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I bought this as an attachment for my fiancé after I bought her the new MacBook pro for Christmas. I love the quality! She has the space grey color MacBook and not that it really matters but the colors are identical! If you are planning on connecting your MacBook to an external display or maybe plugging in a wired keyboard or mouse or even an external hard drive then this will do them all! Its also got the SD drive which works great if you need the adaptor for video editing or uploading pictures. I would 10/10 buy this again. quality seems to be great, its aluminum just like the MacBook and there is no sense of quality loss when projecting from MacBook to HD monitor display.
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on September 4, 2014
I used to buy accessories like this from another major brand. Not able to get the "other brand" USB expansion unit I needed a few months ago, I tried an Anker unit. I was very surprised -- top-quality construction and materials, nice design, thoughtful features. So when I needed a USB and Ethernet expander/adapter for my new Microsoft Surface 3, I looked up Anker's products. Lo and behold -- better features than the competition, and slightly better pricing. I like that the main USB cable on this unit is detachable -- makes it easier to store and carry. I also like the two LED lights on the Ethernet jack -- not necessary in a small component like this, and the competition doesn't have them, but it makes a difference. I like to know the connection is working.

The product info says you'll need to install a driver for Windows 7 or 8. I didn't need to - the unit was instantly recognized and it just worked. It drives a 1GB Ethernet connection from my router to the Surface 3. No interference when I connect my old, old USB mouse. It's all plug-and-play.

This all shows me that Anker is determined to have the best-designed products in this market. Even the packaging is top-quality and well thought-out. I'm not one of those that Anker sent a review unit to -- I found it and bought on my own. I'll be buying more Anker accessories. They've shown me they make good products. Highly recommended. Great stuff. And it's nice to see a manufacturer paying such attention to detail.
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on September 27, 2012
This is really a good product and I truly appreciate the goals of the company. I think everyone should own one for those emergencies that come up every now and again... plus obviously camping etc. I was really impressed with the light pattern and it was obviously designed to illuminate a small room with a flood pattern, rather than a spotlight effect.

However, I decided to knock a point off because I think it could be further improved:

* The case is a little plasticky and cheap feeling with the top seam in particular quite toy-like. The instructions state that it shouldn't be dropped and I would think a drop on concrete may damage the case? I would like to see a rubberized case like some tough external hard-drives have for durability, so there is no chance of damage from a drop. I think the solar panel would also be better protected if it was sunk into the case a little, rather than being flush mounted. I really think a universal product like this should be pretty much bullet proof, especially for the intended common use in the third world countries.

* I think the instructions are poor. I understand they are designed for Global use without language, but I found them non-intuitive. There are no directions on the units state of charge... there is a little flashing LED on the top that the instructions do not mention. It appears to change its pattern or frequency while charging... it would be nice to know exactly what this means?

* I think the unit needs to be much cheaper for Global distribution. In the US, the fact that its made abroad and is subject to exchange rates etc, probably raises its price? However, I'm hoping that folks buying in the US are simply subsidizing its price so it can be offered in poorer countries for substantially less. I'm insinuating its quite pricey for what it is, because we are so used to dirt-cheap products like this from China... however, I'm certainly not equating this product with one of those, its superior and works well. Global distribution at a lower price should be the goal I feel, and then many households would own several of these.

So, a nice product from an admirable company, but there's still room for improvement methinks.
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on June 18, 2015
I have a 13" Late 2010 Macbook Air running OSX 10.9.5. I bought this device primarily for the included ethernet port so I could avoid WiFi problems (99% of the time the laptop sits on my desk closed and connected to a big monitor so running a cable to the router is convenient). As I lost a USB port to the Anker I shifted my external drive to a port on the hub. I'm generally pleased with it and I like the USB 3 support though I can't exploit it at this time (planning ahead).

I have had some problems with it working after the Mac is put to sleep for the night and then woken up the next day. Sometimes it seems to lose its connectivity to the ethernet and the connected drive. It seems that if I unplug the USB cord at the hub (not the laptop port) that it recovers. Can't swear to that as it hasn't happened enough for me to know for sure.

