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on May 4, 2018
Very impressive ANC compared to other headsets. The frequency respond is also very very good. Sound is very clean. A lot of people may find the headset to be tuned too much for highs and lows especially when ANC is OFF. When ANC is ON. The highs are still there but lows drop a little and becomes more comfortable to listen in BT mode but if wired then lows drop even more.
The only down side is like other buyers said. If ANC is ON and you move your head quick from left and right, pops show up. The concern here is if the airplane would land or go through turbulence, would it effect it the sound if headset shakes a little. I hope no.

Update: adding a start to White headset. I compared this white headset to Red and Black E7Pro and White is just better. To addition to pops in headset if ANC is on, Red and Black also have little static. The quality of the sound when playing music is about the same.

Another reason I'm adding a star, because of outstanding customer service. They do very good just to satisfy customers. They over exceeded my expectations.
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on June 2, 2018
I bought these headphones to wear on a plane so I could have active noise cancelling and no wires to deal with. I also wanted something on the lower end of the price spectrum (so no Bose or Sennheiser). I've been wearing them around the house listening to audiobooks and watching Netflix.
- Magically connects with my 4yo tablet, something which my Google Home and Bose speaker have never managed.
- Noise cancelling is pretty good at household noise. I'll update after trying it on an airplane.
- Very lightweight and comfortable. I sometimes forget I'm wearing headphones, which is a a tough thing to manage with over ear designs.
- Pretty normal range. I can walk around a bit and even go into a different room and close the door without losing connectivity
- I'm no audiophile, but the sound is pretty good in Bluetooth mode and only slightly less good with noise cancelling on
- On-ear play/pause works with my mobile devices
- Battery life is great. I've been listening for probably 10 hours or so and the battery is at 70%.
- Bass drops out in noise cancelling mode
- If you use noise cancelling in a quiet environment it sounds kinda staticky
- The on-ear volume control is only okay. It goes up a lot better than down for some reason.

Overall I am super happy with this purchase. For less than $100 this is a great set of headphones.
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on May 2, 2018
The headphones are very comfortable against my ears and have a nice look at feel to them. The problem came at two different points: (1) a call came through my cell and was immediately picked up by the headphones. I was pleased to be talking through the headphones only later to find out those around me could hear everything the caller said through the headphones, which were fitting snugly against my ears. (2) I played music to see if the same happened and it did. Raising the volume to a moderate level, approximately just shy of half volume, and those around me could hear the music. This happened when connected to an Android and IPhone in similar fashion. I often work from home, significance of this being that these headphones, as described, I thought would allow me to listen to audio related to my work, take phone calls, and support my personal guided meditation practices...all through one device. When audio played through the headphones at approximately half volume it was like having a radio on or listening to the music straight from the cell phone it self. It is my thought that once I put on headphones others will not hear all I'm listening to and I will not hear all sounds from the surrounding environment. This is clearly not the outcome my partner and I got from the E7. She wants to use her set for guided meditation and music/movies that she does not want others to hear. I bought the E8 also and will test that tomorrow . If I'm not doing some right please let me know. I really want to like these headphones, however function is critically important thus the need to have headphones that better manage the transmission of sound is vital to being satisfied with the headphone's performance. At present I want to know how to return these headphones. Maybe I just a bad pair that are not properly manufactured?
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These headphone sound great. I know that is a very subjective statement, but I have compared them to my Bose and they sound just as good-plus they do a nice job of making my workstation a better place to be. I can wear these for hours, the battery lasts a long time. I have never yet used the battery up and I wear them all day at work. I love that I can use them to answer my skype on my computer at work and also have it connected to my personal cell at the same time. People can hear me very well through the headset while I can switch back and forth easily. I love the white set I got, they are pretty and elegant rather than the standard black. They do come in other colors, but the white one is really nice. I don't know what else I could expect from a set of headphones-especially at this price. I love them and I would encourage you to try them, as customer service with Cowin is also wonderful. They responded to my email inquiry very quickly (less than 24 hours) and resolved my user issue in a direct and respectful manner.
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on April 13, 2018
I bought these mainly for noise canceling (NC) on airplanes, Amtrak trains and mowing the lawn. In NC mode there is a crackling sound out of the left ear. Cut NC off and the crackling sound goes away. The crackling sound would drive me batty, if I used these frequently but I don't. I didn't want to pay for Bose earphones for the number of times I need NC. If you travel a lot or need to use NC mode a lot, do not buy these. They look cool, the ear cushion is delightful, it's lightweight and the price is right. Reminds me of Apple products, perhaps it''s the white color that's Apple-like. Now it needs Apple type QC.

Cowin engineers need to get the crackling sound out of these. Perhaps that's already fixed in the E8+ models.
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on May 22, 2018
These headphones are awful. Save yourself the trouble and buy some similarly-priced headphones from a different brand (very easy to find on Amazon).

I bought these headphones and returned the first pair because the left side had a horrible warble sound that was exacerbated every time my head or jaw moved. This defect was present from the moment I received the package.

The replacement pair is worse - both sides of the headphone have the same horrible warble noise that is exacerbated when my head or jaw move. This problem was not initially present when the package arrived but it developed over three days of limited use in my office. They are defective, as simple as that. Garbage to be avoided.

Sound quality is mediocre, perhaps a 6 out of 10.

Microphone quality for telephone calls - awful, 2 out of 10.

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on February 9, 2018
I replaced a set of disappointing Bose QC 15's which broke after less than 3 years for a pair of the Cowin E7's in White. So far I love them. They came as expected in 2 days and while I haven't had the chance to use them on a plane for Noise Cancellation, I have been able to easily pair them with my MacBook and iPhone, and the sound quality is superb.

So far I am very impressed with the sound quality of these headphones, given the low cost to purchase. And I will never buy a set of Bose again. They customer service wanted to charge my $199 to replace a pair of headphones that broke through no misuse on my part. Thanks but no thanks. Cowin all the way from here.
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on March 23, 2018
I am a nursing student and listen to music when I study so that I am focused and relaxed. I live in a small thin walled trailer so I can hear every car and noise outside of my house. I bought these headphones so that I could drown out any noise that could distract me from studying. So far these headphones have done just that. I can not hear any of the noises that use to distract me from my work like kids talking loudly outside of my home. The only noise that I can hear is my relaxing music and people if they are talking relatively loud right next to me. However if some one is talking loudly a few feet away from you these headphones help making it more tolerable. I would definely recommend them and do not regret my decision to buy them. They are the best headphones I have ever possessed and hope to have them for a long time
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on April 30, 2018
I'm updating this review to say that I've decreed to keep these. I do find I need a little extra noise too get them to block out talking altogether. Sometimes I listen to white noise with them on nose cancelling, but it works every better if you have a fan going in the foreground.

I also wear them on the bus and I find the bumps in the road causes a fluttering noise.

I still really love how these look, and they do seem to be pretty well made.
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on April 19, 2018
There is suddenly a horrible loud clicking/static like noise on the left ear piece when I have it on the NC (noise cancelling) setting. It was loud and painful when it started. And so unexpected. Not sure this is a quality product. The BT (blue tooth) setting seems fine, but can't use the NC now. I tried turning it off and reconnecting but now it just does it continuously. Going to have to return this. It's sad, they are beautiful headphones and I was looking forward to enjoying them. No longer. I paired this with several devices, that made no difference. The NC setting is dead on these. Shame.
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