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on April 19, 2018
I often try to buy refurbished and have rarely been disappointed. This item was no exception. Out of the box, everything appears new and the item's performance was exactly what it should have been. I love the Roku app on my phone that serves as a remote control. This gives you, in certain circumstances, the ability to type while searching rather than relying on the arrow-driven hunt and peck method. Also, if you plug in headphones to your phone it mutes the TV and broadcasts the sound through your phone, a nice touch that can be useful for late-night viewers or those preferring a true surround sound.

This is the first external streaming device I've ever purchased. I bit the bullet because of Spectrum's switch to all digital signals, which renders old fashioned coaxial cable obsolete -- unless you give Spectrum an additional $11 per month, per TV set, for a converter box. The more affordable option is to buy this item and watch TV via the Spectrum app. My impressions:

1) Cost savings. This item will pay for itself in little over two months given Spectrum's rental fee for a converter box. The rest of the Pros on my list would also be the case if you were renting the box, but the cost savings make them even more satisfying.
2) Possible increased channel selection. If, like me, you're adding this to a secondary TV that never had a converter box, you will now be able to receive all of the channels you're paying for, instead of just the basic 60-70 channels that co-ax was giving me. Looking back, I should have done this a couple years ago.
3) Increased HD availability.
4) Program information and schedules on your TV.

1) Navigability can be an issue. Specifically I'm referring to the fact that you have to open a channel guide and scroll to whatever channel you'd like to watch. If I'm using the Spectrum app on my tablet to watch TV it's not a big deal because with a swipe of the screen, it rockets up and down the channel guide. On your TV, you've got to use the arrow buttons to scroll and it can take time to move from, say, channel 44 to channel 401. I'd like to see Spectrum somehow incorporate a means of entering digits on screen to speed up this process.
2) Not really a con, per se, but you may need to purchase a new router or even pay for faster internet. I was told at the Spectrum outlet that my existing router would be too slow. They wanted to give me a newer router, which would of course cost me an additional $5 a month, but I went online and bought one myself. Nonetheless, before that item could arrive I used my existing $15 router and experienced no buffering issues at all. Even with three devices streaming at the same time. Still, when the new router came, I hooked it up to make sure I had the speed to handle multiple TVs.

If you're looking to avoid Spectrum's price gouging, this is just about the only way to go. Fortunately, it does a great job. I have the sneaking feeling that within a year or two, as I find more and more Roku apps to fit my tastes, this device may be what leads me to finally cut the cord.
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on May 8, 2018
I have a total of 3 Roku devices in my household and I love them. I have tried Fire Stick and Apple TV but they don't work as well as the Roku Streaming Stick. This purchase was a refurbished product but it is in perfect condition and it works just as well as the non-refurbished stick I own. Came with the latest remote and a power supply. I had a difficult time with a consistent wi-fi signal on the Fire Stick but I don't have that issue with the Roku Stick. I also love that I can control the power and volume of my TV with the Roku remote.
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on June 3, 2018
This is nice and tiny, good for fitting into tight spaces and such, but for people who own older surround sound receivers, it's got one fundamental problem: it can't downmix the Dolby Digital Plus that streaming services use now into plain Dolby Digital which is what older receivers need. If you've got a newer receiver with DD+ capability, that's not a problem for you--but if you've got an older one that only does plain DD, you will only get stereo sound from those streaming services. And nobody ever tells you about this ahead of time! If you've got an older surround receiver, you want the Roku Ultra | 4K UHD Streaming Media Player with HDR, Enhanced Remote with Voice Search and Headphones, Remote Finder, USB Port, Dual-Band Wifi, Ethernet, and Dolby Audio (Certified Refurbished)--NOT the 2017 Ultra. Make sure the version you get features an optical-out port. The 2016 Roku Ultra is the only one that can downmix to the plain-vanilla DD that older receivers need.

