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on February 10, 2018
After carefully reading about the leading sous vide cookers, I decided on this one for two main reasons.

First, many of the most popular sous vide cookers require a connection to the internet and use of a phone app to operate. One reviewer of the popular cooker questioned the utility of this, stating that he would never use a phone app for his blender. I thought about that and then read many of the unsatisfied customer reviews of the more popular devices. Most of the complaints had to do with getting a stable internet connection and Bluetooth connection to the phone. From my perspective, I didn't want to be bothered with that. I use this sous vide as a kitchen appliance while I'm actually in the kitchen, and the idea that I would need to set its temperature and timer and any other settings with my iPhone sounded like a major hassle to me. I also saw no need to remotely check on the temperature of the water from my phone, or to remotely turn on the device from my phone. I've tested the temperature accuracy of this unit with a cooking thermometer and it keeps my water at a constant and very accurate temperature, so I now have confidence in it and feel no need to check the temp very now and then from a remote location. This Chefman device is easy to use, easy to program without any need for internet or iPhones, and simple to operate. It has just a few basic functions, so from my perspective fewer problems to be confronted with. The programmable part of the unit comes on when you plug it in (it doesn't heat up or circulate until you turn it on with the electronic start button). You easily and manually turn a wheel to set the temp. You press and hold the start button if you want to use the wheel to set the timer. That's it. You then press the start button again to start the operation (it will begin to heat and circulate the water). If you like, you can skip the timer function and just start the operation by pressing the start button once without holding it in for a few seconds. If you do use the timer function, I like the fact that the timer doesn't begin to count down until the water reaches the temp you set it for. Then the device shuts off when the set cook time has been reached.

The second reason I bought it was for the price. At under $90, it was just right; half the price of the most popular brand, but not as cheap as the off-name brands that got very few high ratings. Because of the lack of fancy functions such as internet and Bluetooth connections, it actually is a pricey unit relatively speaking, which actually gave me confidence about its quality and which I found to be a positive factor.

The biggest drawback from my perspective? The unit will beep when it starts, reaches temperature, and when the cooking is complete, but the volume level of the beep is so low, it could never be heard from another room, and just barely heard in the same room. It can be a little annoying. But it isn't much of a bother to me because I know how long I've programmed it to run, and because of the way sous vide cooking works, it really doesn't matter if you leave the food sitting in the water afterword for longer than the recipe calls for--you can't burn anything. However, because of the low volume of the beeper, I'm giving it four stars. If it didn't have this problem I'd rate it at five.

Again, you'll only be happy with it if you want to set it and forget it, and not turn it on remotely or double-check the temp from another room or some other remote location. It's a simple, basic device that works exactly as intended, with nothing newfangled that can go wrong-- which is exactly why I like it.
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on December 3, 2017
This is practically the only tool you need for your kitchen!! I've used other sous vide before and this one is by far the best quality and value of any of them. Works quickly, has a clear display, and you can almost literally make ANYTHING with it- steak, chicken, fish, vegetables, eggs, it's seriously incredible. And such a good holiday gift for the foodie in your life, I'm buying them for everyone this year because I love it so much! You will not be sorry!!
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on December 26, 2017
This thing looks great! It comes with a user manual to explain how to use it, plus you can go to youtube and find so many more videos with explanations. So far I have used the Chefman for boneless skinless chicken and it tastes amazing. Usually, I run the risk of overcooking and the chicken drying out, but this time it was perfect. No worrying about overcooking, so you could leave it and let it cook by itself, no checking, flipping, or cutting to see if the middle is done. Very happy with this purchase.
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on February 6, 2018
Well I finally caved and bought a sous vide cooker. After seeing something on-line about cooking with sous vide, I thought I'd at least do a little looking into it. Once I saw what they could do and that they the were actually affordable, I went into research mode to find the right one on Amazon. the Chefman Sous Vide Precision Cooker seemed to be a good fit-- reasonable price, listed as an "Amazon's Choice" product, good reviews, and available from other sources (other major retailers also carry this same device). I settled on the Chefman device and I'm glad I did. Straight out of the box, I cooked what might be the best steak I've ever had (filet, 130 for 2hrs, followed by a quick sear). The device is extremely easy to use (never needed to look at instructions)-- just set the temp, time, and pressed go. The device worked flawlessly and heated the water (and food!) to the temperature on the device (which I checked with a separate thermometer). I have a long list of things to try with this thing! As for sealing up the food, I actually have a vacuum sealer, but didn't use it. A ziploc bag and the water displacement method (you can find videos on-line) work perfectly and will probably be my goto unless I'm doing a long cook. I'm just getting started with this device, so I'll make updates later and let you know how it's holding up! Great device!!!
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on January 28, 2018
I received this yesterday and have made two things (thyme-infused olive oil, and eggs), and started a third, 24-hour Thai pork ribs. I'm not a convert to sous vide yet, but I can report that (so far) this unit is quite well designed and convenient to use. Its thermometer seems pretty accurate (maybe off by half a degree) and has a bright easy-to-read display. Depending on how much water you are using, it heats the bath about a degree a minute. The amount of power it draws varies continuously depending on how hard it needs to heat the water. This varies from 0 to 1000 watts. The circulator/motor is energetic. I am using a 28-quart Igloo cooler, with a hinged top. I intend (using a dremel) to cut a hole in its top for this wand to poke out of.
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on March 19, 2018
Received mine 3 days ago, and so far I've cooked filet mignon, garlic & herb chicken breasts, asparagus, carrots and egg sous vide bites. Every single one of those things is the best version of it I've ever tasted. Steaks come out perfect medium rare edge to edge, chicken was so tender you could cut it with a butterknife. Veggies came out soft without being limp. Everything is so incredibly flavorful, I really wish I had gotten a sous vide machine sooner.

