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on July 5, 2018
This product is easy to assemble, unbelievably lightweight and the colors are vibrant. There are two ample sized compartments; one for water and the other for drying the mop. With its rotating handle, it's easy to mop in different directions. The bucket has convenient stoppers to release water after use. I am happy that the mop heads can be machine washed. In fact, I am altogether pleased with this product.
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on June 27, 2018
Great item, easy to put together and use. The ringing part to clean the mop works really well. It makes moping the laminate floors i have in the apartment a breeze to clean. No more getting on my hands and knees to get grime off the floor.
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VINE VOICEon January 23, 2018
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
A few weeks ago, I received the "Squeezy Self-Cleaning Flat Mop System." After using it a few times, I can say for sure that it has made one household task a lot more pleasant!

The bucket is sturdy, the mop handle is very comfortable to use, and the "wringing" system is very effective. The mop handle is a bit longer than most mop handles I have used before, which is great when reaching under deep spaces but needs a bit of getting used to in normal areas. When the bucket is filled to the "max" level, it can be rather heavy. The handle grip is offset to help with the lifting, but it is still on the heavy side. Can't blame the product, as water is just kind of heavy! But if you need to carry this up/down stairs, keep that in mind. The cover removes easily for cleaning. There's a "spigot" at the bottom of the bucket for releasing the water, which worked fine when I tested it, although I don't use it regularly.

After the bucket is filled, push the mop into the "wash" section. When the mop head is soaked, push it in and out of the "dry" section. The extra water is extracted from the mop head, leaving just the right moisture level for cleaning. Dirty water is very effectively extracted with the system. The "wash" and "dry" sections are clearly labelled, and they are shaped so that you cannot insert the mop the wrong way.

My house floors are a combination of hardwood in most areas and tiles in the kitchen. This mop is very effective at both surfaces. I've seen a visible difference in all my floors when using this over my previous mops. The mop handle and the head allow for getting into low spaces. Here's where the long mop handle is an advantage: it helps when reaching all the way under a deep space like a queen-sized bed.

It works as advertised, and it makes cleaning easier and better. Glad I have it!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Ok, here is how it works:
- Fill the wash side of the bucket with the hot water and cleaner. The higher you fill it, the more of the mop head will get in the water.
- The mop head flips "Up" like the sticker on it says. It then fits into the slot on the Wash side. Go up and down to get it wet and rinsed
- Put it in the Dry side once and extra water will be squeezed out. That water is directed back into the Wash side so you don't waste it like other systems.
- By the end of my mopping I didn't need the dry side. Since the water level was less in the wash side the mop wasn't overly wet

I like this system. It doesn't waste water. The Dry side is mostly for dripping overflow. The water that got squeezed out of the mop went back into the Wash side. I had a spin mop that put the water that got spinned off in a separate side and it was wasted since it was clean water the first few times. This system is better. The bucket is quite large, hard to fit in a sink and to store. It is tall because the mop head goes in it vertically. The mop comes in sections and you put them together. It's pretty sturdy and long. It fits under things pretty nicely. The microfiber mop head stayed in place on the mop really well and cleaned my floor with no problems. You get 2 mop heads in the box.

I really like this. It did a better job than my mop with the spray and disposable heads. The only challenge will be storeage.

- Water and cleaner go in the wash side
- Dry side mostly stays dry, traps and drip overflow
- Bucket is big a challenge to store
- Bucket may be too tall for most sinks
- Bucket is easy to empty with stoppers on the bottom
- Mop is nice and sturdy and long fits under things
- Comes with 2 micro fiber mop heads that are machine washable
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VINE VOICEon December 4, 2017
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Mopnado! Sure is amazing and compact considering the gigantic chore I just had it do. We bought a house that had a basement that had been home to kitties. Some dirt floor, but mostly cement. I filled the bucket with vinegar and tea tree soap and scrubbed down the walls and floors with this to help clean and de flea or vermin. Took care of mold as well. Honestly could not have done a better job. Basically like a professional set up but at home and without such a HUGE mop bucket. Mopnado deivers the squeaky clean as promised. Needed to replace the mop heads after the basement but was SO well worth the extra expense. I could have washed the mop heads and reused them but after the basement chore, did not want my kitchen floors mopped with basement cat filth mop heads.

Honestly one of the best mop systems I have ever used. Easy and convinent.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Squeezy Clean Self Cleaning flat mop system by Mopnado with 2 Washable Microfiber Mop Heads cleans way better than other flat mops. I have tried so many mops to try and get my floor as clean as I can, like when I do it on my hands and knees, but they always leave my floor look like I’m just swishing dirty water around on it. As for washing on my hands and knees- it’s too hard now as I’m getting older.

I can’t even name how many flat mops I’ve tried- from Swishers (expensive always buying mop heads) to Double Sided Flat mops (the worst), but I never give up trying new flat mops, as I get tired of having to wash my floors by hand after seeing how unclean my floors are after cleaning them with these other mops. All I want is a super clean floor and not have to get it this clean with terrible knee and back aches.

