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on February 5, 2018
 We got a Google Home Mini for Christmas and we really like using it. Once you get the hang of using your voice to search things or get the weather, you will be hooked. But we wanted more. We wanted to be able to control lights and small appliances with our phone or using Google Home. That's where these smart plugs come in.

The plugs feel solid. There is one button on the side and that's it. You use this button to reset the plugs and then to connect them to the app you download on your phone or tablet. There is a QR code to scan that takes you to the appropriate download for your device. I used Android and everything went smoothly for the install. The app is quite good. I didn't use the printed instructions that came with the plugs. I just used the app. It walked me through everything. Just be sure to plug the device in near your router during setup. You can move it later. It needs to be close to the router.

The plugs work well. I can tell Google to "Turn on Jon's Room" and it will turn on my bedside table light. It will be nice to go into a lighted room when I am going to bed. These plugs work well for me. I'm going to enjoy having them. If anything changes, I'll come back and add to my review.
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on December 23, 2017
These work well as advertised and I found them easy to set up in our home with multiple users and multiple Echo/Alexa accounts. The problem is the app that works on your phone requires extensive permissions, much more so than warranted given the function of these devices. I am concerned abut having any business, and especially a Chinese business, so much intrusion into my private network and phone environment. This is what they don't tell you in the description. When you hear of major hacking on a daily basis I greatly prefer a solution not dependent on a phone app.
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on December 2, 2017
Works as expected. Just a little hitch when pairing it with Alexa.... Even though I named the plug ("Kitchen Radio") when Alexa discovered the plug, it called it - "Wifi plug." So, I just had to edit it's name in the smarthome devices and now Alexa is controlling it just fine. I like the dual-usb adapter it came with and, thought the cord wasn't compatible with Android devices. But, then I played around with it and discovered the Android micro usb plug is hidden! I'll attach a picture with the micro usb plug revealed.
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on December 30, 2017
UPDATE!: WORKING! The instructions said to use the Jinvoo App. This app wouldnt link correctly with Alexa, even though it said it did. I used the Smart Life app instead and both plugs work perfectly!

These will not work with Alexa for me. They are controlled perfectly through the Jinvoo Smart app on my phone and turn off and on as directed every time. I've linked it to Alexa and ensured Alexa can see both devices, but each time I attempt to use Alexa to turn them on or off, Alexa says they aren't responding. I've "forgotten" and re-discovered the devices in Alexa's config and even the unlinked and relinked the Jinvoo skill, but the result is the same each time.
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I actually purchased the product so this is not a fake review.

1st the product does not work on 5ghz so if you are still running on 2.4 then yes it will link up to your wifi, but the rest of us that use 5ghz it will not work.

2nd even past the 2.4ghz limitations is the absurd amount of security issues this app or any of the chinese smart plug apps use. the default app is a total POS. You can use the smart life app and its not much better. The amount of access these apps need to work is just stupid. Just for fun I installed the jinvoo and smart life app. then I hooked up wireshark to see what these apps and plugs were doing. Why does a smart plug need about 15 different IP's in china in order to work? Do you really need to be sending keep alives and other request from a plug that is simply supposed to turn things on and off. Seriously hook up wireshark and look where this thing is phoning home to. Not just 1 ip but about 15 different and unique ips. I am not a conspiracy theorist but wireshark doesn't like.