As with any Roku, the device is simple to set up and configure, and it's got the choice of an included remote or a downloadable mobile remote app. The app is particularly nice in that it lets you use your phone's keyboard to enter text rather than the on-screen keyboard. The remote includes a universal function to control your TV's power and volume buttons, which is nice enough if you're not using a surround receiver. It lacks the ability to plug in a pair of earphones for private listening that some older Roku remotes have.
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on May 18, 2018
My Roku Express was purchased as a refurbished product. It looks and works perfectly, and is indistinguishable from a new Roku. I have it hooked up to an old 35" CRT TV using the yellow/red/white RCA inputs. The resulting picture looks as good as a DVD on the same set, and allows me to get a little more mileage out of my old TV before it goes to the landfill. I would buy from this vendor again.
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We recently "cut the cord" and got rid of cable TV and love the Roku. I used an earlier Roku about 5 years ago and am happy that the technology has come a long way! The interface is modern and the device is very responsive. We spent the extra money for the Roku Ultra and the additional features were worth it.

Although I had a good wireless signal in my living room, with our old Chromecast, we would occasionally have buffering issues, so using the wired Ethernet port was a huge plus for me. The headphone jack on the remote is a really cool feature too that I didn't initially see much value in, until one night when my wife wanted to sit in the living room reading, while I wanted to watch the Walking Dead. Inserting headphones into the jack automatically mutes the TV which is nice. A word of warning though that when using the headphone feature, it drains the battery on the remote quickly, so I highly recommend good rechargeable batteries for it.

The volume control for my TV is another nice feature as the lower Roku's can't do this and sometimes it's nice to have another remote that can lower the volume in the event we're using the TV for something else.

Finally, the remote finder is a great feature too. With two small kids, the remote gets lost OFTEN and being able to quickly locate it, is a huge time saver.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the Roku, and while sometimes getting the extra bells and whistles isn't always worth it, in this case, I think it is.
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on June 1, 2018
I bought the Roku Streaming Stick+ after having used the Roku Ultra in my living room and a TCL Roku TV in my bedroom. I recently used the Roku Stick+ for travel use--and it worked out great. I was a die hard user of FireTV (and the Fire Stick) until the whole Google fiasco.

The streaming services I use are Netflix, Hulu, Amazon PrimeVideo, and YoutubeTV. This mix of services swayed me towards Roku. You can't play YouTubeTV on FireTV and you can't play Amazon PrimeVideo on that leaves us with Roku.

Roku has been in this business for a while, and I quite like the interface they've got going on. It's fairly easy to use and that fact that it plays all of the streaming services that I desire is a major plus.

5 stars from me. I had no connectivity issues in the hotel I was staying in, other than having to login every 24 hours (Hilton WiFi). I found the Stick+ to have good WiFi reception and the overall responsiveness was quite quick--very similar to the Roku Ultra.
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on May 1, 2018
I wish I got this sooner! I was hanging on to a 12+ year old Wii just to access Netflix, it took up space and hardly worked, but then the Roku came along and now I can access even more - HBO Go, Hulu, Netflix, so easily! Much cheaper than trading in my perfectly good TV for a Smart TV!
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on May 4, 2018
Unit defective. Keeps on saying low power no matter where its plugged into. It doesn't matter if its the ad adapter or tv. USB port doesn't hold the cord in very well. Unit would just shut off with no reason.
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on April 24, 2018
I bought this unit hoping to control TV Volume and Power using only the Roku remote, and it works as advertised. The other thing which surprised me is Roku is an American company based in California. A friend of mine has a 5 year old Roku, and it has all the latest channel/app offerings, but runs a lot slower than this Ultra unit. Roku does a good job keeping software up to date. Software support continues after you buy a Roku, unlike many competitive offerings from overseas.

