on December 13, 2017
I am SO excited that I ordered this Bonaok air powered soccer ball. My daughter has been having a blast with it.

It just sort of floats across our hardwood floors playing the music. It has been driving our dogs nuts. One of them likes it and runs with it and the other one runs away sits by an adult. It is very colorful but honestly Gracie has not played with it in the dark. I will admit that she has hit my wall and I was a little worried but there was NOT one bit of damage at all. This is something that my daughter actually REALLY enjoys playing with. It is so funny once the music starts, our house goes wild. It's fun for the whole family because we are all laughing by the end. It is pet friendly

This is a really great toy!
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on December 16, 2017
 My boys received this as a present from me. My boys like to roll our island out of the way and play this in our kitchen. There is a foam bumper surronding the hover soccer ball so I did not need to worry about my baseboards or furniture. We have lots of fun kicking it back and forth. This hover ball does come with 2 goals! ...however we chose not to use them. My boys love the colorful lights and the batteries last a long time in this toy. Check out our video hope this helps :-) best if used on smooth concrete/cement like a garage floor, hardwood floors or Linoleum.
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on November 6, 2017
My kids and I absolutely love this air power soccer game. This is a huge upgrade from the first product that came out like this. The soccer disk makes a little bit of noise, but not horrible for what it does. It actually gives it the hover power. Similar to how an air hockey puck floats. So it does float/hover around without even being kicked. The disk lights up and changes colors while in use. The foam padding is excellent. I rammed this soccer disk into quite a few things in my house before handing it over to the kids. I was very impressed with the durability. With the hover power, I don't have to worry about my floors being scratched up either. Awesome product that provides entertainment for the whole family.
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on July 22, 2018
Stay away from this set. You’d be much better off purchasing the soccer “ball” on its own which is actually kind of cool and fun to play with as long as you have a tile or wood floor as it will not slide on carpeting. The size of this is ridiculous - so small!!
This is gross false advertising on the part of this company. The box and advertising present the goals as huge compared to what they actually are in reality. The goals are constructed by putting together cheap plastic tubes and a net. Very cheap and faulty materials.
There is no real way to keep the net on the goals unless tape is used to keep it in place which is ridiculous. It is so small that it is only slightly bigger than the actual ball.
When my son was trying to play, the goals would fall apart everyone the the balls hit the net and we kept having to stop to put it back together.
I’ve attached a photo to show the proportion of the ball to the goals and how it measures up to seven year old son.
Bottom line - the ball is actually fun to play with but do not buy this set - it’s cheap and will fall apart.
It’s a shame that this company gets away with such blatant false advertising!!
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on January 8, 2018
My 2 year old daughter loves to carry this soccer ball around and bring it to different rooms to try it on the floors. I have found this ball to be perfect on any type of hard floor; i.e Laminates, hardwood,tile, stone and any other hard surface where the 2 plastic pieces on the bottom won't get stuck. I have found that this air power soccer ball will not work on carpets however, no matter how low they are. Me and my wife have a area rug that's about as thin as they make them and this thing wont move at all on it. I assume the battery life is average for a toy that requires 4 AA batteries that are not included. The toy is kinda small about the size of a small dinner plate, but is a good size for younger kids like my daughter. Overall i would recommend this product to anybody with a younger kids; but would like to see some improvements made such as having a rechargeable battery and trying to improve quality to make seem not feel so cheap. I received this product for free or at a discounted price for my unbiased review
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on November 28, 2017
 It hovers! If you've ever played air hockey, you know what to expect from the Amazing Hover Ball. It blows air out the bottom to give it that gliding/hovering feel. The soft cushions on the edges protect your walls and feet. It lights up, but doesn't respond to your kicks or bumps. I only have two negatives:
1. The fan is a bit loud
2. You need a screwdriver to replace the batteries
At least they include a small screwdriver, but it's too small for the screw on the product and pretty much worthless all around. For more info, take a peek at my video review
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on January 21, 2018
Excellent hover ball. It hovers very well over hardwood floors. There are a few cons but just some things I wish could be improved. First there are the lights, they are super bright and the color changing effects could seriously be seizure inducing. Yes they are a nice touch but a setting to turn them off or have them become static would be great. I ended up opening it up and disconnected the LEDs, just a preference. Also the fan on this thing is loud, I mean it has to move air in order for the ball to slide but more so indoors I noticed it was quite loud. I'm not sure how it would perform on other surfaces but I suppose anything relatively flat and free from debris is ideal.
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on November 2, 2017
This indoor Air Power Soccer Ball is just genius! My son absolutely loves it and can't get enough of it. It has build in LED lights and uses air to move around. It has foam edging to protect the furniture and walls from any damage, as well as the kids foot. Now he can play inside, right where I can keep an eye on him. It's flexible and safe, I would absolutely recommend this product and for the price, you are getting a real steal of a deal.
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on November 19, 2017
This is a neat little toy. It glides well across hardwood and laminated flooring.
It has a fun rainbow light making it a toy to play in the dark with.
The nets are small and collapsible to put away once you are done playing.
The outside of the toy is padded in foam to protect it, and any items that it might bounce off of.
The foam however does not stand a chance against dogs. #protip
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on November 17, 2017
 This is great for the kids. It works really well on hardwood. The kids LOVE it. They like to play with it even without the goals - they can play alone. You can use with or without the lights. It really just glides along! So fun! They do have suction cups to keep the goals in place - I failed to use those in my video.
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