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on December 12, 2017
I have been a long time Bald Eagle user and I am familiar with the cleaning process and operation. I was excited about the new shaver but I would like to summarize my experience with 3 of these units.

The first one worked for only 1 week. I took it on international business trip and it completely stopped working halfway through a shave. Unfortunately I was left with a half shaven head and no time or means to get to a barber in a foreign speaking country. I survived my remaining meetings.

The second one: Skull shaver sent me a replacement, which i immediately noticed that only 4 out of the 5 blades were rotating. I am not sure why, but somehow one blade was just not rotating at all. Skull shaver was apologetic and surprised but they replaced it again.

This is where it gets interesting. I received the third shaver and eager to try it out I shaved my head which had a relatively fresh shave from the day before. After I finished I tried to rinse the blade in a glass of water as usual but I noticed that nothing was coming out. Confused, I popped open one of the blades, to find that the inside of the head was completely packed and caked with greasy long hairs, about half inch long.

I immediately sent a note to Skull Shaver asking how I could have been sent a shaver with a used dirty head. Their response was that they would not do anything for me because I opened the head of the shaver. Their warranty states that the head is not covered under warranty, and there is an addendum note which is stuck to the outside of the box that says "do not open the head." I am not sure how these policies relate to a potential remedy for a used shaver head accidentally being sent to a loyal customer, but Skull Shaver is sticking to their guns.

Some background on the head: It is made to be opened tool free. Each outside blade has small indentations on both sides where you can easily pinch with your fingers to unclip that section and remove each blade from the head. Once the 4 outside blades are off the center blade just rotates about 15 degrees and comes off. It does not require any extra force, it all just pops right open with your fingers. In my opinion opening the head is a normal maintenance requirement. On my old bald eagle I open the head every few months to clean out any residual oil or hair buildup. The justification for this absurd warranty policy is that "there are some small parts inside the head which are easy to lose." If you are not a complete ham-fist you wont lose any of the parts. If you can replace the batteries on a TV remote, you can open and close the head.

In summary, I am now stuck with a shaver with a used head. I spent about 20 minutes carefully cleaning out the head of the shaver because water could not even get in to clear out the packed hairs. I then cleaned the head in a bath of isopropyl alcohol to make sure it was disinfected from whoever's hair was in there. I had to do all this and I am still stuck with a shaver with a used head after I paid for a new one! I took the attached photo of the inside of the middle blade after I had already cleaned out the 4 outside corners. When I started they all looked like this. Gross!

Skull Shaver is a joke. They have a decent product, but their quality control and customer service is abominable. It is disgusting that they sent me a used shaver full of human hair, and completely unacceptable that they would not do anything about it simply because I opened the head to investigate a failed water cleaning. Stay away. Stay away. Stay away.
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on March 2, 2018
As you can see in other reviews, my PitBull (Gold) isn't the only one that a blade malfunctioned / fell off of within weeks.

I've using their previous Skull Shaver product - the Bald Eagle Smart - for a few years now, and have been real happy with it. But aside from my Bald Eagle getting older, there were a lot of points about the PitBull Gold that got me interested in "upgrading" to it.

Was really looking forward to this, and maybe I got a lemon, but ultimately this was a disappointment compared to the Bald Eagle Smart, and in a sec I'll compare the two with pros & cons, but first...

SHORT VERSION - This could have been a 5-star product if not for the following:
- Right out of the box, the blade chatters and is louder than the Bald Eagle.
- Within 3 weeks of light use one of the rotary blades fell right off while I was shaving.
- Received an email from Skull Shaver asking if I was happy with my purchase and to leave a review (right here through Amazon). I responded and told them about the problem and told them I'd like to hear from them / work with them before leaving a review. They never responded.

So since the blades were noisy and one fell off during normal use, and Skull never responded, I've returned the unit for refund and contemplating what to try instead.

BASIC COMPARISON between the PitBull Gold and the Bald Eagle Smart:

The main difference you'll notice right away is size. The blades / blade unit are bigger that the Bald Eagle Smart blades, and the body is also bigger (and slightly heavier) than the Bald Eagle Smart.

- The bigger blade = more coverage = shorter time to shave
- The bigger body = bigger battery = holds charge longer than the Bald Eagle
- The twist-off blade is a huge improvement over the "snap-out" blade on the Bald Eagle
- Battery level display is protected and simple / easy to read

- The rotary blades have a tendency to fall off within a month (according to several of us now)
- Louder / noisier than the Bald Eagle Smart (at least the PitBill I received was)
- No response from Skull when you reply to their email asking if you're happy / asking you to give feedback
- Unlike the Bald Eagle Smart, the blades on the PitBull don't rinse as well and it's obvious that they're not releasing stubble. allowing it to build up

- Motor doesn't seem to be much faster than the Bald Eagle and IMO the hype over the difference seems a bit more hype than fact. YMMV

GLARING RED FLAG - Take into considering the big notice in the box warning you that if you remove a rotary blade cover you'll immediately void the warranty combined with the fact that several of us have reported them falling off within a month is already telling, but then add to that the lack of response from Skull to those of who have reported the issue... well, silence can speak for itself sometimes. It *seems* like they know this is an issue and are just not addressing it. (Obviously some opinion and speculation involved here).

Bottom line - my Bald Eagle Smart is working great after years, the blades clean / rinse very well (much better than the PitBull) and since I'm one of those whose had a rotary blade fall right off the Pitbull, I'll either stick with buying a new blade for my Bald Eagle or look at some of the other shaver brands on here.

Here's a photo I sent to Skull in response to their email asking for feedback / asking if the product arrive well, the day that one of the rotary blades fell off just 3 weeks after purchasing it.

