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on March 20, 2018
Works pretty well. Monitors are usually pretty pricey, don’t think you can beat the price here. Worked out of the box, just plug it in and power it on. Video and audio both work. Mounting it was easy, only down side is ours didn’t come with 2 screws for mounting (not even sure if it was supposed to). Picture is good enough to see what is going on with our new born (eyes open, nose, mouth, etc..). Gives you that peace of mind, being able to make sure your little one is okay whenever you need to or hear them.

Some reviews talked about the power on/off theme music... I agree, it is kid and annoying, but by holding the monitor against your stomach or chest, you can dampen the sound. Easy fix and I didn’t feel needed to take a star away for what I paid.

1300 sq ft house and no disconnects or freezes (owned for a week and used every day). Will update if anything changes. Wish we would have gotten this for our first born. Yes I recommend this.
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on February 23, 2018
Overall I'm very happy with this monitor. I use it to travel with but would consider using this if I didn't have a really nice wifi monitor at home already. It has a pretty good picture and it is very reliable which are the two most important things for a monitor. There are a few features that could be improved though. First of all, when you turn the handset on or off very loud music plays which wakes up the baby if you turn it on on their room. I also wish I could turn the screen off and have the audio still work to save the battery...but the screen must always stay on blaring in your eyes if you don't turn it over while you're sleeping or in a dark room. When the handset is off, a bright blue light on rge camera practically blinds the baby... I felt like I needed to put sunglasses on her because it bothered her so much! I had to put electrical tape over it, but now it's fine thank goodness. The music is a nice feature...but if you want to turn it on it's way louder on your handset than through the camera itself in the baby's room so you have to listen to it all the time extremely loudly which is pretty irritating (thankfully I don't use this very much unless she's having a difficult time for some reason). Lastly, having to change the settings is a bit confusing (time/date, brightness, etc.) but that was no big deal at all. Other than those things I love the camera. It's also nice having a possibility to recharge the batteries on the handset or plug it in. It's also extremely easy to set up...just plug it in and you're set to go. Works well for us!
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on January 28, 2018
This was the best money spent! The speaker, night vision & camera work so great. I do have one downside that drives me crazy..I wish the plug went in the back because it being on the side makes it turn awkwardly and it just gets frustrating to keep trying to put it where you want.
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on March 21, 2018
For the price I think it’s pretty nice! The only thing I really dislike is the red and blue lights that are on the camera. My daughter likes it to be pitch black in her room but the light is really distracting and keeps her up sometimes because she likes to stare at it. Over all though it’s been a great purchase. We didn’t need anything too fancy or expensive and this does the trick.
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on June 6, 2018
My sister recently passed away and while we were caring for her at home with the help of hospice, we used this to keep an eye on her when she was restricted to being in a hospital bed. If no one was in the room with her....if she was sleeping etc., we could keep an eye on her and know when she woke up. It gave us some peace of mind and helped us better care for her.
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on June 15, 2018
Works good enough for our purpose. We just wanted a monitor where we could see what she's up to since we've moved her into her own room at night. This also allows us to see that she still has her pacifier in (green ones only, lighter colors are harder to see). The camera is definitely not as high tech as some more expensive ones you could by but it's not horrible, just not super clear. The other part I don't like is that the music plays on parent control and to mute it mutes out the baby cries. When the music is playing you also can't really hear the cries as well either.

But if you are looking for a cheaper monitor where you can at least see what's going on and aren't too picky with perfect clear visual then this will work for you.
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on February 2, 2018
Awesome camera. Great visuals, has double talk, and can even play music. The reason for the two stars would be the battery life. I can charge it for about 6+ hours and the battery life will last an hour / hour and a half MAX. If I would’ve known this I would’ve bought a different camera.
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on July 29, 2018
There are pros and cons to this product. Pros: it works well; I can see my kids while they sleep; the monitor let's me know when it needs to charge; I like that there is a music button, with the VOX setting, the screen turns off when kids are quiet which preserves battery life; it gives us the option to mount to the wall with 2 holes on the back; it does not connect to WiFi which prevents hackers, so keeps my kids safe; it has volume controls and I can talk to my kids through the monitor which is great when I see them doing something they should not; the monitor for my kids room can twist different ways which is great when mounting.

Cons: the screen is small; picture quality is not so great; because of the piece that stands the parent up and the charging cable, it can be awkward to stand up; the volume is not very loud; even though it's given the option to mount, no screws come with it to mount; the speaker control is not great and sometimes my kids can't hear me through it; it only sometimes beeps when the kids monitor gets unplugged.

I've given it a 4 because for the most part it does it's job and it's good for what I need it for and that is to be a second monitor to the one of a different brand that I already have. It's not as good as my other one, but it works.
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on April 8, 2018
I had pretty much the same baby monitor, made the same welcome sound, and had the same logo and general shape but I liked the other so much better. Sadly it fell off of a shelf and the base broke off of the camera. Anyway, the camera for this monitor beeps twice when it’s plugged in initially and the “stand by” blue light that’s emitted is really bright which is distracting to a sleeping/waking baby. The display image is a little bit small and the night vision red light isn’t very bright so you can really only see a foot or two in front of the camera. It plays a little tune every time you turn it on and off which is loud, so beware, don’t turn the monitor on while holding your sleeping baby! Also, the battery life of the display isn’t very good. Lasts about two hours on a full charge.

It has the temperature displayed which is nice. The songs that play from it aren’t bad either, “Sound of Silence”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, and one other classical tune play on repeat. There might be one more song I’m missing, but there isn’t more than four.

Overall it gets the job done, but for something I use daily I wish I had spent a little more.
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on July 18, 2018
Very disappointing...very low volume, I can barely hear my daughter with the volume control all the way up. I am very disappointed in this monitor. I have already returned one of them, and still have one more that I wish I could return. Do not waste your money. You can barely see the baby, as there is no zoom option and the picture is fuzzy; in order to see your child as depicted in the add you would need to have the lights on and the camera right next to their face. Very disappointed. One nice feature is the music, however that does not compensate for the remaining lack of quality.

Update: the battery life is also HORRIBLE! Died within half a day!
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