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on November 24, 2017
Easy One Touch 4 is a much improved mount over the Easy One Touch 3. This unit now closes and opens much smoother than the 3 did and is overall a much better design. The size of the actual unit is a lot smaller now but still works perfect with our Note 8 and iPhone X both in cases. The adjustable foot has also been much improved and locks in place better now. One of the best $25. you can spend. I've included some pictures showing the box and contents. Also a couple pictures of the 4 and 3 side by side.
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on January 10, 2018
Honest to Gosh, I can say this is one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. I ordered two of these; one for my husband's car, and one for mine. Both failed, probably because my dashboard is just curved enough to need the different bottom piece. I installed the first one in my car, and it came off after about 24 hours even though I followed the instructions, including the (!) part, then I used the sticky part of my hubby's for a second go in my car, and it too failed, even though I tried it in a flatter part of the car which blocks a large portion of my view. After 24 hours of having a working clip, I can't see how I ever used any other type of phone holder. This thing is AWESOME, because it easily clicks in, (with a satisfying click sound and everything,) and it adjusts to how ever I need it. I am disabled and suck at things that require dexterity, and this thing gives me almost no trouble to set my phone in, and take out. Anyway, it didn't stay on my dash, I wrote an email to iOttie, and they wrote me back right away, and are going to send me a replacement sticky part, that is better suited for my dashboard. Wow. They were so great. I am super impressed. I hate writing reviews, but I wanted to make sure I did for this item, because it is worth it.
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on January 3, 2018
This is totally worth the 25 bucks. You can transfer it between vehicles and for most dashes will stick right on.

The mount is not shaky, creepy, or short of features. It held my iPhone X (with case), and before that it held my iPhone 6s Plus. I use this for long distance travel and commuting and t is perfect. The mount makes it very easy to load and unload your phone and change the orientation. This new model looks best out of all of them.

You can see in my pictures this new version set side by side with the last model. The functionality is the same but I believe it is way more pleasing to the eye.
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on January 6, 2018
I got this because I was sick and tired of my phone not having a dedicated spot in the car. There are things I like, and things I don't like:

I Like:
- It hold the phone securely (iPhone 6). No problems at all
- The suction cup holds to the windshield tighter than a scared 3 year old
- The extended arm doesn't really 'bounce' at all. Rock steady

I Don't Like:
- I bought this for a dash mount. It really does not hold to the dash. Yes, I prepped the dash. Yes, I followed the instructions. And, NO, it doesn't hold the dash very well (but see above regarding the windshield!).
- Because it doesn't hold the dash, I attached to windshield. The arm is plenty long to put the phone where I want it, but it does block the vision a bit in the center of the windshield. Annoying, but you get used to it.
- It is a little difficult to release the phone 1-handed. I get it done well enough, though.

That's about it - I haven't seen anything out there that I would prefer, and I would buy again.
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on March 27, 2018
I cleaned my dashboard and attempted to install it. The sticky dash pad held for about a day and then the next time I got in my car, the whole thing had fallen off, dash pad and all. To their credit, iOttie sent me a complete replacement. This time I made sure to wait until it was 50 degrees outside, 10 degrees warmer than what they recommend. On the new one, the dash pad stuck well but the suction cup won’t hold to the dash pad at all (yes I flipped the lever down). I didn’t even get a chance to put my phone in it this time - the unit falls even under its own weight. I’m super disappointed because I really like all the angles of adjustment available and when I hold the unit in my hand, my phone is held very securely.
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on November 28, 2017
Very well engineered, solidly constructed and adaptable! I saw this thing in my friend's car, and after he showed it to me I had to have one.
It has just about all the adjustments you'd ever want. Once installed, snapping the phone in and out are both impressively easy. And once in the holder, the phone is held securely. No wobble, and you can do simple operations with the phone while it's in the holder. Plus, if needed you can snake a charger cable up through the gap in middle of the holder's foot underneath the phone.
Here's a warning to a new user: Read the installation instructions (which are actually quite good). Depending on your dashboard, you can use an adhesive pad underneath the base of the holder. They warn you about how sticky that adhesive is. They warn you to make sure that the pad is positioned on the dashboard (or windshield) just where you want it. Once you've finished the installation, it's pretty much part of the car (semi-permanent). And that's a really good thing. It's why this holder isn't a rickety device with lots of movement. As I said, it's a really good thing...unless like me you overlook an action you routinely do when in the car, like using the dashboard's pull-out cup holder. Fortunately, with the Easy One's many adjustments I easily finessed the problem.
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on December 18, 2017
Normally I don't write these reviews so soon, yet I got this today. I installed it on my windshield. With plenty of experience with windshield mounted phone holders, I have been let down with them either being difficult to use or unable to use one-handed. This takes the cake. I am an owner of an iPhone 8+ in a Catalyst case and a Samsung 8+ in a Spigen thin case, and I tested both of them. The holder worked. I had to remove the feet so both would be centered, but it held both of then without fail.

Now, when you attach the windshield... Folks, it is attached! I had to move it and it was difficult to move the darn thing. I am not sure how the dash holder would do, but I can tell you this, I will be getting one for all of my cars in the near future.
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on March 20, 2018
I have an iPhone SE with otter defender case, and I drive a Jeep TJ, (Heavy, fat phone, bouncy vehicle). The phone holder is big, but attaching this unit to the lower center of the windshield prevents blind spots. Once the unit is attached, good luck removing it, this thing has become permanent furniture in the cockpit, so be advised, pick your mounting space wisely. That being said, there are multiple adjustments to play with, and I did. I like the way it telescopes, swivels and bends. Snapping the phone in is um . . . a snap. Removing it is one-handed easy, (note: both levers do not need to be pushed in to release phone). Invert iphone so that top of phone is at the "feet" of holder, or remove feet altogether so they do not block speakers or charging location. The best part of this thing is it holds my phone when locked in. There's only marginal wiggle, but remember, I drive an older Jeep and if things didn't wiggle and jiggle then your not moving.
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VINE VOICEon February 14, 2018
This is my third iOttie. First one broke after a couple years of heavy use. Now we have a '3' installed in one car and a '4' installed in the other. As you can see, I love this device. it holds the phone firmly, mounts easily, is highly adjustable, and only requires a single hand to get the phone in and out of. We use this with an iPhone 6, and an iPhone 5. Different sizes, both fit equally well.

The only issues we have had with past iOttie mounts is 1 -- the screw that you holds the top "arm" to the bottom "arm" can get loose and fall out. In the prior version it was a metal screw. In this one, it is plastic; it hasn't fallen out yet, but time will tell. The other issue is that over time the sticky pad can lose its stick. We had it on a slightly textured, slightly curved dashboard, and at first (for like a year) it stuck quite well, but then it started to fall off when it got very hot (as in, car left in the sunlight in the summer.) The falling off got worse and worse. We bought a replacement sticky pad and that restored it to its original state.
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on December 20, 2017
This is my third gen iOttie device - and they just keep getting better. My only gripe (not worth a deduction) is that in my current car, the weight of my iphone 8 plus hanging at an incredibly low angle kept tearing the stick disk off the dash - something I had never experienced in other configurations with less weight at that angle. So I glued the disk to the dash (thanks Shoe Goo!), and no more issues.

This is one of those simple devices that is extremely configurable. It can be flipped over, extended, and there are joints and hand-turn adjustments that can support some pretty wild configurations. It easily holds my iPhone 8s with its large case, and snapping the phone in or out is simple.
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