I personally think that there are issues to be addressed with the blade unit / housing, for both cleaning and... well... not falling apart brand new.
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on January 30, 2018
This started out as a good shave. Easy to use and effective. In a few weeks the shave was not as close and rough stubble impossible to get shaved. Charges quickly and keeps charge. Does not have a very powerful motor and can bog down on tougher spots. Really like this but experience was disappointing. NEGATIVE: Don't expect any customer service or response to questions from manufacturer. It's been weeks and I've heard no response - disappointing.
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on November 20, 2017
I have been flipping between regular razor (5 blades kind) and Norelco for reasons of ease vs fine shaving. I have been leaning to blades as Norelco was tough on my skin and was sort of painful. I found this product -Pitbull Gold Shaver and I can not be more happy to land on this product. From workmanship, look, battery life to performance- this product excelled in every department. It provides the closest shave that I was always looking for. Initially I had to give more time per square inch but I guess it learns about individual contour allowing me to do quicker shave. Grip is very convenient and allow better control with angles. Battery last super long and having the percentage of charged number helps a lot. It is also quieter.
Overall an amazing product and am super happy with it.
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on April 9, 2018
I purchased this based on their claim that you could shave your head in under 2 minutes. I have never had much luck with electric razors on my face and never tried one on my head in the past so I was skeptical. I figured with the "Satisfaction Guarantee" it was at least worth a try. I typically shave my head every other day with a razor and I tend to get behind because at 4:30am sometimes I just don't feel like doing it, I would rather jump out of the shower and get a cup of coffee. If this works, it would solve all my problems with getting behind!

I received my Pitbull 1 day earlier than expected and it was packaged nicely. Came out of the box fully charged and ready to go. I decided to try it out that night just in case I ran into any problems that I definitely would not want to deal with in the morning. I was pretty impressed with how close it cut, pretty much as well as my razor. I had to go over some spots multiple times, it did not seem to be a one pass deal. I followed directions (moving in a circular motion). End result was a pretty good shave but actually took longer than I do with a razor. I did not have any irritation on my head, but it did chew up the back of my neck pretty good. Lesson learned, next time stick with the head and use the razor for back of neck if needed. I did not want to give up on the product and thought maybe after a few more times of use I would be able to do it a little faster and maybe not have to do as many passes in areas to get an even looking shave. Mostly had issues with the crown of my head and the "divot" in the back of my head. It did surprisingly well behind my ears where I struggle to get with a razor sometimes. After 4 uses, I was still having the same issue of it taking longer than with the razor so I decided to return it. It just wasn't worth the money to me.

Overall, I was impressed with how close it cut, but just wasn't doing what I bought it for. If time is not an issue I could see somebody getting good use out of this product.
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on February 19, 2018
Shaver arrived in a timely manner and was just as advertised right out of the box. It is a quick shave, easy to hold/handle and does a good job of shaving my head. Of course it doesn't shave a close as a bladed razor but it's not far off. I use it every day and it keeps any visible stubble cut short enough that the only way to discern it is to rub your hand over my head. It cleans up easily in the tray with nothing more than warm water. I've only used it dry so I can't comment on how it works/cleans up when using foam shave cream. It is recommended that you do NOT use gel shaving cream because it clogs the blades. It recharges quickly as well and even using it daily I've never run it down below 60% in a week of shaving.

If you've previously used a bladed razor to shave and ended up with knicks and cuts then you won't have to worry about that with this razor. I highly recommend this to all who are considering a rechargeable shaver.
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on April 7, 2018
I bought this because I travel or sometime soon just don't have time to shave my head smooth with a traditional razor. This worked amazing straight out of the box dry. I have only used this once so far, so keep that in mind. The instructions say to use for 4 days a week for a couple weeks for your scalp to adapt. My first shaving experience was both easy and comfortable. It still does not get quite as close as a normal razor but it is very close! The best way to describe it is if you were to shave completely slick smooth and then have a very slight stubble the next morning. It does feel very smooth in some areas, just not along my entire scalp. It may improve with time and practice. I'm very happy with this product so far. I'll try to update later if any issues develope.

Uodate: After a few weeks of use, this unit is still performing quite well. The main thing I don't like is that it can miss some hair around your ears. Other than that, I am completely happy with this purchase.
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on November 16, 2017
An excellent product just got better! Wanted to give it 10 stars. Very smooth & clean shave. Thanks for looking out for the bald guys
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on March 8, 2018
I have had the Pitbull Gold Shaver now about a month, and have used it about a dozen times. It usually takes me about 3 minutes to complete shaving my head to my satisfaction. I have yet to charge it since opening the box. It is easy to use, comfortable to use, and easy to clean. Does it shave as close as a razor - NO. It certainly isn't that close, but it is close enough to look very good. Using a razor for the past 12 years - that was just literally doing a number on my scalp. Plus that took me 10 minutes standing in the shower. So, all and all, I love this thing. THE BIG QUESTION IS - WILL IT LAST? It looks to be very well made. At this point, I would say that I have no reason to think that it wouldn't. So, I will have to give it 5 stars and hope that it will last at least a couple of years. If it does, I will be totally content on my money spent.
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on May 1, 2018
I will start off by saying that I don't really think that this product is all that. I was hooked by the video saying shaves in 90 seconds....whelp, if I only went 90 seconds there would be a whole lot of hair that gets to live another day. If I invest 10 minutes, then it does ok. Also, don't fool yourself into thinking that this will be the same type of closeness as you would get with a blade, not that I was expecting it, but you will be disappointed if that is your hope.

The good is that it does work, but not on 1 day growth, at least for me. It seems to clean up easily, and certainly would do the job. It just isn't what I was hoping for in speed of the shave.

I am going to be having shoulder surgery in a month, so this will help out greatly then. With a blade I am a 2 handed shaver, so this will help me get by while my arm is in a sling for 4 months.
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