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on February 5, 2018
First time I have tired Miron. Love it! Tastes really good. Peach Pear has more peach than pear flavor. Fuji Apple and Peach Pear are my favorites. Will be buying a lot more.
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on March 2, 2018
Keeps you AWAKE with no jitters. Subtle sparkle and flavor. I have tried three flavors now. More pronounced of the combined flavors are, mango and peach. Apple is ok, my husband says it has a weird aftertaste. Have yet to order the kiwi flavor.
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on March 7, 2018
My new favorite energy drink! It's not super sweet which is my favorite thing about it, and it tastes like real apple. Will definitely order again :)
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on March 23, 2018
I'm really enjoying the energy this drink gives me and the flavor is just right. Brought the whole case to work and instead of a soda I just grab one and put it on Ice.
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on January 25, 2018
Was pleasantly surprised with this drink. Unlike most energy drinks Miron taste great. I tried the Fuji Apple and I was very impressed. I brought the case to my office and it was a huge hit. Would suggest to anyone, great for a party or just to keep at home for a pick me up.
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on February 24, 2018
Review for Mango Acai flavor:
Bottom line up front: Tasty carbonated beverage delivers caffeine for smooth and effective energy increase

Energy/stimulant source: 70 mg caffeine and 20g cane sugar per 8 oz can
Compare to:
- 12 oz coca cola, which has 34 mg caffeine and 33g sugar
- 8 oz red bull, which has 68 mg caffeine, 23g sugar, and misc other stuff
- 8 oz coffee has approx 95mg caffeine (varies greatly depending on brew/coffee type)

Mango Acai Taste: lightly carbonated, not too sweet, refreshing

Pros: only 5 ingredients, less expensive than heavily marketed energy drinks, prime delivery, smooth caffeine boost

Cons: nothing to report

“I won't publicly endorse a product unless I use it exclusively and I really believe in it." - Ron Swanson
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on March 28, 2018
Very tasty. But these are essentially flavored seltzer with added caffeine (twice what a typical can of soda packs). Definitely recommend. Just don’t expect to see anything else in the ingredients (there are only 5 ingredients). That’s not a bad thing though if you’re main interest is a good pick-me-up beverage without extra crap.
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on June 14, 2018
This drink changed my day! I drank one and almost immedietly felt energized and good. I was able to my work quickly and efficiently becuase i was able to concentrate better. I thought it would have a gross taste because most of these energy drinks do but surprisingly it tasted amazing!!
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on January 18, 2018
Love this brand. Apple tastes ridiculously good. Just enough caffeine to keep you going but without jitters or staying awake at night.
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on June 19, 2018
The taste is not the greatest. It has a subtle apple flavor but i think it should contain a higher concentration of CO2 and maybe a little more vitamin C, which would overcome the lack of sweetness since it has no added sugar. I have tried this both chilled and regular room temperature. It does not have the wow factor. The can design along with the company’s thoughts make a great presentation, but i just don’t think the content keeps up with the outer shell. Would i buy it again? I don’t know. I would probably be giving it another shot in a while, knowing that it’s not the same product. The fact that my first name is the name of the product, determined me to give you this detailed feedback. I wish you good luck either way.
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