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on April 3, 2018
I bought these because I like to only have one ear in at a time (better for hiking on trails also used by bikers, for working where I need to be able to hear when someone is trying to get my attention, etc) and it works perfectly for that. I haven't figured out how to do the pairing yet to the other earbud for using both of them, but I will double-check that before my 30 days is up. I think it's very loud - I keep my volume on my phone down most of the way when using it. And the carrying-case charger combo is so convenient for keeping these in a backpack or purse.
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on April 3, 2018
This wireless earphone is excellent. The sound was perfect. I can do my chores easily. I highly recommend this item. It works great.
Tips: For the first time user like me, click the Bluetooth and pair your earphone. Go to your phone setting and turn on the audio call and media and it is ready to use. 😊😊😊😊😊
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on May 3, 2018
So far I'm not very happy with these. I charged these up prior to first use and used them without a problem during my gym workout ~1hr time. Threw them in the little case and tried to use them again 2 days later and they were dead. OK. Charged them again, used them at the gym for about an hour, this time threw them in the pouch, not the case. Tried to use them the next day and about 10 minutes in, it starts telling me low power. So I'm not exactly sure what the magic formula is for charging/storing these. I sure as heck hope I don't have to charge them every single time I want to use them for 1 hour. Will update the review if I figure it out.

Aside from not holding a charge, I had the same pairing issues that others have had. The first time I connected with no problem, the two times after that I had to mess around with turning them on/off, pairing, unpairing to get both earbuds to turn on and pair with my phone. :(

I still gave two stars because the sound is decent and they are comfortable and fit well without falling out.
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on April 30, 2018
I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised at how compact it is. The best way I can describe it is that each earbud is about the size of my index fingertip. The case is about the size of a fat lipstick. It comes with a drawstring pouch which seems unnecessary but I guess that could protect it from scratches should it be in the same bag or pocket as your keys or coins.

The good:
- very compact and quite discrete when in use and when carried around.
- comes with multiple rubber "eartips" to suit different sized ears.
- The packaging is well designed making it perfect to gift.
- Sound quality is pretty clear though I'm not an audiophile. No complaints here.
- No noticeable lag as the bluetooth 4.1 is quite responsive.
- Well designed case. When closed, the lid pushes the earbuds to the charging prongs. The lid is a clear smoky gray so you can see the earbuds charging (the red lights illuminates). Also, once you open it, the earbuds automatically initialize and pair with your phone. Thus no waiting and no buttons to push.

The ok parts:
- instructions were a bit unclear with respect to the pairing but ultimately it works fine. I was having trouble with enabling both the media and the phone capabilities with this earbud set however I think it was simply due to the my phone model as it's older.

Installation tip: Both the right and left earbud can be paired to the phone but don't. Just pair it with the right as that has the phone controls and probably the mic as well. The left earbud will automatically pair with the right earbud without intervention. Once you pair the right earbud with the phone, everything works fine. When I tried pairing the left earbud with the phone, I couldn't get the phone functions to work.
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on January 19, 2018
I can't begin to tell you how many hundreds of dollars I've spent on bluetooth and standard wired headphones (including yurbuds, bose) - only to be disappointed every time because they either didnt fit or the song-skip and call features didn't work properly, or you had to fully re-pair with each use.
I run a LOT (half marathons), do yoga, and more... so I ask a lot from my phones.

So, when these had a neat little magnetic clasp feature and cost almost nothing, I figured "what the heck?"

They are hands down the best working, best fitting, and best performing I've bought. I wish I would have found them sooner.
FIT - I have small ears, which makes i-pod style earbuds VERY uncomfortable. So I've always preferred in-ear style. These are flexible rubber "cones" not just squishy foam, which means they're more adaptable to the size of your individual ear without slipping when they get sweaty. I've also got one ear slightly smaller than the other, so the 3 sizes this comes with is perfect - I've got different sizes in each ear and they're perfect. I've gone on several long runs with these without feeling like they're falling out every 10 seconds.

