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on February 21, 2018
 Fantastic item! I needed a way to feel safe that all of my families birth certificates, passports and other sensitive documents were protected so I gave this bag a shot. The first thing I noticed is how much the bag actually holds. I also put a bunch of old pictures of my family, a bunch of USB drives and even an external hard drive in the bag and there was still room for more.

The design of the bag feels much more professional than a lot of the other bags I was looking at, which is good for people who want to use these bags at work. Nice work on the logo.

Because I want to have piece of mind, I will be subjecting this bag to various tests. I already tried to light it with a lighter and matches and nothing happened to the bag. I'll try and report back with my findings but so far so good.


I want to do a quick video update on how this bag held up with different types of fire for those of you wondering about its actual functionality.

I first tried it on a stove knowing that the temperature of the fire is way above the bags description (~1600+ F vs. 1110 F). To my surprise, it actually withstood with the inside intact. That was definitely important to find out since I needed to know in case of a real fire, that this bag can last long enough for me to grab and this test proved that it can.

Then I did another test with a regular lighter (~1000 F) and that passed with no problem. Now I want to try it with different scenarios like lighting a firecracker inside!

I have since bought another bag to put in my safe knowing that I have an extra level of protection. And definitely will recommend this to friends and family.

Disclaimer: These tests were done just for my own curiosity. I am in no way in affiliation with the company; this is purely for educational purpose and also to share my experience with others.
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on May 26, 2018
I think I have fully pondered my opinions and finally concluded that my initial and final thoughts on this product are as follows:

I purchased this great-smelling,
awful-sounding, center-leaning, onion-flavored, earth-based, rambunctiously-flamboyant,
hyper-hyphenated product.
And all my wildest dreams came true!!

I scaled Mt Everest without a Sherpa, a sheep, an igloo, or even netflix.
I saved nine dollars on jello.
I won at Bingo by spelling a different word.
My last name and my first name switched places.
My MPG has increased and my fear of zombies has decreased.
All of my scabs stopped itching (temporarily) and all of my salads are tacos.
My tail lights grew actual tails.
My Chinese food can also speak Russian.
I'm intrigued my mandarin oranges can speak at all.
My milkshake is smaller, but has more milk and more shake.
I ran a four minute mile in under eleven minutes. Without fainting. Or breathing.

Somehow, ironically, this line left unintentionally blank.

My teeth are fantastically whiter and I now have ten toes (one of which is pregnant).
I saved over 99% on car insurance with just a three minute phone call.
My volume now has more accurate volume.
My dog is less scared of being in your nightmare.
Everyone from the Hungry Games got to eat Peeta bread.
That singing girl on fire finally got some water; and the one that keeps bleeding love finally got a BandAid.
Clouds with silver linings have turned into gold fillings. With cold feelings.
This word is still shorter than thiss worrd.
The hair on the back of my neck has goosebumps.
And the goose on the back of my neck is prospering.
I still can't make beef jerky without recycled bell-bottoms.
But I can make recycled bells with jerky beef bottoms.
My neighbor is less friendly and somewhat shallow (and maybe hollow), but I cannot attribute that to this product.
Probably just bad timing.

All that from just purchasing the item!!

Once I received it, (which was three days before I bought it) even more semi amazing non-magical stuff started to stop not happening.
Broken tubas sounds even better, more so than yesterday.
The 'contact us' people have been contacting me.
Now, Red Bull not only gives me wings, but also chocolate covered turkey wings and thicker earlobes.
My twenty digit phone number is now encrypted (not the phone line, just the number).
I have a black belt (not in martial arts or anything, just a belt).
You and I once met on an elevator.
(It ended poorly).
My college application filled itself out as I stared at it annoyingly.
Don't read this line. Please.

I can't say for sure that this product will help you with your monopoly game or with world domination, but I am sure that it helped me win the second place ribbon at the 5H Club Festival Showdown (in synchronized tractor tipping) in April, 1813.
Simply purchasing this item right now will charge your phone battery from 21% to 48% in seventeen minutes. (Or the battery of your neighbor if you live in Ohio or Topeka).
If this product were an app, you would have bought four already. (And sold one for a sweet profit to a Matt Damon impersonator.)
But, fact is, apps are wonky because birds are tired of killing pigs, crushing candy is bad for your braces, and a mobile strike would probably have vehicular picket lines.

And you can't really protect your physical documents with an app like you can with these mildly-flavored silky-smooth life-extending pet-friendly fire-breathing bags.
And the zippers are solid silver! Well, maybe not silver, but they are definitely made of some kind of material known to man.

So choose now what to do with this information.
Soapy bubbles will stop infiltrating your eyebrows while you daydream - as a reward for making the right choice today. Though no one knows exactly what that is.

I give this item 14.5 moons. (on a scale of 37 to 21 stars, 4 planets being the highest)
The love child of Piff and Heidi
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on February 23, 2018
 My wife and I recently received the folder via Amazon and our first impressions are:

-it’s great quality and can feel the fireproof materiAls used
-its a good size for legal documents that are longer and wider than 8.5x11” papers
-looks sleek

The California fires got us thinking about getting this product and we are glad that we did. Hopefully we’ll never need to put it to the test. overall happy with this purchase and we will buy more for our family & friends
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on April 30, 2018
Got this for my cannot/rather not lose docs - birth/marriage certificates, passports, car title, mortgage docs, Stephen Curry championship Sports Illustrated, etc.

The material has the expected fire proof material - coated, thick. Seams all appear to be tight. Zipper zips all the way so there’s no gap when it’s closed. Flap velcros close VERY strong. A few stray/excess threads - but easy to snip off.

It’s reasonably spacious - could hold all my above docs easily. Seems like it’ll fit a decent number of legal size docs.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on March 29, 2018
 This is much better quality than I expected. Really sets my mind at ease to know I have this extra level of protection for important things. Will by buying one for my mother as well.
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on April 24, 2018
Came in time. Holds a lot more than I thought it would. Seems to be good quality. We had a spiral notebook type of document and it was a little difficult to get in but I don't think is a common issue for most people.
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on May 25, 2018
Haven't tested it, fotunately. Can fit quite a bit in it. The zipper part is stiff and a little tough to open and close, but don't do that much.
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on April 8, 2018
I was happy to find a fireproof bag for my documents. It was a perfect size for my needs.
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on March 6, 2018
Envelope is flat. Enclosure end is double the thickness on end where it folds back over with velcro. If I had multiple bags in my file I would alternate ends to save file space. I'm planning on using it inside safe.
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on June 5, 2018
Good bag for the price.
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