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on April 15, 2018
I have been on a bit of search lately for some good wireless headphones- for both work and recreation. I work in an office half the week and at home the other half. When I am working I am connected to my PC/laptop and have Skype for Business installed to make and receive calls. Also, a good majority of my days are stuck in “spreadsheet land” where I am spending hours getting quotes prepared for our clients. Normally, I’ve used a single wireless single ear piece to use for Skype and was also using the same to listen to music and podcasts to help the time go by when in “spreadsheet land.” While, the single earpiece does the job it’s not quite as fulfilling to only have music coming through my left ear only. Also, a few months back I purchased over the ear wireless headphones to use for the music and podcast purpose. Albeit, they work great it can get a bit tiring switching headphones...especially when I have a call coming in. So, I wanted something that I can do for both...and it seems I have these that work really well. I paired these headphones with my laptop through its Bluetooth manager and it worked without a hitch. I am also able to have all the computer application sounds go through the headphones as well. When I use to make a call it automatically switches to a single piece where the microphone is and my calls have been great and everyone on the other end seem to hear me perfectly fine. Once the call is done I can go back to listening to Spotify, my podcasts or whatever I have pulled up playing on a website and it automatically switches back to dual earpieces. The sound is great for these small, in-ear pieces! One note of issue that I had, which is NOT a product problem, however, entirely a Windows 10 problem- Windows 10 makes Bluetooth sharing an absolute nightmare. When one application is using the ear pieces, it doesn’t want to automatically release it to do something else. For example, if I am on a call and hang up at the end and want to go back to listening to music, I have to play and stop whatever that other source is a few times before it starts playing. It’s a minor annoyance but again, this is Windows 10. I work an IT service provider and all of our engineers have stated this has been an ongoing issue with all Bluetooth and Microsoft will get a fix in place at some point.

On a side note- I’ve used these earpieces with my iPhone 6s Plus and it works very well too. The range is great as I used these to make calls while I was spending the day going through files. Simple to pick up and end a call and the range is great. When I was done with my cell call my podcast that was playing before the call started back up where it left off. Made it very convenient to have both hands free to keep my calls going and to have my shows playing to help pass the time.

The headphones come in a nice little charging case meaning that the headphones charge while docked, even if the case isn’t plugged in- as long as it has been charged, of course. Also comes with a few different sized ear cushions for comfort depend on the size you need.

If you’re looking for something small, wireless and stereo for being able to communicate on the phone- all in one simple option- this will do the job well!
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on April 30, 2018
The fit of this product is great. The fit right into my ear and in a rush (I had to do a 5K the next day). Also the sound is crisp, full and captures the bottom of the music. While running I noticed how light they were which was great because I did not have to keep pushing them back into my ears. By the way, they paired once and that was it. Love it. One issue I definitely have is that while running the connection between buds was not consistent and that was a real bummer. I've had plenty of wireless buds and it's rare that you have sound, fit, weight and connectivity all working in the right direction so that being said I've settled here because of the 4 areas I'm concerned about they got 3 spot-on. Hopefully with the next release they nail connection.
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on April 7, 2018
product comes with box and the box it's also the charger. I got this for my boy friend, and he loves it. It's very convenience and compatible with all the blue tooth devices. The sound it's very clear.
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on April 1, 2018
I really like them so far! The sound quality is great and I love how it comes in a charging case. I usually use the bluetooth wireless ones that are still connected and usually those get a little annoying to charge becase of the little plastic that covers the hole. I dont have to worry about that with this. It also looks like it gives an option for me to keep my phone unlocked when this is on which is great for when Im on the train.
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on May 29, 2018
The sound on these Aerobuds is great. I had a lot a lot of trouble getting everything to work, but I think this is mostly my fault, working with the Bluetooth is all new to me!
Update 6/2/18, it is very easy to get these earbuds mixed up left and right, even putting them back in the charging case, they must go in the correct place, my wife took a pace yarn and tied it on the right one
Most of the trouble I was having was because I was looking for the Bluetooth Symbol in Taskbar and the Notifications Window, it will only show up there, after it is in use. For me in Window 10, I had to go in the Control Panel, go to Bluetooth Devices, and open it, and at the very top left corner you will see, Add Device, there you will add whatever you need to, the Bluetooth Settings is next to this whatever you are connected to will show up on this page. My USB dongle is, Whitelabel Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle Adapter Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1 / 8, 7, Vista, XP, PLUG And PLAY or IVT BlueSoleil Driver, I am happy with the sound it is great, but I live in a house trailer and I am having too much trouble with the sound dropping out, I think the problems are coming from the dungle, I am going to try a different dongle and then I will give another update, this should happen in about a month.
These Aerobuds was supposed to have a lot of indoor testing, why should I settle for less...
These earbuds will talk to you, put them in your ears, when you go to turn them on, hold both buttons down, on the left and right earbuds, you will hear, A Tone, then, Power On, Right Channel, Left Channel, Connected, if your connected to earbuds or other, they will also say Power Off, if you are turning off the power, if the battery level is low and needs recharged, it will tell you so
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on June 29, 2018
Let's face it, people. Bluetooth technology is not really there yet.

I'm torn about this product. On one hand, these earbuds are sleek, cool-looking, minimalist & for the most part, comfortable (more on that in a sec). The little charging case is adorable and easy. Most important, it eliminates all the other BS of bluetooth headphones -- no over-ear plastic awkwardness, no heavy string thingy pulling the buds out of your ear, no stupid clip that gets lost. Especially for someone like myself -- I'm an avid, daily biker, runner, and weight lifter and I SWEAT -- these are pretty much the best thing you can get.