This Mopnado Squeezy Clean Set comes with a large 2 sided bucket, a nice put together long handled mop with a comfortable grip handle and two mop heads- a scrub microfiber and a soft microfiber head. The 2 sided bucket is tall- 15 inches in height and has a removable 2 sided cover and 2 stoppers for easy water removal at the bottom. If height is a problem for filling the one side of the tub under your faucet, you can always fill it with a bucket. I like that you can add your own soap.

Another big plus is the mop heads are washable- in your machine or by hand, then just air dry. With 2 bucket sides, you dip into the Wash side, then to the dry side to remove the dirty water. A wonderful solution to using only clean water- making for a really clean floor. If you have limited space, you can always unscrew the 5 piece mop handle into the smaller poles that fit inside the bucket. For me, this is a wonderful 5 STAR flat mop- the best I’ve used so far, that gets my floor really clean with no dirty water anywhere.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The floors in my house are a combination of tile and laminate wood. No carpet anywhere. I have three dogs, a cat, and a constant flow of traffic from the garage through the house as my husband works on various projects. Consequently, my floors always seem to be dirty. I really need to teach the dogs to wipe their feet.

So I have to wash my floors frequently. I'm not crazy about the floor washing thing. I mean, seriously, how many of us can say cleaning floors is at the top of our list of enjoyable activities? Because I have to do it so often, I normally use my steamer. It's quick and simple. But it's not always effective when the floors are really dirty, like when the dogs track in mud and/or my husband is using the electric sander and concrete dust is coating every surface in the house. We're remodeling. Dirt and dust seem to be our way of life.

But, anyway, now and then I need to do more than push around my steamer, so I got this to try. I'm not typically a fan of mops, but this is easy to use and quite effective. You don't get the extra flood of water like with the older, traditional style mops. The microfiber mop head works great at immediately grabbing the dirt, rather than swirling it around the floor.

I also found that I love this for cleaning the glass on my slider doors. Who knew? I don't have to get the stool out, and climb up and down with the bottle of Windex and a roll of paper towels. I don't have to worry about leaving streaks. This thing works great!
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VINE VOICEon June 2, 2018
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am glad that I was able to review this for free because based on the price I doubt I would have even spent the price tag for a mop and bucket. However, this has now become my go-to mop for cleaning, and do encourage looking past the price for a few reasons.

The first and most beneficial is the design of the drying feature. Compared to other mops where you use a lever to press the water out, this design is so much easier. Simply passing the mop head through the squeegee slot one to three times for more or less water is less stress on your joints and also more precise. That alone is something most other mops don't offer.

The second benefit is that water does not slosh around as much; this is due partly because of the draining plate on top blocking water, but also because of the way water is rinsed and drained.

The third reason is the dual microfiber heads, for spot mopping, and more tough dirt. These are also machine washable, helping not only the environment but your wallet.

So while this may be more expensive than other mop and bucket options, I highly recommend it.
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VINE VOICEon December 8, 2017
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Mopnado flat mop is excellent for use on our ceramic and porcelain-tiled floors. (I've only dampened the mop and quickly used it on our wooden bedroom floors, but it worked well there, too.)

The two-sided bucket is rather tall - you really need a laundry sink or bathtub to fill it easily. Because it gets heavy, I've been using the pull-out sprayer on my kitchen sink and filling it while it sits on the floor. The laundry sink is just too high up for a hobbit like me to easily lift a heavy bucket of water out of it. And that's why I dinged it a star - the bucket needs wheels. It's heavy to lug around. One great thing is that there are drains at the bottom of both sides of the bucket, so you don't have to pour it out when you're done. That keeps things cleaner. I usually take it outside and drain it into the gardens. Waste not, want not.

To use, you put hot water (and cleaner) in one side of the two-sided bucket. The mop head tilts vertically to be squeezed out - this works very well; it's easy to use.

The mop itself is marvelous - worthy of a full five stars. It comes with two microfiber heads that you can toss in the washing machine. (I wouldn't use fabric softener on them.) The mop head is a nice size and not only gets into corners like a champ, but fits under furniture easily.The long handle helps with that, too.

I am very happy to have this!
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VINE VOICEon November 26, 2017
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
5/5 stars......if there was such a thing as the mop of my dreams...this is it! Squeezy clean flat mop by Mopnado makes housecleaning a breeze!

Comes with 2 cloth mop pads and it’s own dual sided bucket. One side for clean water and the other side to “squeeze the mop dry”. I love it!

Much better than a traditional mop that you need to “wring out” by hand and better than those over priced Swiffer wet cloths I’ve been using for years!

With this mop all you need is water and your favorite cleaning product (mine is old fashioned Pine-Sol 😀)!! I highly recommend this mop!!
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