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on March 25, 2018
Installation documentation included in box and on website is terrible. Poorly written.
Here's the scoop I figured out after some senior frustration:
1. Remove the threaded nut from the back of the mount.
2. Connect the smaller piece to the vent by putting the grip over the vent blade, turn the wing nut to tighten the grip until it is tight.
3. Put the threaded nut on to the round knob with the smooth edge towards the vent.
4. Hold the mount with one hand and the connected part with the other hand. Firmly push the mount so that it snaps on to the round knob. Trust me, it will work; be brave and forceful!
5. Turn the threaded nut so that it tightly connects the two pieces.
6. Turn the two "feet pegs" out so they are positioned to support the bottom of the cell phone.
7. Slide your phone down into the mount. Push the small button on the mount that allows you to adjust the two side arms so that they hold your phone in place.
8. Enjoy
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on March 7, 2018
I assure you, this does not work easily with the Note 8, a bulkier case + Pop Socket. I researched these a lot & read all reviews so I felt comfortable buying this. This is a nice mount. It's nicer than any other I own now. My other holders simply can't take the weight of a Note 8. This does good, feels well made & I like the simple design. It works well with my Subaru Impreza hatchback air vents.
I really don't want to sacrifice my Pop Socket because I have small hands but love my phablets. So the fix is just swap cases to Otterbox Commuter or something thinner while you use this then swap back to case of choice + Pop Socket. No biggie.
The Pop Socket simply creates too much space between the phone & the ends of the device arms so it slides out. Also not a super comfortable fit for a Defender. But worth swapping cases to have a decent car mount.
Hope this can help anyone who is seeking specific Note 8 info. Yes, it fits a Note 8 & the legs support the weight. Just caution bulkier cases & those pretty Pop Sockets!
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on February 4, 2018
I love this holder because it has a lot of details that could help fit any car with any type of cell phone. I had two holders before. The first one has the problem to tighten on the air vent and the 2nd one will shake with the vent blade. This holder did well for both as it has a smart design on the bite and support. Moreover, it is also wide enough to hold my iPhone plus and deep enough for the phone that has a PopSocket at the back. On the bottom, the adjustable support allows me to plug the earphone or charger. Lots of details I love about this product. I would suggest to purchase and discover more :)
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on February 8, 2018
Amazing product! The vent clip tightens onto the vent with a large wing nut making the vent grip tension adjustable. The prong below the vent clip is also adjustable with a hidden side button. I have tried two other vent holders with and without the additional support prongs both of them fall off the vent while driving. I have not adjusted the holder once and it has not fallen off on the bumpiest of roads. I have a note 8 in an additional hard case and it fits fine in this holder. Finally a well engineered product.
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on April 11, 2018
I like this. Two features make the most sense. One is that it keeps the phone a couple inches away from the vent for temperature regulation. The other is the adjustable bottom piece that folds against the bottom of the vent for stability. The adjustments do need tightening periodically but this isn’t a huge problem. I recommend it & would give 5 stars if it hadn’t loosened & swung away (not falling tho) as I went around a corner. I wasn’t going THAT fast 🙄
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on July 28, 2018
I have a very wide iPhone 6 Plus that sits inside an even bigger bulky, rubber "Otter box" phone case. I had to try THREE other cell phone holders for my SUV. They were all a joke. They ALL kept falling off as I drove around or turned tight corners. Because they were inexpensive, it would've cost more to ship it back and wait for a refund, so I looked on Amazon again and found this product.

This phone holder was the only one that's worked perfectly. I think it works so well because of the adjustable stand (it reminds me of a "kick stand") in the back of the device that holds your phone steady against the air vent of your vehicle at just the perfect angle that you set it at. It doesn't shake around or fall off, ever. It stays put, as designed.

To install, you can just clamp the phone case holder onto a heating/air conditioner vent slat (I put mine on the passenger's side, facing me as I drive), then you tighten the clamp on the back of the holder clockwise, so that the clamp (as it closes shut) "grabs" onto the vent's slat. THEN, to face the phone at the perfect angle, you just press a button on the hinge (I call it a "kick stand") on the back of the device, so that it holds your phone upright, at the best angle for you. Works perfectly for my big, fat iPhone in its case. It's easy to put your phone onto the phone holder mount, and when you get out of the car, you just press a button on the back of the holder to release its grip on your phone. Perfect, simple, flawless.
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on June 8, 2018
I like this mount because it holds my phone out a couple of inches from the vent. This allows me to position it for greater visibility than the el-cheapo flat mount I was using previously. It also blocks the vent less and reduces phone heat concerns when driving in winter with the car heat on. When the adjustments are really cranked down tight this mount has held the phone in place in my desired orientation very firmly even when traveling over some very bumpy roads. I'm using in a 2016 Honda CR-V with a Galaxy S7 with an Otter case, and it fits nicely, but there's little room for a larger phone/case combination.
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on August 6, 2018
This is the 2nd car mount I have bought this year, the gravity mount I installed in my car is only OK, a few heavy bumps and my phone falls out, also bulky cases do not fit in my gravity mount, which was also twice the cost. The gravity mount is smaller and takes less space, which is about the only positive over this mount. This mount has adjustable legs on the bottom, my fiance has the iphone 8 with a lifeproof case and she can charge her phone in this universal air vent mount. I have an adroid with a larger screen which also fits just fine. You just tap the button on the side until you get it large enough to hold (almost any phone on the market). This mount also installed on an air vent, the gravity mount used 3M tape which failed and I had to superglue it. I feel like this mount was the better choice by far.
This mount is cheaper, easily adjustable, doesn't hurt your interior, is a little bulky BUT it prevents your phone from falling over simple potholes (which Ohio has a ton of). 5 of 5 stars.
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on May 25, 2018
What made this item stand out and was the most important feature for me, was the support stand. That works great and the whole unit feels very secure with my phone on it. It did fall off when I rounded a corner the other day, and I drive like a granny (no offense to any grannies out there it's just an expression)! That could very well have been my error because I realized that my vents have horizontal slats and then vertical slats behind them that move. The unit does not go all the way in but I positioned it in a way that I think should work. It should be noted that I drive a Prius, as does 80% of the population, so chances are your vents are like this as well. Stars were not docked for this.
My issue with this product is the release button. It doesn't do what it's supposed to. When I press it, the arms open a tiny bit but then I have to open them the rest of the way with my other hand, to get my phone out. It could be a minor irritation for some. I could get used to it. But right now, it REALLY bothers me. If I weren't trying to set a good example for my 4 year old nephew, I'd throw a tantrum. I know any good business on Amazon would exchange this, no problem, but the whole process is entirely frustrating. Having to pack it up, return it, wait for another one... I think I'll wait until the end of the return window to see if I can live with it or not.
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on January 16, 2018
If you are looking for a mobile phone car holder that did not require permanent attachment to the dashboard this is what you are looking for, holds your phone sturdy, clips perfectly on the vents, adjustable width that makes it ideal for most smartphones, click button to help you release your phone smoothly and safe, and it’s made of high quality material. Definitely a great buy!
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