There are optional ear clips, but I haven't felt the need for them... and though there isn't a lot of bounce to the cord, if it bugs you there's a clip for attaching to the back of your shirt, sports bra, or even a headband.

SOUND - clear, crisp audio - no "twang" or pitchy treble. Handles bass very well without losing clarity. Accurate to whatever settings you have on your audio device or phone. Also works in actual stereo sound - so if there's sound that moves back and forth between left and right, it does so in your ears as well. I've yet to notice any "bounceback" or echo in the earphones from the cord tapping against anything... yay!

CONTROLS - these arrived speaking to me in japanese or korean. But the instructions are clear enough on how to fix that. As an FYI the "phone" button in the instructions is the center circle button (mine did not have a phone icon on it). Easy to switch to the English onboard assistant. Phones come with enough charge to set up and test without charging. Uses regular USB micro charger - so you can use whichever one you have laying around.

Song advance, Song restart and back, Switch to phone, and everything else have worked perfectly.
The magnetic clasp is reliable and doesn't mysteriously detach unless you give it a gentle tug. That said, if you should be leaning over with these "attached" and they get snagged on something, they could separate. Having the clip in the back attached will give you some added assurance, but I haven't found any problems yet.

I am ready to cry with joy over finally finding something I can run with and not make constant stops and starts for poorly functioning audio. Buy these for yourself, buy these for a runner in your life, and then buy a spare pair because they're worth it.
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on May 17, 2018
I tried another brand and had some connection problems. I sent those back and ordered these. Believe that was a good move on my part. So far. No problems getting them to pair with my phone, an LG Stylo 3. I have also paired them with a Matrix treadmill at the gym. After a 45 minute workout, I actually forgot I had them in.
I have been up to 30 feet from the source before I notice any kind of break or static in the connection.
Be sure to take the plastic tray out of the box as there is a bag, charging cable and manual under the tray.
Strong points:
1. Very comfortable – I did change to the larger earbud
2. Battery life is in excess of 1.5 hours
3. Sound is good
4. Connectivity has been very good
The only negative thing that I can say at this point is that due to the snug fit in the charging case they can be a little tuff to get out.
Overall rating is very good. I would recommend these to anyone looking for this type of earbud.
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on April 22, 2018
I used these for 2 separate workouts and have even showered with them in with no issues so far. Sound is the equivilant of Mid quality wired earbuds( "Skull candy Ink'd", etc) The seal for noise isolation is great during my workout i can barley hear any outside noise. As for call quality It is pretty good most people thought i was watching TV when i was actually at the gym with music blasting around me. I Took a 15 min shower with my head underwater the entire time with no adverse effects on the buds. I just wish they lasted longer
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on May 3, 2018
I’m loving these earbuds. I’ve been using then constantly. They are way more comfortable than you’d think and they have multiple ear pieces to get a perfect fit. They have good mids/highs and the bass kicks too. Really impressed of the sound quality for the price point. The case is nice too and it keeps the earbuds charged. It’s smaller than you’d think and easily fits in your pocket.
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on April 12, 2018
Work very well and hold tightly in ears. Haven't tried running with them in, but should hold up just fine without slipping out of my ear. The sound quality is good. Tested phone calls out and they could hear me just fine without having to take them out and holding the mic near my mouth.
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on May 16, 2018
I've tried a dozen or so bluetooth headphones trying to find the right ones. I work outside so I'm probably a bit more picky about these things than most would be. For now these ones are my go to ones. They're light, they fit well, and they're not super obnoxious looking when you wear them. Sound is good not great but if you really wanted awesome sound you'd get a set of those bulky bose headphones or something. They come with multiple earpieces so I'd recommend trying them all out to see which ones fit the best. I was a bit nervous when I first saw them that they would fall out all the time but I haven't had any issues. They're also pretty comfortable which I've tried a lot of ones that aren't.
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