tl:dr - spyware (hook up wireshark), crappy proprietary app, requires way too many permissions to simply allow power on or off. You really need access to my photos to work????
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on January 15, 2018
 Very good product. Solidly made. The pairing process is a breeze and the software has good step-by-step instruction for the 1st-time hookup. One of them was used to control my fish tank light and it works exactly as I would like it to, as shown in the enclosed video. I also created schedules for lights on and off in the software. Another one is used to control my wireless security cameras. For some reason, the cameras lost connection with the recording unit from time to time and I had to go to the 2nd floor to disconnect the power to the cameras and reboot them. Now with this smart plug, I can simply click the power off button to reboot the cameras. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product and looking forward to ordering more.
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on July 15, 2018
Bought these a month or so ago, and they have been sitting around. Had a couple lights (that I don't dim) I could use these on, tying them into my Google Home, or at least the description said I could (Alexia also it says).
So I read the instructions (pretty decent instructions except for one thing I address later), oh and the small print and my old eyes was not that great.
Plugged the first one in, in the back bedroom, which is also on a WiFi extender just to mention that. You need to install the app on your mobile device, and sign up for an account, just so you know. Plugged in the first one, pressed the button (on the side, they didn't say that that I noticed) until the light started fast blinking (per instructions) went into the app, added the device.
Worked like a champ from their app. Also set a timer (on at a certain time selected every day (it's broken down into Sunday through Saturday). Set a second schedule for off time. Works like a champ!
Followed the instructions on linking my Jinvoo account to my Google home. Now I have voice control through my Google home, both the main on (on the regular WiFi and the mini on the Extended WiFi just so you know).
Well heck, lets do the second one, out in the main room, that is on a timer.
Simple setup again, works like a champ via their app. Set a schedule also for it.
Here is the fall down in the instructions, Google home isn't aware of the second device.
Humm, how do I get the new device on google home.
Add it back in, no not an option it appears, Smart Life (the device manufacturers name I guess) is already selected, with one device listed.
Can I refresh the account link? Nope, only UNLINK it.
Will it refresh after some time?
IDK, but after an hour it did not.
Check the instructions (Dang tiny print) nothing.
OK, Unlink the account, then relink it, so annoying (first world problems), but that worked.
NOTE - Give them meaningful names in the Jinvoo app.
These work dang good so far. No real complaints, and they were WAY cheaper than the Hue lights, but these do not dim, which is what I wanted when I bought the hue, and I don't need a "bridge" for them like the Hue.
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on November 14, 2017
 great product! I just plug the smart plug in, and download that app by scan QR code. Input the wifi password, and it is all set! The direction is very straightforward and simple! I love the product, it is super convenience!
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on June 28, 2018
I have been using the TP-Link compact smart plugs, with great results. The TP-Links cost me about $45 for 2, on sale. They’re usually ~$50 for 2. When I saw these at $20 for 2 I figured it was worth a shot. These are made in China, as most electronics are. The product itself is presented neatly in a nice box with adequate instructions. The only obvious indication of being a Chinese company (other than stating it on the label) is the Jinvoo app. Some of the setup grammar is questionable. Also, like the TP-Link app, Jinvoo requires either an email or phone number to use. Since I’ve never heard of this brand, I chose to use a spam email account in case they’re selling off my info. The app provides the features you’d expect, like a power button, countdown timer, and run schedule. Setup was easy. It works with the Echo, just like you’d expect. My complaint is that the size is not exactly right for fitting two in one socket. Two WILL fit, but there is some minor rubbing and wedging them in to make that happen. The TP-Link product is clearly better if you need to fit two in the same wall plug. And lastly, something I wish they’d change is making the design centered, like the TP-Link smart plug. If you try to use this smart plug with a wall plate that has more depth dimension along its border, the plug will likely make contact with the wall plate and prevent it from seating properly. Though, you could spend a few cents and replace the wall plate in most cases. My product did include a car adapter and charging cable as an added gift. I have no review input for these items as I haven’t tried them, and don’t plan to.
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on June 7, 2018
Nice purchase. This is the most surprisingly easiest tech product I have worked with this year. I had already loaded the Smart Life skill on Alexa, the app on my phone and registered an account and linked to Alexa before receiving. This was based on the positive reviews I read here.

Once I received the two EPICKA WiFi Smart Plug Mini units, I began setting them up. I plugged the first one in and held the button on the side for a few seconds. Once the light begins to blink, you can use the Smart Life app on your phone to tell the device about your WiFi network and give it a name.

I have two 3D printers in my hobby room that I want to control using Octopi and be able to switch thing off and on via Alexa and/or phone. After Octopi comes online, I can simply send 3D print jobs from my living room computer to the 3D printer.

After both EPICKA WiFi Smart Plug Mini's were connected to my wifi using the Smart Life app on my phone, they were easily accessible by name on Alexa, because I have already linked Alexa Smart Life skill to the Smart Life login I had already established.

This has been working very well. I have turned both outlets off and on several times over 4 days. Just now I turned on my Anet A8 printer and its Octopi manager and pulled up the live video feed to confirm everything is good. Aces!

For the price and easy set up, this is one product you will want to consider in your quest for a smart home.

Did I mention that it includes a 1a -12v auto adapter with two USB charging ports? I saw that in one of the pictures and wondered how it is related to this product. It is not related. It's a bonus!!!
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