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I recently began prefacing my reviews with an apt quote from one of my reference books. Today, though, I am in an ironic mood, so I will slip in a more humorous statement:

I think when the full horror of being fifty hits you, you should stay home and have a good cry.
Josh Billings

Demakis, Joseph. The Ultimate Book of Quotations (p. 3). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

Now, on to my review of the boxed set of two books. “Snatched leads off with what originally was a series of three books in the series, “Missing.” It then is followed by three books in the series “Deadly Webs.”

If you had purchased only the first book in either series, you likely would have been upset to find each of the first two books in either series ended with cliffhangers. You also may have been disappointed by the language, as profanity is a bit excessive.

Other than the two above points, however, James Hunt is a natural at spinning yarns of suspense with the occasional twist that captures your interest and keeps you, or me at least, turning the pages. A glance at the excerpt below may pique your curiosity.

WHY PURCHASE? Two complete, stand-alone novels of some 750 pages is a bargain at any price south of $5, but free is a no-brainer. Unless you abhor excess profanity.


Four stars out of five.

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Thank you.
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on April 1, 2018
SPOILER ALERT - If you purchase the Kindle edition of this series, what appears to be the last book is the first one you read. Had I known this from the beginning, I would have skipped over to the next book and read from there so as to keep the suspense level high throughout the first two books. The previous series-type books I've purchased, began with the first book and progressed. When I started reading Deadly Webs, I was totally confused as to why the time line suddenly skipped back several years.

I began these books with a love/hate relationship. James Hunt has a tendency to repeat certain words, one of them being "that". It's not so bad once or twice on a page, but once or twice in the same sentence bothered me. To me, "that" is a stepping stone word. Instead of the words flowing as they should, "that" pauses the reader's progress and breaks the rhythm. As I continued to read, I think I discovered a pattern ... the action scenes were great and flowed almost seamlessly. Finally, I began to suspect the author isn't a fan of informational text as most of the superfluous and stilted writing stood out in those sections while the reader was being transported from one breath-taking scene to the next. Most of this could be resolved with the attention of a skilled proof-reader.

With my pet peeves reported, I'll get down to the nitty-gritty of this series. I thought the story line was great. Chase Grant is a totally likable character, made even more so by his partner (Mocks) and his tragic history. Who wouldn't like a character who throws himself into a case with no stopping points or "it's too dangerous" moments? Once Chase sets his watch, he is on a countdown and like a bloodhound on a scent. He never allows his personal well being to influence the effort he puts forth to save those who have been taken.

I purchased this series at an extremely reasonable price. I don't know anywhere I can find so much entertainment for the money spent. So, if you want to be totally caught up in hours of reading, take advantage of this great deal. I would recommend, however, you skip to Book 2 and read to the end before going back to the beginning.
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on April 30, 2018
There are 6 installments here, but only 2 complete stories. The 1st three stories -- Missing Person -- is actually a continuation of the 2nd three stories, which is Deadly Webs. So, folks are suggesting that you read Deadly Webs first and then read Missing Persons!! I read them as they are bundled, reading Missing Person first, and when it ended and I realized after starting Deadly Webs that it was a prequel to Missing Person, I was a little disappointed because I wanted a continuation of Chase Grant's story!! However, it only took a few minutes into Deadly Webs and I was hooked! James Hunt is a pretty good author -- weaves a suspenseful tale, with really bad guys, very flawed good guys, and lots of opportunities for innocent folks to get hurt!! He makes you care about these characters -- even Hickem, whose arrogance makes you want to smack him in the head yourself with the butt end of a heavy pistol!! So it may be best, for all the readers with OCD, to read Deadly Webs first, but you will still be sorry when Missing Person is over because you'll just want more!! I see Mr. Hunt has SEVERAL other series available, but I want more Chase Grant!! There is some predictability to the plots, but it doesn't take much away because there are lots of twists and turns. There is a good bit of language, which will keep me from pursuing additional books by this author. It also has a good bit of violence, but it's not out of context because these are some VERY BAD DUDES here! This set kept me busy for a weekend of escapist reading! Unfortunately, Monday still came and I had to go face my own form of crazy!!
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on February 18, 2018
Make sure you have plenty of time as you will find the characters become ones you feel you know. The character development is that good. The story line will keep you engaged and you won't want to put it down. Combine missing children and a very focused Detective with his own demons, and you won't be disappointed.
Take a breath & enjoy!
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on March 1, 2018
I enjoyed the first books even though they seemed to just end. When starting the next book, I realized it was an earlier one. Why wasn't it first. I had no desire to read it since I knew what happened later...a real let down.
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on February 27, 2018
The book(s) are well written and very descriptive. A story line which could happen. Need to keep in mind this is fiction and meant to be entertainment. Little brutal for me but not at a level that makes you want to walk away. I think the author accomplished what she intended. worth reading.
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on May 14, 2018
Stories are very good, suspenseful, hard to put down.. I could do with a little less of the nasty language but I'm able to read around most of it. I do want to know why Bandit never figured in the subsequent sections? What happened to him after Anna was abducted? Is he still living in the room in the Marshall's building? I hope someone is feeding him. One negative comment -- and I hope this was a printer's error and not the author's. Twice you mentioned God but used a little g. Even if you don't believe in Him as the God of the universe (which He is) it is still a proper name and, as such, should be capitalized.
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on March 2, 2018
Well written and right up your alley if you love detective and mystery. I am not into entertainment that makes me sad or fearful - I'm a "good guys always win" kinda gal and these books fit the bill!!! Cliche it may be, but loved loved this writer's style, didn't bore me to death with 5 pages of scenery descriptions (hehehe) an got right to the heart of the stories. Kudos to you James and keep up the good work !!!
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on February 20, 2018
Well written and an exiting read. Luckily I got the boxed set of books because I would be aggravated if I just bought the first one. The story ends too abruptly and leaves questions unanswered. What happened to Bandit? But even in the second book the girl does not mention him. What about the rent he owes? Again, not mentioned in the second book, which also ends abruptly....but at least hints of a follow up book. Otherwise, good action and good characters and good read. Just be sure to get the full set of books. If my questions are answered in the next two installments, I will upgrade star status. Books should not leave questions hanging.
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on May 28, 2018
I had reviewed this book but I stopped reading too soon. The characters and the interaction between them was outstanding. The main character Detective Grant was caught in the grieving process for his wife and unborn child who were killed in an auto accident, then there was Detective Mocks who is as tough as nails, and then the bad guys politicians and the FBI DIRECTOR who went power and. All of these characters made an awesome read. Kudos to the author James Hunt.
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