As for the unit itself, I tested various water temps with a 2nd kitchen thermometer and its always been accurate to within a half degree, so pretty good. It only lets you select whole degree increments but I cant see myself needing sub-degree precision. The clip can slip side to side on some pots depending on the angle it sits at but I'd still rather have that than a screw clamp for easy on-off access. I don't really care about Bluetooth controls, so spending more $ on an Anova or Joule doesn't make sense to me. It gets up to temp reasonably quick. It is a little louder than I expected but not too bad, it depends on the water level and gets a little quieter once the food goes in.

Honestly my only complaint so far is the timer doesn't roll backwards, as in if I want to set it for 45 minutes I have to roll the selector wheel up +45 clicks instead of down -15 clicks. It's such a minor issue I can't deduct a star, but something they should consider on the next model if anyone from the company reads this.
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on January 15, 2018
I heard that sous vide is a great method to cook a steak. So, I bought this to give it a try, and WOW, I'm really impressed with this Sous Vide cooker.

It came nicely packaged, and it's ready to use right out of the box. Just take it out of the box, clamp it to a pot of water, turn it on and you're cooking Sous Vide! The instructions are simple and clear. Dial in the desired temperature and press start. There's a built-in timer to shut it off after whatever cook time you'd like for your preferred doneness.

Once it's on, it starts heating the water pretty quickly and circulates the water so everything is at an even temperature. The end result is food that is cooked evenly to as rare or well-done as you’d like (depending on temperature and cook time). Just finish it off with a quick sear on both side of the steak and you’re ready to eat! I'm going to try it on fish and poultry too.

This cooker is priced much lower than many other “high end” Sous Vide cookers and does a great job! I’m very happy with this purchase.
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on January 21, 2018
I love this thing. I just made the best STEAKS I've ever had in my life! Its so easy to use and you can't really mess up the steak because it cooks my steak so thoroughly! Just marinate the steak and vacuum seal it and leave it in the hot water bath for really as long as you like! The steaks come out so tender! Sear the outsides and you got yourselves the best steak EVER! You never need to go out to expensive restaurants and buy those +$20 steaks ever again! The store near me just recently had steaks on sale, I got two 1 and 1/2 inch thick bone-in ribeye prime steaks for only $15! That's TWO! and both were cooked to perfection. My wife loves it and I plan to have guests come over and let them try as well. This is a great buy. I can't believe I hadn't bought it sooner!
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on February 1, 2018
I was skeptical about this product before I purchased it, but it works perfectly. It is very reliable. It is easy to use. I use it almost every day. It cooks meat better than any other cooking method that I am aware of. I believe that every kitchen should have one.
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on December 5, 2017
This is my new way of cooking. Best steak ever! I highly reccomend this if you're looking for a new kitchen gadget!
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