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on February 29, 2016
Microseven M7B37 Owner since 1/28/16
Microseven M7B57-WPS Owner since 2/23/16
Microseven M7B77-WPS Owner since 2/15/16

The Microseven M7B37 purchase was the cheapest of the 3 and I went that route as I needed to upgrade my IP cameras (previously used Cisco WVC-210s -seen in picture) and Microseven caught my eye. I've been extremely happy with it. It is being used under an eave so snow/rain etc will have minimal impact to it. It is also on the north side of the house which has no direct sun interference. Since I had setup and used IP cameras in the past, setup was fairly easy...I knew my email STP servers etc for easy email setup.

I've been using this camera via WIFI since day 1, it is continuously recording to my PC 24/7. I receive clips when there is motion directly to my email account.

The night vision (my only experience) I feel is great, although was surprised that the image has no color.

With the initial success and happiness with this camera, I went an upgraded and purchased the 2 successor camera and have those running over POE.

Also, I started using Blue Iris software on 2/15, which I am also very happy with

Please see my images.
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on June 15, 2016
I also own a Sricam AP003 which is half the price so I guess I am in a good position to compare. This camera has very good picture quality and covers a wider angle (120 degrees?) The night vision is also good even though half my IR's don't work. The pics on the site a not marketing stuff the camera actually produces pics of that quality. However, I am returning it as the IR's don't work and once in the last 3 weeks the camera just went off line and I had to power off/on. This is a bigger problem as a security camera should be working all the time without exception. I probably will buy another one as this is still much better than the Sricam. Microseven customer support is available though most times someone will call you back after a couple of hours. They tell me the IR issue cannot be fixed with a firmware update and they were willing to ship another camera out as a replacement. The software that you download and install is good but lack I believe a fundamental feature of being able to record the preceding couple of seconds before a detection event. The Sricam software does this. BTW I tried to get the Microseven camera on the Sricam software and though it worked the framerate dropped to under 3fps (useless). Also, the Microseven camera is behind actual time by about a second or two - I believe this is due to the processing that it does.
review imagereview image
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on September 19, 2016
I just installed the camera. I use BI(blueiris) and it is "found" without issues. The default image is darker then all my other cameras out of the box.
The GUI is very nice and straight forward - Its easy to navigate and makes mostly logical sense- I know "logical sense" is subjective.....what i mean by that they Do NOT used double reverse negative statements -Example " IR led off positive - yes/no" or "Led schedule active disabled,on- true/false"

To fix the dark video I used the "Wide dynamic mode" setting...I am unsure if that was the correct choice but the image looks good...see setting/image below.

Yes i do like the camera.- The price seem a little high in comparison to others sold on amazon. I hope the radio (WiFi) holds up and the camera is a better value then the 39.00 db-power that i also purchased. The mounting and antenna location seems a tad on the "wonky side" - The antenna is actually too tall once mounted to the building eve. If the antenna was shorter or moved down- would be better.

The rest of the mount seems strong. The flexibility of the mounting positions is limited due to the antenna placement. The "outdoor camera" has a "indoor rated" power brick. You will have to get creative in the mounting of the power brick as well as the camera- this is pretty standard with all these type of cameras. I have seen a "outdoor power brick" on amazon for additional money....micro-seven should provide a better "outdoor rated power brick" and just not the standard indoor brick that they provide. The ones below are not perfect (short cords and so on) -but these are closer to whats needed.

So you will also have to hide/deal with the "pigtail" out of the base of camera. This pigtail connects the power and Ethernet cord (if not running wireless).......once again standard. I guess you need mount a "double gang" work box to hide the cabling ......I have drilled holes (in the past) to push the power/Ethernet cord into the wall- but hole has to be bigger than a quarter to get the Ethernet cord head thru. I would love to see other peoples mounting techniques that doesn't involve tape and dangling wires!?! really!

The software seems to be very functional and does a lot of features that i either dont use or use thru BI.... so i did not review those.

I like it....wish its was cheaper- but if the unit holds up..price can be forgiven!!
review imagereview imagereview image
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on November 17, 2017
This camera is great within a few minutes of removing from the box I had it up and running. I was able to configure the wireless and switched to wireless. I have purchased other cameras and they are a pain to configure and to get them to maintain a wireless mode. Its great to find something that works as it should. I will be pairing this up with a NVR in the near future at a different location. Thanks Microseven
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on April 28, 2016
I have purchased several IP Cams over the years and have decided that the Microseven camera works for me. This is the 3rd MicroSeven camera I have purchased. They are very easy to set-up and at 1.3 MegPixel the image is very sharp. I use them to monitor the front and back of my house.
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on January 22, 2016
I have three cameras and bought the forth with the microphone. I cannot get the microphone to work although I tried many times to hook it as described. Since the microphone is not too expensive, I did not return it. Thought that would be a waste of time and the postage would cost more.
If anyone had hooked up the microphone successfully, please advise.

February 1, 2016. Since I wrote the above review, Jim from Microseven called me and walked me through at first. He sent me a replacement, and it worked. I am impressed with their customer service. They seem determined to help and correct the problem.
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on April 15, 2016
This camera/mic kit is exactly as stated in the product info. the setup was a breeze once I caught on to the fact that the initial setup wanted to be done while hooked directly into my router. it was simple as 1.2.3 and was done in minutes. The picture quality is superb the sound quality is excellent and since I bought an amplified speaker to go with it I can now call my dogs from wherever I am when they are misbehaving in the backyard. I will be purchasing this exact same setup for my front door next. Bravo Microseven, you have a winner. A+ seller!
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on December 1, 2015
Update 4/22 - After the firware fix I have had no problems with the camera or IR lights.

Update: Jim is working to find the fix, either software or hardware replacement. I think this is a good camera for the price and it has 36 infrared lights vs the M7B15 which only has 24 I think. I won't give up on this camera yet

I was excited to receive this after having M7B15 model for about 6 months. However, after I install this in a remote location it seems the infrared lights have stopped working. I have been able to toggle infrared on and off, but it goes off by itself. Needs a fix. Help
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on April 10, 2018
OK for the price. Does what it claims but not a great product. Instructuins are terrible. Software is mediocre at best, but it does pan tilt and zoom. Image quality is mostly OK. That said, if you can hanle terrible instructions and make it work, considering the price it is acceptable for my application.
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on July 2, 2016
I installed this Microseven camera a few days ago and have now had a chance to test all it's features. I love the email function, it sends high guality pics to my phone when there is a triggered event even if my PC is off and I am not monitoring the camera . The video is pretty good quality even at night. It works with my PC, my tablet and my cell phone!
I had a few tech problems with my network setup in the beginning but Microseven's tech support took control of my computer and in a few minutes had my network settings straightened out and everything worked fine.
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