But there are problems. The reviewers of this product who talk about the left bud popping in and out of connection are legit. My boyfriend and I bought the exact same pair at the exact same time. Mine were fine, but his suffered from connectivity issues. When I wrote a review about it, the sellers kindly sent him a second pair, no questions asked. But the new pair had the same issues. So maybe you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting a great pair of earbuds from this manufacturer? And, then, after one whole month of non-issues my earbuds also started malfunctioning *specifically* when I watch streaming video on my computer. The buds flicker in and out, go silent for a few seconds, and then flicker to life again with garbled, sped-up speech. It's not just distracting, it's impossible. They still work fine listening to music & podcasts on my cellphone, which is my primary use for them.

A final issue with these guys, but not a deal-breaker, is that if worn more than about 1.5 hrs my right ear usually starts hurting. The seller encouraged me to try switching the size of the rubber rim on the right earbud. I put in a smaller size rim, which seemed to help, but the earbud now tends to slide out so I've returned to the original rim size, and am just dealing with the occasional discomfort. I don't think ears were really designed to have stuff stuck into them so my guess is that's the problem, and not that these earbuds are poorly designed. Maybe my right ear is just shaped like a banana instead of an ear.

They remain the most comfortable and light-weight option I've tried.
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on May 3, 2018
After leaving my initial updated review I was contacted by the seller who promptly sent me a new replacement pair. I've been using that pair for about 3 days now and have no issues so far. If I encounter a problem with them I'll of course update my review at that time. They have great customer service.

Lately the left earpiece has been noticably quieter with less bass than the right piece. This is only after 8-9 uses at 50-75% volume. Keep in mind that I have a very new phone so I doubt that's the problem. Will be contacting seller for new pair as these are likely defective.
Great sound, design, and price. Easily would buy again or suggest to others.
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on June 12, 2018
I purchased 1set and the left one wouldn't work unless you held your hand against it the whole time, so I returned them and ordered another pair hoping it was just a defective pair. Unfortunately, that was not the case, the second pair also had issues with the left one only working some of the time. Don't waste your money, they aren't worth it.

The seller saw my review and contacted me saying that my issues are not the norm and they wanted to make it right. They sent out a new pair and asked that we try them, so we did. The new pair worked right out of the box. We've had them about 2-3 weeks now with no issues. The only complaint my husband has is that they only last about 3.5-4 hours and them need to be charged again (the case doesn't hold a battery charge).
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on June 20, 2018
Lite XIM Aerobuds
Design by Litexim

These Aerobuds are the best I have ever tried, and as of right now I cannot find anything negative about them. FOR THE PRICE. These are not only nice looking but they are really comfortable and sound awesome. There is rubber that goes on the inner part of your ear and it secures in place and doesn’t give you any ear aches or pain. Other earbuds that I have tried hurt my ears after a while, but not these, I can keep them in for hours without any discomfort. I have looked and looked for something like these forever and I am so glad that I tried these out. These aeribuds are not bulky like other ones I have seen, and are just the right size others can't even tell that you are wearing them unless they really look. Not only that, but the weight is barely noticeable.
Wearing these feel like nothing is even there.

I don’t know about you, but having aerobuds made me think that I would easily lose them being that they are wireless and so small. These come in a nice sturdy and sleek case. I don’t need to worry about losing them because whenever I am done, I put them in the case. This case has 2 purposes storing, and also a charging station. It is so easy to charge these and nothing complicated. It is so simple that you just put the aerobuds in the case and plug the included charger in them and it charges just like that. Also, the battery charge stays a long time and charging it is quick. I tested them out with 8 hours of continuous music and they were still going. In addition, they are so easy to set up no problem at all it's nice on how they tell you when they power on and which one is the left and the right.. They are bluetooth and just set up right to your phone, that way you could listen to any video or music at any time. The bluetooth has always been a problem with others i've tried, especially computers my phones and computer had no glitches whatsoever.
I have to say that I am very impressed by the sound quality. Great base, mids, depending on how good your music was downloaded in the first place. If the
quality of the music is good you will hear every note through thees little babys All of my friends who are Beats or Bose lovers even say how amazing these sound. Especially for their price range.
They give a good competition to some of these other headphones that cost even 2 x more. They have such great sound and an amazing beat. They are impressive and I definitely recommend them. Overall, they are awesome.
They are very well made, look fantastic, they are very light and barely noticeable when they are in, very small. I most certainly think that you should give these a try and if your a lover of a different brand, these will definitely blow you away.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 13, 2018
 These are powerful and surprisingly light. They stay in your ear and offer a variety of rubber inserts to fit different ear styles comfortably. I got these for my cousin’s birthday and the original earbuds fit perfectly. They were super easy to pair, just press down on each of the earbuds for 2 seconds (it will start flashing a white light on both) then make sure your cell phone is in Bluetooth pairing mode, then click on the device and that’s it. The charging case has a magnetic design which allows the earbuds to simply fall into place. The red led lights let you know when it’s charging and fully charged. It holds a great charge and the sound quality is superior. My cousin loves them, we highly recommend them! If you found my review to be useful, please let me know by clicking the “Helpful” button. Thank you.
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