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on October 23, 2017
I really wanted to like this book as I like stories where a kind woman can heal a scarred or injured person, but oh my goodness the pace on this book moved at the speed of a GLACIER! It couldn't have gone any slower nor could it have been written with any less depth. One reviewer even wrote the word exiting. How can this book be exciting when it continues on a snail's pace and is so one-toned? The outline for this book was great and it got me so interested, but after reading page after page of this infantile minded "monster" nonsense I wanted to scream. the Heroine, if you want to call her that, seems like she has only has a backbone AFTER she has consulted with everyone around her, otherwise she is an idiotic nincompoop that can't think for herself and is scared of her own shadow. She holds onto her childish fears even though there is ample proof against them being true. I did stick it out to the end but frankly I feel like I had to slog through mud to get there. Most of the book was in the form of listening in on her stupid thoughts ad nauseum. Very little dialog. Again I really wanted to like this story, but no. I have no idea what others saw in this book and character to give it the review it got. For me, I found some of the high reviews misleading.
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on October 28, 2017
There is a moral to this story: Don't judge anyone based on the opinions of others.

Isabella has been forced into a marriage with a duke, Elliot Covington. Her father has basically sold her to this duke and she couldn't be more terrified.

Elliot is a lot older than Isabella, a fact that I find a bit disconcerting, but that isn't the problem. Elliot is severely scarred on his face. He's been in a self-imposed exile for eighteen years. His estate is blocked by briars and trees that are not kept, giving it an eerie look from the outside.

As with anything that is mysterious, stories and rumors abound. These stories were passed to Isabella when she was a child. She believed a monster lived behind the facade of the overgrowth which shrouded the house and now she's forced to marry this ogre.

But Elliot isn't an ogre. He isn't a monster. He's a very kind, loving, caring man who had some bad stuff happen to him. He's lonely, keeping just two people around; his friend, Crawford, and one of his servants, Kitty. There are other servants and workers around, but he avoids them and he avoids Isabella until nightfall. He never wants her to see him in the light of day because he knows how she will react when she sees how scarred his face is. She fainted at the altar, for Heaven's sake.

All he asks is two hours of her time during the evening. That's it. She's afraid at first, but when she starts to get to know him, she realizes that he is a man of substance. He's intelligent, witty, and...broken.

It was quite sad. But, despite how long it took her to look at his face (months), she fell deeply in love with him as he did her. They got to know each other and genuinely liked to spend time together.

Both Isabella and Elliot are sweet and forgiving people. There were no hot arguments, no mocking, or the common female main character thing, "I'm tough. Look at me," crap that we read in almost every romance novel these days. It was refreshing to see a real lady and a real gentleman get to know each other and fall in love.

If you're looking for hot sex, this book is not for you. If you're looking for a genuine love story, you will love it. I loved the ending.

I gave it a four-star review because of some misspellings and some weird punctuation. Other than that, this is a fantastic read.
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on September 27, 2017
`A Beauty for the Scarred Duke` is a Regency romance novel by author Bridget Barton. This novel reminds me of a modern day `Beauty and the Beast`. This tale is about Elliot Covington, the Duke of Coldwell, who is believed to be a monster because of his disfigured face. The princess, Isabella, was ordered to marry the monster, by her father. After they were married they lived in the duke's roomy palace.

Isabella learned the `monster` was actually a man of modesty and wit. She also found she did not have to be afraid of him. She enjoyed listening to him play music in the library, as well as the two hours a day that was allotted for them to be together.

I treasure this novel because it shows that just because someone looks different than us they still have feelings.In Isabella's case since she had married a `monster` everyone wanted to stare at her and in Elliot's case, everyone wanted to look away or avoid him.

I love this quote from the book, "I think it is true to say, Elliot, that a person only really ever has one or two true friends in a lifetime. The rest are simply acquaintances and nothing more"

I cherish the way this author writes and plan to read more of her works. Also, the cover is a good fit for this novel. My lasting impression of this author is she has compassion for the underdog. I would recommend this book to fans of Regency historical romance.

Disclaimer: "I was provided a free copy of this ebook from the author. All opinions are my own."
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on January 21, 2018
I think this is the first period book I've read that had absolutely no steam at all to it. My preferred genre is Steamy Contemporary romance and I'm not sure where this book came from, lol. Either way, I'll review it because I read it and enjoyed it. By my standards this book is tame, however, it is a very well written beauty and the beast story, without all the hackneyed plot twists that come with an author trying to get that "beauty and beast" thing right. I thought the story was very, very good with strong dialogue and narrative. If you are looking for a really good historical book with no steam and a very good plot line, this is the one you should choose, And although I found some proofing errors, they did not detract from the telling of the story.
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on October 9, 2017
The story was drawn out only to be rushed at the end when Elliot and Isabella finally made progress. Overall I did enjoy it and read it all in one sitting but it had the potential to be more. Also there was no closure on an issue of those who read it know what I'm talking about and the unnecessary additional info of other secondary characters could have focus more instead on the closure.

This might be a spoiler but I also would have loved to see Elliot out in society instead of being told in a paragraph how it went. And was I the only one who wanted Esme and Crawford to end up together regardless of not officially meeting in the book?

