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on June 21, 2017
The case looks solid, and I do like the texture! It is nothing like the cheap case you would buy from some local small stores. With this price, the quality of the product is actually better than I expected. I bought black color. It looks professional and you can definitely use it at working place or at school. Will buy another on of yellow color for my sister. Anyway, good product with good price!
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on November 20, 2017
Got this case today and wow, I’ve tried the spigen clear crystal, speck black, the black leather case from Apple, and a blue silicone case from Apple too. This is the one, this case fits perfectly, it is slim and feels great. Imagine the silicone Apple case that cost $40 but this one is $15 and covers the lower part of the phone which is one of the main reasons I got it. If you want a case that feels premium and covers the entire phone this is it.
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on April 9, 2018
Just got this case. I thought it would have had a small lip to help protect against front falls. It doesn't. I always have a glass screen protector on my phone. The screen protector sits above the cases edge. The cases edge sits flush with the phone. The back is nice. Camera sits flush with the back. Case is slim. Good for someone looking for a minimalist case with a soft feel. I ultimately returned mine as I was expecting it to have a small lip protecting the camera and screen.

Nice feel.

Will not protect your phone in a fall involving your screen.
Potential for the camera to get scratched up.

Bottom line: It is a good slim case that provides protection from normal wear and tear and minimal protection if you drop your phone. Feels nice in the hand.
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on July 16, 2017
I bought this case for my mom for her new Amazon Fire HD tablet, and am very pleased with it. I read a good bit of reviews before purchasing and it seemed like a good bet. The tablet fits perfect and what holds the tablet in doesn't obscure the screen like a lot of cases/stands out there. 2 negative reviews I read said that the tablet will not sit upright properly because of the design of the case, and also that when the cover is closed the screen will not go to sleep or wake properly when opened back up, as advertised. The tablet does sit upright vertically well in my opinion when properly assembled...look at the pictures to help fold it correctly and it works just fine. It does tilt back slightly but that's no issue considering almost all stands for anything these days do the same, but all in all it sits vertically just fine. I believe people just aren't folding the back correctly. The sleep/awake feature advertised with the closing and opening of the cover works great as well, it's actually a great selling point in my opinion...helps save battery life on the Fire HD tablet and you don't have to hit the power button to turn it back on. Overall it's a great case for the price, I work in the wireless industry and stuff similar to this case we sell for way more than what this is priced at. Purchase with confidence!
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on January 23, 2018
This is by far the slimmest case I have ever felt and is very low profile. It isn’t as slick as people are saying and it doesn’t collect as much dust as people have said. Just don’t put it in dusty places like lint pockets? Anyways, the reason to why I voted 3 stars is because the lense and screen are NOT secured and protrude farther than the case. This leaves room for the camera and screen to get scratched and abused. I invested in a pop socket to prevent this.
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on August 13, 2017
It's OK, not great. But probably the best you can get. I really don't understand why after coming up with the original ORIGAMI cover a few generations back Amazon dumped it. It worked well from many angles and was all magnetic, including the way the Kindle attached. Nothing since has come close.
This cover has a slight edge over the very lame folding cover that Amazon now sells. The Amazon one is stiffer and sticks open (a minor plus since weight really takes care of that), but the Amazon cover is not stable in the vertical position. So if say you read the Washington Post (got that Amazon .... your newspaper...) then the Amazon cover is on the verge of falling over all the time. This one is MUCH stabler in that position, but because it doesn't "lock" in the open position the weight makes it rest at a slight angle. Not lethal but come on who tested this???????

So in the vertical you have a choice, on the verge of falling over, or at a bit of an angle. There is a twist cover that has a "vertical" position but it is less that 45 degrees from flat, that is not vertical.

Horizontal I give this the edge since it is happy with the speakers in the down firing position and the Amazon one is only stable with them in the up firing (AKA away from your ears) position.

So it is OK, but not great
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on June 18, 2018
Ok I reviewed this when I first got it, the other day I was trying to remove the case so I can wipe my phone up and the case literally broke in half...I mean it is still attached on the outside but you can see the broken line.

I love it, my phone feels slim (as it should) I hate bulky cases and that's the reason I stuck up with iPhone 5SE for so long because of the size, recently got the iPhone X and needed a slim and nonslip case. and this is perfect.
first few days the case collects dust or lint from your clothes and now i'ts just as smooth as it should be. I love it.
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on November 3, 2017
This case does the job. It isn’t my favorite case style, but the style I’ve always bought for previous tablets isn’t available for the fire 8. It’s more affordable than the amazon brand case, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

The color is great. The magnetic front turns off the screen when closed. The back folds to hold the tablet both vertical and horizontal.

When you are holding the tablet reading the cover just flaps around. It can be annoying when reading for long periods. I wish they could make it magnetic and stick to the back of the case. Also, the case only folds so you get one viewing angle for each of the vertical and horizontal orientations.
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on July 24, 2017
Good protection for my new Kindle Fire 8. I can put it horizontally or vertically. The horizontal part is a little difficult to get it to fold correctly, but I'm sure with a little more practice I'll have no problem. I think I like the case from my previous Kindle better, but this is fine.
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on July 27, 2017
Incredibly thin and so flexible that it doesn't provide adequate support either horizontally or vertically for my new Kindle Fire HD8.
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