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on March 1, 2018
Perfect! Set up is super easy and uncomplicated so even those new to using smart plugs will have no trouble. Just make sure you have your router password correct. I didn't and then quickly realized I was missing a character!

I REALLY appreciate that these have a higher max amperage than most other plugs. Note this is EXTREMELY important if you are intending to use one of these with something like a 1500 watt electric fireplace like I am doing. I didn't know about max amps when I first bought one of these plugs and used a 10A max one when my fireplace draws 12.5A! It ended up shorting out the outlet and the plug melted!!! So be safe!

If the device you are wanting to use with a smart plug does not list its amperage you can easily calculate it by dividing watts by volts. IE, my fireplace is 1500 watts and 120 volts. 1500/120 = 12.5 amps.

Also note that not all devices will work with these plugs. Some things like newer coffee makers and televisions will stay off once the power is cut to them and have to be manually turned back on. So to test if a device will work have it "ON", unplug it and replug it. If it comes back on then the plug will work to turn it on and off.

I use mine with my Echo devices so if that's what you're doing as well:

1) download the Meross app
2) plug your device (lamp, fan, etc) into the plug
3) go through the steps in the app to find and name your device
4) add the Meross skill in the Alexa app
5) click on Smart Home and find your device

Once you do this then "Alexa, turn on (or off) fan." or whatever you've called it will turn it on/off. You can also create Routines in the Alexa app which groups devices together. IE, "Alexa, time for bed." turns off my electric fireplace, my two lamps, my wax warmer and Alexa tells me "Nighty night." "Alexa, Luna is cold." turns my fireplace back on when I've gone to bed and my eldest cat yowls that she wants it back on :)

Great price, great product AND they don't block the second outlet. I'll definitely stick with this brand from now on!
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on January 12, 2018
FORGET the others...BUY THIS!
I gave up on my new Wemo plugs (3 for a little over $100). Worked about 10% of the time and the app jambs up and says it's updating...and after the update it says it needs to update. I reinstalled it 6 times and it still would not connect when you need it. Drops and then you have to start over. I read the reviews and now I see why everyone likes these. OMG...SO much better than Wemo! And half the price! App is dirt simple to use and the updates are also lighting fast.
1/10th the set up time and NO shifting back and forth on your phone to the different WiFi's to pair a device. Hooked up to Alexa in a couple of seconds and works with almost no does what it should...hit on and it goes on ...almost as fast as a regular light switch...and Alexa switches it off and on just as fast. Amazingly better.
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on April 8, 2018
These are great! First setup is done with Meross app on phone. Had to create an account in it then connect to each plug. The app successfully updated the firmware on both and worked well.

After setup, there is a switch in the Meross app to enable Alexa integration. I think it directed me to install the Meross skill for Alexa, then my Alexa detected these 2 switches. We will be buying at least 2 more of these, as they have been reliable and convenient.

We have our coffee percolator connected to 1. We set up the percolator at night and say "Alexa, turn on coffee maker" when we wake up and don't have to get up to plug it in anymore! The other runs a lamp that is otherwise inconvenient to physically reach its control.

* Works well with Alexa
* Doesn't obstruct 2nd plug on a wall outlet or power strip
* Has been stable on wifi and worked 100% of the time
* Easy switch on side to turn on/off manually or factory reset

* None really
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on December 4, 2017
Wow. I honestly didn’t expect much out of these things given they were some of the cheapest smart plugs I could find. Took a gamble and got 3 of them. The iOS app is VERY good. Everything about it is minimalistic, works smoothly, and uses native UI elements. Takes 30 seconds to connect each plug, and it saves your WiFi password so you don’t have to type it in every time you add a plug, which is one of several nice little touches. After spending a long time getting my Philips hue lights to connect to the right bridge, this was a dream. The whole setup process simultaneously has enough options to troubleshoot if something goes wrong, while also being super streamlined and simple to allow you to set up devices quickly.

The device itself feels sturdy and the little light on the side is only on when the switch is in the on state, so it won’t bother me at night when all the lights are off. When it turns on/off there is an audible click as the relay inside switches states. It sounds like a quiet flick of a light switch.

The routines work well, it’s easy enough to set up schedules for plugs, but it could definitely use some improvement to save time building all the schedules. Currently you create a routine for each plug and for every time you want it to turn on/off. So for 3 plugs to turn on from 7pm-12am it takes 6 routines (3 to turn on, 3 to turn off). It would be nice to be able to control multiple plugs in a single routine and have a selectable range for on/off. Other than that, the routine setup is easy and fires at the right times.

I haven’t experienced any connection issues yet, whereas my Philips Hue lights almost regularly display as unreachable.
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on May 14, 2018
I bought these to go with my Echo Spot - Black. This is my verdict.

* Super easy installation even with the paper instructions provided. I found the Alexa syncing instructions in the Meross app easy as well and had the two synced up within seconds.
* Firmware updates for these are extremely easy; just select which ones need to be updated through the Meross app and it does the work for you.
* Doesn't block the second wall outlet if you choose to only use one (this one was super important to me and this is why I chose these instead of the circle kind).
* App can control devices away from home as long as WiFi is still running at the home location.