But as I said, at the end of the day it was a decent read and a sweet telling of the beauty and the beast story - my favorite to read.
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on September 29, 2017
This is a clean Regency romance with a fairy tale ending that actually made me “feel” the happiness of the two main characters—Lady Isabella Tate, daughter of the Earl of Upperton, and Elliot Covington, the Duke of Coldwell. You might think this is just another beauty and the beast story, but there are two major differences from the original. First, Isabella comes from a family with an arrogant, abusive father, an unloving mother, and a nasty, arrogant brother. Second, Elliot’s face is permanently scarred on one side through a tragic accident, so his appearance will never change. When Isabella is forced to marry the “monster” she and her best friend Esme have talked about since they were children, she is terrified. Her marriage starts out badly for both her and Elliot. I loved the way they come to know and love each other; how Isabella overcomes her fear of her husband’s scars; how Elliot overcomes his guilt, grief and fear of the outside world. I also loved Esme, Isabella’s maid Kitty, and Elliot’s best friend Crawford McGuire. This story really made me feel good. I would recommend it to everyone.
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on September 22, 2017
This is basically beauty and the beast. A few typos but nothing so distracting as to hinder the story. A sweet , clean read. It's been a while since I've read a Barbara Cartland novel, but this book put me in mind of her writings. If you're looking for a nice, lite, sweet read this would be a good one. There isn't a strong emotional tie to the characters, edge of your seat drama, or conflict; but, nonetheless, a nice read.
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.
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on September 27, 2017
The alternate title of this book is Isabella and Her Beautiful Monster. This is a story of an arranged marriage between a twenty year old girl, who had suffered verbal and physical abuse at the hands of her father, and a thirty eight year old recluse who lost his family twenty years earlier and had not fully dealt with his grief. Regardless of age, both are emotionally manacled by their pasts. This is the chronicle of of their unfolding relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and had a hard time putting it down for other "necessary activities".Isabella was, as expected, tormented by her father and brother, then relieved to be safe in Elliot's domain. I had trouble with her fear of looking full-on at Elliot's disfigurement even though she claimed to love him. Elliot seemed so accommodating and nice that it took a while for him to get bothered, but, when he did, he let it out by marching off to stew for days. Thankfully, the couple had Kitty, a longtime servant, Esme, Isabella's best friend, and Crawford Maguire, Elliot,s friend since Eton, to help them maneuver the course of love. Of course, there were a few tragic parts, but the couple eventually achieved their HEA.

This book is high in satisfaction and a fantastic bargain. I pleasantly await Ms. Barton's next offering.
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on September 25, 2017
This is a lovely retelling of the Beauty and the Beast tale. Elliot Covington, the Duke of Caldwell, was scarred horribly when he tried to save his mother and sister from a fire. He has kept himself isolated for eighteen years. The entire county portrays him as a monster, even though none of them knows him. The Earl of Upperton needs money and agrees sell Isabella, his only daughter, into marriage with the Duke. She is terrified of her abusive father and of being married to the monster she believes the Duke to be. Having no other option, she marries the Duke.
Once they are married, Elliot tries to ease her past her fear. As they talk and get to know each other, Isabella learns that the man to whom she is married is not a monster. Can Isabella overcome her fear and see the honorable, caring man beneath the scars? Can Elliot come to trust his new wife and allow her to help him overcome his guilt and loneliness? It will be difficult.

The story moves along nicely and is made even more engaging by the in depth descriptions of scenes and characters. Elliot and Isabella are complex and compelling characters. Crawford, Kitty, and Esme were wonderful and did everything they good to bring Elliot and Isabella together in a happily ever after. An enjoyable read.
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on September 27, 2017
Publisher's Description:
Introducing the "A Beauty For The Scarred Duke" Novel - Discover NOW The New Regency Romance Book by Bridget Barton!

Lovely - Romantic - Exciting!

As young girls, Lady Isabella Tate, daughter of the Earl of Upperton, and her friend, Esme, told each other terrifying tales of the monster. But not just any monster. This monster was alive and living in his old mansion behind a tangle of overgrown hawthorn trees in the very same county. This

The Duke of Caldwell, scarred for life in a fire which claimed the lives of those dearest to him has been hiding in his mansion for almost eighteen years. He knows he is a figure of fear and speculation in the county and chose many years before to live a life of self-imposed isolation. But he is the loneliest Duke in all of England. When the Earl of Upperton sells his daughter off as a bride for the disfigured Duke, Isabella has never been more terrified. Due to marry a man she has never met and always believed to be a monster, she truly believes her life is over.

But is life with the Duke really something to be afraid of? Will Isabella be able to get past her own prejudice and see the man beneath the scars? And will the Duke be able to let go of the pain and guilt that has swallowed him whole for almost two decades and find a new life with a new love?

"A Beauty For The Scarred Duke" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

My Thoughts:

This is a beautifully written book. I found the story poignant and hopeful.
This one is for the keeper shelf!
Isabella Tate has been sold into a marriage contract by her father whom to me was an unscrupulous figure. Elliot Covington became scared while trying to save his mother and sister from a fire that still lead to both of their deaths. He holds himself responsible and due to his scarring has become reclusive.
When Isabella finds out about her father's plans for her future, she plans to run away. Only her equally despicable younger brother puts a stop to her plans and she ends up married to the man she has thought a monster since childhood.
This amazingly heartwarming story is not to be missed.
I gave it 4.75 of 5.0 stars for storyline and characterization and a sensual rating of 2.5 of 5.0 flames. This story is more sweet than sexy but there are moments when you are sure something of an intimate nature will evolve.
I purchased a free copy of this book from Amazon. These thoughts about this book are solely my own.
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