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Pampers Baby Wipes Complete Clean Scented 7X Refill, 504 Count
Size: 7 Refill Packs, 504 Count|Change
Price:$16.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

The manufacturer commented on the review below
on April 16, 2018

The sudden screeching of my name came from upstairs...

In the baby's room.

I trip over myself as I'm sprinting upstairs -- I can't get to the baby fast enough.

Then, the wretched stink of liquid rotting apple strawberry banana...

Freshly digested, and smeared over everything.

My wife is staring at me in disbelief.

My baby? Giggling, and smiling at me from ear to ear...

Inside his sh** smeared crib, with a brown-yellow striped exploded up his back.

Immediately, I grabbed a garbage bag, and a pack of these wipes.

My wife turned on the shower, and we went to work -- she would hose down the giggling baby, who's obvious well aware of the crap he caused...

And I would wipe down the everything.

Scrape by scrape, each wad of sludge would find its way to the bottom of the bag.

Once the mess was over, a gentle scrubbing with bleach and fire would ensure a sterile environment.

Could I have used paper towels? Sure -- but they weren't handy when I needed them.

Could I have sold the house instead? If this happens again, that IS an option.

But if you have a baby who poops, then these wipes will handle anything.
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on September 29, 2015
Received today. These require your own tub. You can't seal them closed once they're opened.
review imagereview image
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on June 8, 2017
They're wipes. I've bought them previously and forgot i didnt like them so i accidently reordered some more when the need came back to restocking.. they aren't horrific. They do the job. The issue i have is they feel so thin that going to wipe a poopy butt i dont trust to just use one. Ill grab several, otherwise youll end up with a great little gift on your hand. Pampers is a great brand but i simply dont like these wipes and wouldn't recommend them for diaper changes.
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VINE VOICEon January 16, 2018
No more free tub in the box? What? Cheapskates. After going through an entire case of wipes the tub you used to get was ready to be replaced now there's no tub. Guess I'll duct tape the one I have until I can find one cheap, maybe at one of the dollar stores. As for the wipes, at least they haven't changed. I may be an adult but I use these because they're very soft, moist and they smell nice. Not only are they good for cleaning yourself up they're also great on keyboards, phones, Kindle screens (dry with a towel or low lint paper towel), anything plastic that gets dusty or grimy. There's hundreds of uses.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on August 30, 2016
Pricewise really attractive and that is also why we bought it. However, the small is too strong and so artificial. The smell reminds of some really cheap and bad quality perfume. Hate it. and will avoid buying it next time. Interestingly, we bought the same brand and same product from babies r us and it has no smell at all and is in much better quality. But the price is so much higher.

So does pampers produce different quality products for different sellers? confused. After finishing this package, I will probably switch to something else.
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on January 4, 2016
Thicker Than Most Wipes
Definitely Prevent Diaper Rash
Cleans Real Good With Only One Wipe ( You only need one wipe to get the wet jobs done, and likely 2 to get the dirty jobs done)
2 Cents Per Wipe (pretty good price)
Stays Moist Good Amount Of Time

This specific 7xbox version is only for refilling, once you open from the side no way to airtight this packs. So make sure you have actual wet wipes storage which is air tight, other wise if you don't use them a day or so (lets say you left package open on the side and forgot), it may get dry.
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on November 26, 2016
In order, I would prefer Kirkland, Honest, Pampers, then Huggies.
These Pampers wipes are smaller than Kirkland and thinner. The packs do not have flip tops so you need to put them in a container once opened. They are moist enough but are so thin they dry out in my wipes warmer so I always have to toss the top wipe no matter how much I stuff it back in. I moved them to my OXO wipes container (which I LOVE btw) and the top wipe is always a bit dry as well, They also have a light fragrance that is not strong, but bothers me. (And I like fragrances!)
Honest wipes have a dotted texture that helps with wiping poop, but it is pricey. They have a light fragrance that does not bother me.
Huggies wipes just suck and rip so while wiping poop you get poop all over your fingers.
People will say so and so brand burns my baby or this and that but honestly it depends on the sensitivity of your babies' skin, if they have a diaper rash, etc. I'll be sticking with Kirkland.
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on July 28, 2016
I purchased these Pampers wipes because the current price at time of purchase was a great deal. This box contains refill wipes only – no plastic tub or dispenser. Once you open a pack, there is no way of resealing it. These wipes are not flushable – do so at your own risk of backing up toilet.

I like these wipes. They are pretty strong, I haven’t had one tear on me yet and I have been wiping butts for over 2 years now (got two babies). They are also not greasy and the scent is very subtle – they do not irritate my babes’ rear.

I also use these wipes for cleaning faces and hands and even wiping up a quick mess where I have nothing else but wipes with me.
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on May 3, 2018
firstly I love how fast this was delivered since it saved me a trip to Target for them. I've been a faithful pampers buyer for about 15 yrs now & I don't have any children.. these wipes are so versatile & durable for pretty much anything. from being my makeup remover to picking up my kittie's gross hairballs to even my own butt when need be lol. pampers in my opinion are better then any of their competitors, pampers the wipes themselves are just the smoothest around & I've even used them as a dusters as well. perfect for wiping up a little dust. good stuff.
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on September 14, 2016
These wipes are amazing! I've never tried pampers wipes before and they are nice and soft without being "weak". They smell great too! I was able to get these for a lot cheaper than I've gotten any other wipes from the store before. I got 3 items at a subscription, these wipes, a big box of huggies and a box of huggies overnights for the same price that I used to be able to get a big box of diapers at the local store down here, so I'm extremely happy with the price of the items! I highly recommend this to any parents, especially new parents that haven't thought about doing it this way before!
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