* On one of my lamps, if the Meross plug is set to off, I cannot go up to the device synced to it and manually turn it on. I have to go into the room where my Echo spot is and turn the device on through it or the app. However, if the lamp is on, I can manually turn it off. Kinda sucky if I need my lamp right then without having to go into another room to turn it on. Not sure why one lamp would work and one wouldn't as both of my lamps are on/off types (not 3-way).

* After initial setup using an outlet closest to my wifi router, when I plugged it into the actual designated outlet I apparently accidentally hit the push button so no lights were on. Just hit the push button and let it sync back up (takes just a few seconds) then plug in the device you want to use it with.
* Once Alexa is synced and you add Meross as a skill, you can ask Alexa to find your devices and then turn them on/off based on the title you gave them in the Meross app. I took it a step further and created a routine in the Alexa app. For example, I have two lamps in my living room so I created two routines, one to turn them both on at the same time and one to turn them both off at the same time. How someone can get so excited to run into the other room to check if lights are on/off is beyond me but I will admit I got a thrill out of it.
* The Meross app can be installed on a Kindle device for those that don't want to use their cell phones. I chose this route for now as I don't want an extra app on my phone. However, if we go on vacation I'll install it then so I can turn the lights on/off while we're away.
* Doesn't work with Keurigs. This is of no fault of the smart plug at all but want to mention it since no other reviews have as of yet. The issue lies in that the Keurig has it's own embedded auto shut off feature. I tried leaving the Keurig on but once you toggle it off/on with the Meross app it only toggles physical electric power to the Keurig. The only resolution as of this review is to gut the Keurig, rewire it, and route it to a smart switch.

Overall I really love these smart plugs. Between the ease of installation to the performance with just the Meross app or in conjunction with Alexa, I would recommend 100%. Thanks Meross!
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on July 4, 2018
When you get the thing to finally connect to the wifi it's great, but connecting is very hit and miss. After about five tries I finally got one in my living room to connect with my Amazon Echo and it's been working just fine since. I tried hooking another up in my bedroom a few days ago and no matter what I do it fails to connect to my wifi. I know there is a connection as while it's going through the connection phase the outlet with switch off and on, but it ultimately fails.

The software seems overly complex for such a simple product. I'm happy with the operation of the one which works, but it shouldn't be such a pain to get the thing connected.
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on March 7, 2018
This is perfect for what I needed it for. This will allow you to put the heater on a timer/daily schedule and/or integrate it with an Alexa app so it turns on with voice commands. I have a heater in our bathroom that comes on at 4:30 each morning so by 5am the bathroom is warm (except Sunday and Saturday). It's programmed to stay on for 1 hour. Since I also have an Amazon dot in the bathroom, I can also use voice commands to switch it on/off whenever. If I forget to switch it off, the app attached to this plug configured to automatically shut it off after 1 hour.
I specifically chose this smart plug because it's rated for higher current at 15 amps, since I am using this to control a heater I specifically sought out one rated for higher amps. I have not had any issues with this losing connectivity- perfect for what I needed a smart plug for. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you intend to set this up as I did, you need a heater with old-type analog physical switches (because the switch needs to stay in the "on" position and the thermostat set high. If you use an electronic controlled unit, when the plug switches off it will clear the settings. This is the heater I used (I got it at menards for $24) Pelonis™ 1,500 Watt Ceramic Portable Mini-Tower Heater Model Number: NT15-13L.
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on June 19, 2018
These are really good and compact, they have the highest rating but that doesn't mean to go crazy and abuse it. We got these to work with an old lighting system in a temple, we hooked it up to a relay to control all the outdoor lights. This was done by a master electrician so I know this won't fail. I hooked up the outlet to a 220V outlet and it didn't blow up, this was not intentional though and I do not recommend. That experience showed me these are well made though. The app is easy to use and allows you to set ON and OFF timers for any day of the week. Highly recommended for any home use and good for other projects if you know what you are doing.
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on February 7, 2018
These are a great replacement to the fist-sized plugs I've been using and they're half the price. I wanted something that had energy monitoring. These do not have monitoring but I can live without it. Ultimately, I was sold on the size and amperage rating. Most other options are only rated for 10 amps. I'm glad I bought these. The Android app could use a little work on the scheduling section. It's a little tedious and hard to navigate if you're setting up several schedules. Other than that, these work perfectly and take up minimal space, granting me access to outlets that were previously blocked.
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on June 10, 2018
It took less than 5 minutes to install and set this up so my Amazon Echo could control these outlets. I have used them multiple times each day for several weeks and they work every time. My 2nd favorite thing is that I set one of the outlets the automatically turn off after 3 hours. I say “Alexa turn on the Wall Charger” and it runs for 3 hours (perfect for charging my iPad) then turns itself off. I plugged an older style coffee pot into the other outlet. I fill it with water and coffee the night before. In the morning I say “Alexa start my coffee” and when I get out of the bath my coffee is ready. I will certainly be buying more.
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