Overall I am pleased with its utility and bang for the buck. If I had merely bought an ethernet adaptor I'd probably have needed a hub as well (the ethernet adaptor would have used one of the two USB ports). This way I get ethernet plus a net of two spare ports.

I also appreciate that it draws power from USB not an AC adaptor.
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on October 5, 2015
Not worth the headache or the money. I specifically bought this for my home MB air and work MBP because of the extra usb ports and ethernet port - I figured less stuff to carry around, all inclusive - wrong. It works intermittently on both laptops. It works fine using 2 ports but once you put a third jump drive in, it will start to intermittently disconnect or stop working altogether and will drop your wireless connection.

Moving on to the ethernet usage..There are dead zones in some of the buildings that I'm at so I can't use the wireless on my laptop, that's where the ethernet port should come in handy. That is the operative word - should. As soon as I plug in the ethernet port, the usb ports render inoperable. Basically Anker says - pick and choose which is more important to you, having a jump drive or a lan connection.

I spent hours over the course of the next few days trying to troubleshoot this. I tested this on my Surface Pro 3 - same issue, HP pavilion test laptop - same issue, Dell Latitude - same issue, sooo disappointed in this Anker product. I normally would choose Anker products over others even if the price is more so now I probably won't. I found this one to be much better ; luckily, I found a certified ethernet dongle that was laying around in the conference room and using that instead of making another purchase. This definitely was a waste of my $21. It's a paperweight now but even there it doesn't do the job - it falls over. Garbage can, here it goes.
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on October 1, 2014
I've been using this neat little adapter on my Yoga 2 Pro for several days now and it's been pretty great. Plug-n-Play under Windows 8.1, Linux Mint-17 and Slackware 14.1 (64-bit). I can even boot off of a USB flash drive connected to the hub. Nice!

No odd random disconnects. No problems waking from sleep mode. It just works.

Speed through the USB-3 ports and Ethernet jack are great. USB-3 will not bottleneck a Gig-E connection like USB-2 will.

So why only 4 stars then? Well, I can think of 2 things that would make this perfect.

First, include a shorter cable. The supplied USB cable is around 20 inches long, and that's way too long in my opinion (something in the 3-4 inch range would be more appropriate). This is made for use on Ultrabooks, so a long cable makes no sense. And if you need one, long cables are easy to find, but try and find a really short USB-3 cable... they're practically non-existent (the one I did find costs half what this adapter did).

Second, include a DC-in jack to add power for those who find they need a powered hub. Don't need to include the AC adapter; just the option to add one later would be great.

I'll admit, those are pretty niggling complaints. This really is an awesome adapter. I own a few other Anker products and they are all great. The 18 month warranty doesn't hurt either. Customer service from Anker has also been excellent in my experience.

If I run into problems down the road I'll update, but for now I'm extremely happy with my purchase.

EDIT (02/24/2016):
Still using this adapter and it's still working great. I am now running Windows 10, 64-bit (build 1511) and there was no problem with drivers or other nonsense. Just plugged it in and it worked.
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on December 20, 2014
Product works OK for light duty. Needed no drivers on OS X Yosemite. Something is clearly buggy, however - I've had multiple instances of the ethernet disconnecting under extended load where only disconnecting and reconnecting will recover.

I've tried this both directly connected to a Late 2014 Retina Macbook, and to an Anker USB 3.0 7-Port Hub with the same result. Other USB devices continue to work.

Note to Windows users - Windows doesn't come with built in drivers, but when you attach it to a Windows system a disk will mount with drivers for installation. I installed drivers from Realtek's site and didn't use these, so I can't say whether they're any good. Took many reboots and port switching to get this device working under Windows - I'd stay away for now.