The problem I really hoped to solve is I own a Vizio M43-C1 4K TV, and a Vizio E3D320VX 3D TV. They sit right next to each other (the 4K is a "computer" display and sometimes 4K TV), so I bought two Roku Ultra units, one for each TV. Pressing the Power or Volume buttons on either remote controls both TV's, because both Vizio remotes send the same IR signals. I had hoped the Roku Power and Volume feature would work through the HDMI-CEC [Consumer Electronics Control], allowing independent control of each TV with the Roku remote through HDMI-CEC. The Roku Enhanced Remote uses IR communication for Power and Volume. So the Roku Remote works exactly like the factory Vizio remotes for Power and Volume, and must have a clear line of sight path between the Roku remote and TV for Power and Volume functions and be pointed in the general direction of the TV for Power/Volume control. Once setup, the Roku remote operates both TV's, same problem-feature as the original remotes.

All the Roku remote control functions use RF instead of IR operating the two Roku boxes independently even though they sit close to each other. This means the Roku Enhanced Remote will work even under a blanket and doesn't need to be pointed at the TV/Roku (except for Power and Volume which are IR). The Roku Ultra could be placed behind the TV or hidden in a wood cabinet and it would still work with the remote. Like any electronics, make sure the Roku Ultra isn't operated in a hot place, it likes cool room temperatures, no sunshine. The Roku Ultra does not have a fan and runs relatively "cool". The Roku Ultra runs at about the same temperature as my warm hand in a 70 degree F (21 Celsius) room.

During Remote setup for Volume/Power I am able to tell setup to select 8 different Power/Volume configurations by telling it "no" it's not working, when it really is working. This is handy for my bedroom which has a home theater amplifier. The first Roku Power/Volume setting controls the TV Power and Volume, the second one actually uses HDMI-CEC and controls my Home Theater volume instead of the TV volume (it doesn't control home theater power). This is exactly what I want for that installation. For both setups I use the Roku remote to control program volume. The Vizio TV's don't appear to respond to HDMI-CEC Volume control. The Vizio TV's do "see" the Roku Ultra through HDMI-CEC (the wires are connected).

The Roku Enhanced remote is a very sophisticated device with microphone for voice control (somewhat like Alexa), pizo speaker for remote finder noises, headphone out jack to move sound from TV/Theater to the remote, and both RF and IR remote communication. The remote runs off two AA size batteries. I use rechargeable NiMh AA's in mine. For all its features, it is deceptively simple to operate once it's setup. Since I own both 4660 and 4640 Roku's I can also add that the enhanced remote can be paired with both units and is fully functional on either the 4660 and 4640. I ordered another Enhanced Remote from Roku for $40 (shipping+tax) to make things more convenient for my setup. The older 4640 (2016) "Enhanced Remote" doesn't have IR or Power Button and can also be paired with the newer 4660. Each Roku can be paired with more than one remote.

This 4660 has wired Ethernet, Wireless AC, and Wireless N for required internet connectivity. The 4660 does -not- have optical Audio S/PDIF. My TV's do have S/PDIF, so I'm not sure if I'll miss this Roku feature or not.

Comparing this 4660 review to the older 4640, the 4660 is faster than the 4640, but we're talking 9 seconds to load the Plex app as opposed to 11 seconds (Netflix loads in 2 seconds in the 4660 as opposed to 3 seconds in the 4640). Both units are quite fast and responsive. Buy this unit if you want the 2017 Power/Volume Enhanced Remote features from what's delivered in the package.

Other reviews discuss all the wonderful streaming content Roku provides, so I don't need to cover this other than to say; Roku is a "cord cutter" technology, the best I've been able to find. Add a $40/month YouTube Live TV package to the Roku and you won't need cable or satellite. Where I live over the air (OTA) doesn't work. I'm behind a hill. And yes, 4K@60Hz looks spectacular from Netflix or Plex. I'm happy with this purchase and Roku in general.
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on May 30, 2018
I first tried an android kodi box for amazon video. blech! did not do a great job.

tried this roku. wow! super video. no jitter, very smooth video, great colors (seriously). remote could be better; and what's with that tag thingie? odd..

but this product really is great; can't believe they can do video in a small pkg like this; I remember when it took mamoth pc's and high end video cards with many fans to even come close to this kind of video playback.
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