grid lines to match up you have to trim it down because the borders are a bit larger than the silhouette mat. In my opinion they loose their stick much faster than silhouette mats but with a mixture of Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over and water it will be good a new. These mats STINK it goes away after a while. Be sure and let it air out before first use or you will end up with a headache!
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