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on February 27, 2018
I've just completed the story, The Haunting of Saxton Mansion. I found this story set to be very riveting. It was very well written with good character development. As I was reading I thought to myself, this would make for a good movie. I would definitely read more by this author. Now I'm on to the next story in this set, The Haunting of Winchester Mansion.

***Just finished The Haunting of Winchester Mansion. This is really a very enjoyable series of books. I like supernatural mysteries without the blood and gore. Nice, easy reads thus far. I have one more m to go. I'm sticking with my 5 star review at this point.
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on March 3, 2018
First, I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed all of these stories - with exceptions.

For this collection of stories there should be separate categories for giving "stars". For example, for the "Saxton Mansion" I would give it a 5-star rating for the "story" - a story that would make S. King proud. However, the book was "self-published" (from what I understand) and consequently rife with errors. Errors that a good editor could have corrected and the author might have had a NYT best seller. At the least, the author should have had an unbiased (and knowledgeable) person to proof this book. I give it 2 stars for the number of proofing errors. All the mistakes make for difficult reading.

Of the four stories this one, The Haunting of Winchester Mansion", was by far my favorite so I give it 4.5 stars. Very well written and was easy to read, with a limited number of proofing errors. I'll explain the 4.5 rating at the end, which is a common nuisance with each of these stories.

The third in this set - "The Haunting of Quenby Mansion" - I give 4 stars because I enjoyed this story very much. However, it had more errors than I like to "read" through.

Last, we have "The Curse on Cypress Lane". This is probably another great story, but for me it was too lengthy for this kind of story - frankly I got tired reading it; hoping it would soon end. But then again that is just me. Very few errors found here, as well. I'll be generous and give this one 4 stars.

Finally, "indie" publishing - I assume this is "self-publishing digital works(?) - will not replace the old fashioned way, in my opinion. With few exceptions - meaning having an association with someone who can judge the story objectively on its merit as a successful attempt at writing, including proofreading.

Less than 5-stars: The one thing above all, for me, is that if these books had not been combined into a set I probably would not have read them. I do not care for reading a story that has no ending, without me having to buy another book, then another book, to get to the end. This is not much unlike the old "serials" we used to see at the 10¢ Saturday matinee [dating myself here]. We couldn't wait to get back next week to see how it ended, only to be presented with another cliff hanger ending. However, we did get to see an all new full length feature each week. ~
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on July 10, 2018
Well, how to rate this collection? First off, it was very helpful that I had read other reviewers opinions before purchasing as I was forewarned that there was many grammatical errors throughout the novels and also that the person and/or place would switch in error during different points. Knowing this going into the books helped me ignore the errors and mentally correct for how it should read. I would strongly suggest the author read every single word on every page and make the corrections -- there are really a lot of errors. As far as the stories and development of the characters, they were interesting enough to keep reading; however, the author may wish to focus more on the mysteries behind the stories versus just presenting so much super-natural content. Also didn't like that it looks like the author divided one story up into 3 books. Why do that? If this wasn't a collection, I doubt I would be happy waiting around for the next book to come out before finding out what happened. As far as the "who did it" in the end, I had that figured out within the first few pages as there really aren't more than the primary one or two good guys characters and then the one bad guy character that are developed past mere mentions. If you like ghost stories, you'll probably like these books. Just let your brain read past the grammatical errors and when you come to a character that's in the attic and then there's a reference that says "basement" versus attic, just know that it's an error and the character is still really in the attic -- same thing with names, it's probably still "x" even though the next sentence says it's "y" and then back to "x".
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on April 11, 2018
The stories are great. I got so involved that I couldn't put it down and read all through the night. The only negative comments would be that the book was most likely written in a word processor program so although it corrected spelling errors it did not recognize the wrong words being used in the sentence which indicates the book was not edited by a real person. I'm surprised the author didn't read his chapters himself before going on to the next one..
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on March 1, 2018
SAXTON MANOR Great story. It's keeping my interest, but little things like a character wearing flip flops and a few pages later it's slippers, & missing words in a sentence are a hindrance.
This book, Saxton Manor, needs editing!
Now.... Winchester Mansion! What a breath of spooky goodness! I absolutely LOVED this one! Well written, well edited. This was an "I can barely put this down" kind of book. I've never read a story with this type of spin & thoroughly enjoyed it! Great characters, just enough picture painting without overdoing it.
Quenby Mansion is another unique tale! Riveting characters. There's a solid ending with just enough for the reader to anticipate a book 2.
now on to Cypress Lane, haunted house #4 in this collection 😁
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on February 6, 2018
I really enjoyed the books and couldn't wait to see what would happen next. I couldn't put them down. The ending was great.Thank you for having books that kept my attention and wondering what would happen next. Great reading for anyone.
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on March 10, 2018
Several volumes of good ghost stories. Mostly set in the South. Multiple trilogy stories that will keep you binge reading and not being able to finish any story in one sitting. There are some misspelled words and grammar fos pas that a good spell checker would have fixed, but the stories are sound and engaging.
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on February 19, 2018
I am trying to get through the first book...the errors are glaring and the writing is not very good. The idea for the plot is intriguing and the only reason I have kept reading. The author would do well to have this book edited for grammar, punctuation, and completely random phrases that make no sense.
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on March 24, 2018
Thus far I've only read The Haunting of Saxon Mansion. The story line was great and had the potential for a really good read. However, the errors and inconsistencies were extremely annoying. The author should have paid someone to proof his work before publishing. Things like saying Rob was 14 years old when he entered the mansion for this first time in 1990, yet he was born in 1982??? Do this math - I think this makes him only eight. Also, naming Congressman Evans' assistant Anthony and then calling him Richard on the next page. In addition, the grammatical error and typos were very distracting. Again, the plot was good - just needs a bit more polishing.
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on June 18, 2018
Each series was unique and different. I favored some more than others, but none were bad.
If you like some mystery with a little paranormal, these books are for you!
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