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on November 10, 2017
Gilchrist by Christian Galacar is terrifying. Stephen King made his readers afraid of clowns, cars and so much more; Christian Galacar WILL make you afraid of small towns and memories! Peter Martell and his wife start anew in small town Gilchrist to recover from the death of their son and recover emotionally as a couple. What they don’t count on is the unseen evil that lives just below the surface of the town, just barely out of sight but horrifyingly and dangerously real! Nothing is coincidental in this town and no one is safe.

I LOVED this book! In the beginning the book flowed smoothly, had the appearance and feel of one of those feel-good books (I thought the horror was the death of the little boy and the family recovering) but NO! Galacar does not let you off that easy. Instead, you are treated to the darkness and origin of evil. It was one shock after another, Galacar skillfully manipulates the reader’s emotions like a pianist playing Bach.

Galacar builds each character to its fullest potential and weaves them into carefully plotted storylines leaving very little unanswered. I finished reading this book two days ago; it took me this long to absorb the book in its entirety – what seemed to be coincidental, the differing levels of depravity, and hope. I could not put this book down.
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on February 16, 2018
I decided to read this novel because some of the reviews said that if one liked Stephen King they would enjoy Gilchrist. Well they were right and then some. Christian Galacar wrote a story that reminded me of some of King's earlier works such as "It" and "Christine" not to mention "The Stand". This is meant as a high compliment. The author handled the horror aspect wonderfully and made the novel very easy to read and hard to put down. Character development was exceptional as well. I look forward to reading future novels especially any in the horror genre. In my opinion it is worth the time to give this novel a try!
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on January 11, 2018
Very well written, intelligent horror story. The kind of horror that sneaks up slowly and ratchets up the apprehension bit by bit. Reminiscent of Stephen King, this author gives life to a variety of characters, and draws their personalities with skill: in the space of a few pages you KNOW these people. Galacar gives them life...and all too often he takes it away. Small town with a very nasty undercurrent: but how much of that is from a different place, and how much is from "a killer on the road...his brain is squirming like a toad"? (Jim Morrison's lyric seems fitting.) I was a little dissatisfied with the ending, but I can't really tell you why. It's possible that the author has left the door open to a follow up book which I will gladly read, but then again this may be it. I definitely do recommend this book, but be prepared for some heart pounding moments and needing to put the book down for a few minutes just to catch your breath.
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on November 12, 2017
I just finished reading that this is only the second book by the author and can honestly say that I am impressed- I also hope future novels are around the same length- It had great details and developed characters- Book was well edited only a few typos which is again impressive with it's length- Only disappointment was the police chief littering his inhaler moments after picking up litter/possible evidence- I do understand that it's a different time period but still a huge pet peeve-
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on March 24, 2018
***I won this book via the Goodreads Giveaway Program. This hasn't influenced my review.***

I loved this book. It's great storytelling, great writing, great characters, and great horror. It definitely reminded me of Stephen King - but easier to read and digest.

The author chose 1966 for the telling of this story, which I think adds to the simplicity of the story. There's no modern day distractions. The author chose a tiny "does it exist?" town in Massachusetts, which also adds to the simplicity. The reader can see the town, understand the makeup, and relate to life there. The characters are all believable and feel real. The horror elements make sense and certainly drive the storyline forward.

Give this book a read!
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on January 6, 2018
Gave it 4 stars for orinality and good suspense in a believable story line .Describes lots of small towns with the feeling of evil just under the surface and the only way to really escape is to end it all like the hero or leave town like the sheriff and hope for a better way of life somewhere else .
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on April 30, 2018
Peter and Sylvia lost their young son due to a tragic accident. Trying to save their marriage and sanity, Peter rents a little cabin on a lake in the bucolic little town of Gilchrist. Unfortunately, a town haunted by entities that thrive on pain and misery may be the wrong place to recharge your batteries.
I discovered this book thanks to #bookbub, and it was definitely a sleeper gem. This novel is so entangled, a spoiler-free review is difficult, but this is definitely a must-read for horror fans. For an author with only one other novel under his belt, Galacar has a wonderful grasp of both character development and pace of action. The tension is almost palpable, as the reader is left awaiting the next atrocity committed in the name of the gishets. Christian Galacar is one author I'm expecting great things from in the future.
My Rating: 4.75/5
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on February 14, 2018
I don't know if it was when the surly older writer called the protag 'kid', or when the town bully said pretty much every token impotent rage cliche taken from any King, Hill or Koontz book, or when the child has special powers a là Danny Torrance, but at some point I realized I'd read this before and by better writers. Some other comments say that it drags a bit and I think that it does so because the writer thinks he has a 500 page story. It's a 250 page story. It's not Under the Dome or The Stand or It, but it tries to be grandiose in scale like those novels.
Also, the writer writing about a writer (and in this case these an Inception of a writer writing about a writer that wrote about a writer) is just plain beaten to death in the genre.
It isn't at all.
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on November 3, 2017
I hardly know what to say. I am not a big fan of horror fiction but had read Cicada Spring and thought it was one of the best books I had read in a long time so I bought this one as well. Galacar’s writing is impeccable, and the story draws you in and holds you until the end. I look forward to reading more by this outstanding author.
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on May 10, 2018
This book, in my opinion, was fantastic! I was drawn into the story right away. Loved that it was set 'back in time" (1960's)-no cell phones, computers, can buy alcohol at 18, and old fashioned police work, etc. The author really brought his characters to life for me...when you feeling true anger, sadness, joy, etc along with the characters, which I did, the author did his job well. I don't want to give any spoilers since I hate that but I want to say that it is a truly must read story. I will definitely be reading more books from Mr. Galacar!
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