Using with this product:
Anker® USB 3.0 7-Port Hub with 1 BC 1.2 Charging Port up to 5V 1.5A, 12V 3A Power Adapter Included [VIA VL812-B2 Chipset]

*** EDIT ***
Ethernet issue is not related to load - it actually doesn't always reconnect after resuming from sleep. Going into terminal, and using 'sudo ifconfig en4 down', then 'sudo ifconfig en4 up' will get it to reconnect. This is something that suggests a buggy driver, so I'll be filing a bug report with Apple.
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on April 7, 2015
Okay, I have to update this review.

The first one of these I bought Amazon and it just did not work. Installation was not a problem, but the transfers were slow and I had a hard time keeping connections (not the LAN port, but to the USB devices plugged into it.) So I posted a 2 star review and sent it back.

Anker contacted me about my review. They said they'd like to send me a new one no charge. I said sure. (why not?)

So it took a several weeks to try again but when I did, the installation was very difficult. According to the manual, when you plug it into the usb3 port it's supposed to come up as a CD drive with the installation drivers on it.However on my system it did not. It could have been because I had one prev. installed or my OS (XP sp3). But it would not install with the driver from the prev. device.

So after a few frustrating hours, I gave up.

I contacted Anker tech support. They were no help. They responded, just toss it. So the device sat in a drawer for several weeks. But I didn't understand why it would not install. So I tried again. This time no help from Tech Support. I went to their site and found the windows drivers (they are a little hard to find, or at least where when I tried.) I got the new drivers installed, plugged it in and after about a minute it came up! So first thing I did was plug in the network cable. (1G). I could connect find and transfer between computers on the network and it was about 333mb/s. With my old Gig card I was getting 500-600mbs out and 600-800mbs in using Qcheck. So 333 is not the greatest, but it was better than the 80mb/s I was getting using the built in ethernet port.

So then I tried the USB3-SATA cable to my external drives. This worked pretty well. 200mbs on the SSD drives and a slittle lower for the standard SATA drives.

So how do I sum this experience up to 1 to 5 stars? I selected 3 stars. Here is why:

#1, first one did not work well at all. 1 star
#2. Anker sent me a new free one. 5 stars
#3, New one would not install.2 stars
#4, Anker tech support no help. 1 star
#5, When I finally did get it to work, it works pretty well, not as fast as it could, but as with all things "your mileage my vary." So 4 stars.

If I average that up, I get 2.6 stars so I rounded up to 3 stars.

I might consider buying it again and I might recommend it to a computer savy friend, but probably not a novice.
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on May 16, 2015
Increasingly, ultrabooks are being created without ethernet ports and with only a couple USB 3.0 ports. After connecting a wireless mouse and single flash drive to my Thinkpad Yoga, I had no more space to connect any other devices (external HDDs, external DVD burner, etc.). Since I was in the market for a USB hub, I figured I may as well get an extender that adds both USB 3.0 and ethernet. This product by Anker was the most cost-effective option.

I was first impressed by the high-quality packaging. Everything was very neatly packed into a tough little cardboard box. Upon opening the box, I found that the presentation was also nice. This isn't something you see a lot on inexpensive peripherals, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I expected such an inexpensive product to have a cheap overly-light plastic feel, but this thing is actually quite tough. The cable is particularly robust. I'm not at all worried about it getting damaged in my backpack during bike rides to campus. My only gripe here is that the edges on the hub are a little sharp.

I put this to the test at the laboratory where I work. I saw over 400Mbps download speed! I tried again with some USB drives connected and got the same result. I was so astonished by this performance that I immediately recommended it to all of my coworkers whose laptops also don't have ethernet ports.

Next time I need a peripheral, you can bet I'll be looking at Anker first.
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on July 29, 2014
Really like this little guy, but...

First the good: The light works fine and it recharges pretty easily. It's also easy to set up and use it in a variety of ways.

There's only one problem: it keeps dropping off the high setting to the next lower setting, automatically. In nearly three months of usage (I live off grid), I haven't figured out how to encourage it to stop doing the dim thing.

Other than that it's nice to find a solar light that actually works and charges readily (I've had several others that, despite their high price, don't work well, aren't reliable and don't like to charge).

I think the best solution would be to thoroughly check out you new waka waka and if there's any problem -- send it back, exchange it promptly.
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