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on March 27, 2018
A wonderful film about a girl's senior year in Catholic school, her first serious boyfriend and her dreams of moving far away to attend college. It is all realistic from the way she longs to be in NY rather than the boring town she grew up in to her very realistic mother/daughter relationship that is frustrating sometimes and loving too. She is embarrassed by her parents and the fact that she isn't one of the rich girls. She buddies up with kids that seem very intelligent and unique only to discover they are just pretentious. It might be the most true mother/ daughter relationship I have ever seen in a film. The writing is excellent. I hate films with teenagers who all talk like adults in a Woody Allen film. The teens here speak realistically for their age. The acting is excellent. Both Saoirse Ronan and Lori Metcalf are perfect in their roles. Highly recommended.
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on June 15, 2018
This movie struck a lot of personal chords for me, and perhaps those that did not enjoy it have not had these experiences. Being a passionate young woman that is trying so hard to differentiate is not an easy part of life. You are doing the best you can but you don't know all the ways you are messing up. Motherhood is a lot the same. You don't get a playbook and you have to figure it out with so many strong emotions always rolling around. There is disappointment and bitterness at times of wishing life had been a bit different, and a slow grind of years and achievements that never come.... Lady Bird is a young, exuberant fool who is just starting to ram up against those disappointments in life. The mother has had plenty and they have virtually pickled her at that point, they are oozing out of her so intensely. She is overworked, coping on behalf of a depressed spouse, stressed, and bitter. Her daughter's dissatisfaction with their life kicks her over the edge repeatedly, not that the things she says help at all.
I really enjoyed the performances and it was honestly hard to watch at many moments, but in a good way. The either warmth or disconnection between characters was palpable and well played IMHO. You honestly wanted Lady Bird to wise up and enjoy the people that enjoyed her more instead of trying to be something else, but it's a process. The nature of family as dysfunctional but necessary against the cruelties of life is portrayed well. Even if you are at odds with those people they are still better allies than most of the rest of the world.
I would watch it again. It's quite therapeutic.
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on February 16, 2018
While watching this film with my daughter, we often looked at one another or said almost the exact same thing in reaction to the scenes between mother and daughter. We laughed, we cried, and had a touching trip down memory lane through this vehicle.

May not be an exciting film for some, but we found it to be a heart-warming film that had us bonding all over again.
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on June 17, 2018
As a fan of Ms. Gerwig's mumblecore performances, I was not surprised when I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful, gentle, honest film. It is as much of an ode to a hometown as it is a remembrance of the emotional ups and downs of late adolescence. Written from the depths of experience, the truth on display is what some who did not like film may find off-putting. However, it is Ms. Gerwig's courage to put the truth front and center that makes this a masterpiece film. This is the kind of writing and directing that one would expect from a mature filmmaker at the peak of her directing career, not as her debut. As an actress, Ms. Gerwig has earned her "shot" at being given the opportunity to direct. Let's hope that she will continue to be respected for her vision and dedication to excellence in storytelling.

The casting was excellent. Ms. Ronen, Ms. Metcalf, and Mr. Letts were outstanding, but the supporting cast should not be overlooked because there were fine performances throughout.
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on June 18, 2018
Beautifully written, acted, and filmed. It reminded me why I don't miss high school or living with my mother, but also made me feel a little nostalgic at the end. It definitely reflected Gerwig's quirky side, as seen in Frances Ha, but wasn't full of her awkwardness because of Ronan and her amazing performance. Lady Bird and her mother were so well acted, I felt like I was watching a documentary that had been a bit polished. I really recommend it to mothers and daughters of all ages. I would however love to see Greta Gerwig and Ava Duvernay team up for a movie like this because wow, was there a lack of diversity and I know this movie was focused on mother daughter relationships and coming of age, but, we need to empower each other, and find ways to work together. So that should be next!
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on March 13, 2018
If you are looking for perfection in a coming of age film, look no further. This film is beautiful, hilarious, heartbreaking, and nostalgic all in the most wonderful ways of those words. It manages to take a simple act ( a young lady graduating high school and heading to college) and turn it into a meaningful glimpse at young life and reflection on the relationships we form or force to form and how they affect our lives and spirit. I can’t say enough good things about this film. Great Gerwig has managed to make her first act into her masterpiece. It truly is a phenomenal film which should remain timeless and inspire many future generations to not be afaraid to take the little things of life and turn them into big meaningful artistic endeavors.
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on July 7, 2018
Man! So many people trashed the film in reviews. I really loved the pacing and how true to life it is. Some people say they don't understand why her brother is not the same race she is. I think they just didn't pay attention. I didn't care why, I'm used to mixed up families and adoption & such. Just to let some attention to the letters Lady Bird reads that are from her mom. Some reviewers trashed the film because they said the LadyBird character was selfish....uhm...she was 18, lol. It's a time of life, when you're learning not everything is about you and she did grow up during the movie. Also, even though she was a bit selfish and self centered, when someone else was in pain, she was very loving. That was the plot several people said was missing. It was just a really accurate look at a mother/daughter relationship, especially, but the whole family, too, during that time of life.
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on June 25, 2018
Wonderful exploration of the growing pains between a mother and daughter at turns funny, sad, moving, uncomfortable- all whichcould said to be true of adolescence or any transitional time of life. Both mother and daughter are moving through a life change filled with expectations, glory, disappointment and regret. This is also a love poem to Sacramento- a place that generally doesn't get too much love! Excellent acting, writing and directing. A movie I will watch again and again!
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on June 26, 2018
In an age where coming of age teen films seem to be churned out with meticulous fashion, often opting for quantity over the preferred quality, Lady Bird challenges the monotonous status quo. Identity is examined through such a beautiful lense, not only relying on the typical teen angst that involves itself in friendship, sex, school, and trying to be something that you're not, but also through a well-crafted resentment of the only home one has known.

What drives the movie, obviously, is the relationship between the titular character and her mother. In every instance, whether it be a scene shared between the two actresses or even in their scenes alone, there was never a moment where their relationship did not feel real. The highs and lows and brilliantly mundane moments of the mother-daughter relationship played out beautifully throughout the film.

An emotional rollercoaster to say the least... Simply because Gerwig and the actors make it almost impossible to not care about a single character and their story. An incredible film that I have every intention of revisiting in the future.
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on March 5, 2018
Great coming-of-age film. Sad it did not snag an Oscar after five nominations. But a gem nonetheless. I loved the red-carpet interview with the director. Advice to teenagers? “Be nicer to your mother!”
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