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on November 9, 2017
 UPDATE: A representative from Netvue informed me that I was wrong. There are two screws on the bottom to secure the doorbell to prevent it from being stolen. Also, even if someone was successful in taking it they wouldn't be able to set it up under a different account. I broke my rule of always reading the instructions, so thanks for the reps at Netvue for letting me know what those extra screws were for :) I decided to keep the 4 Star rating due to the night mode and stretched looks that the video can sometimes get.
I'm going to start with what people are most interested about. The cons. So as you can see in the photos I attached below, in night mode, although you can see the person, there is a reflection of the doorbell in the photo. I'm not sure if this happens to all of these smart doorbells but its something to think about. Also, the quality even during the day is not super clear. Now the reason why it does look like that is because of how wide the angle is, which the viewing angle is really good!!
Setting the doorbell up will take about 20 minutes but its just a one time setup.
I don't want it to seem like I'm saying this doorbell is bad. It really isn't. The app works really well. A really cool feature is that if someone rings the doorbell you get a phone call on your phone, then you can talk to the person at the door, and if you have a smart lock you can even open your door from the app.
MY BIGGEST CON: I have no clue if there is any way to fix this but the doorbell comes off of its bracket really easily. You can rip the doorbell off of the bracket with no screws or anything. So even though it might take a picture of the thief, someone can just come up to your door pull the doorbell up and take it with them. I know most people wont even think of this, but it is something I was genuinely worried about. I'm not sure how the other smart doorbells solve this feature, or if they don't, but it's definitely another thing to think about.
There are also a lot of pros. Such as the wide camera angle, the ,although reflective, still usable night mode, and two way audio. The two way audio allows you to pick up your phone and talk to anyone at your door. You can have multiple people signed into the account on multiple phones. Those of you who use Alexa, there is seamless Alexa integration. Overall I did really enjoy the product. I really like the future of smart home technology and I think a smart doorbell is truly a must have. It's basically a security camera for the one area of your house that will see the most traffic.
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Top Contributor: Babyon November 30, 2017
Cannot say enough great things about this Wifi doorbell. I am absolutely in love! With this doorbell, you can see who is outside your door and either talk to them or if it is someone that you do not want, reject the bell. It helps me feel safe especially when my husband is away for work and I am home alone with my son. Installation was fairly easy, my husband installed it within 30 minutes. The app is very user-friendly and intuitive. The picture quality of the camera, both in daylight and in nigh vision mode, is very. You can easily identify who is at the door even in the night mode. Also, I love that it gives you an alert with a photo each time there is activity outside the door, so if in case some one is trying to vandalize or steal something from your front porch, you will have a photographic evidence.

One of the thing that has not worked for me is that when someone rings the doorbell, along with the new doorbell, my old bell does not ring although the wires are still connect to the old bell. It is supposed to work according to the user manual, I might just have to spend some more time to figure it out.

I havenot actually tested how this system works with Alexa and the smart door locks, but I am excited to try that in coming weeks. I will post an update once I have tested that out.
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on November 11, 2017
Works how I thought it would. I had to buy the transformer separate since never had a wired doorbell. My only complaint is sensity of motion detector. Even on lowest still goes off with a car driving by. But I'm happy and does what I was looking for. Shipping was fast. Came as listed. Nice to get what you read for a change. And p.s. only 2.4ghz wifi.
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on December 2, 2017
It claims it works with Alexa Show and Fire TV. I have both. Trust me it doesn't work. It just sits on the screen saying Waiting for Netvue. After a hour i have to unplug Show to get that off the screen. Been dealing with this for 2 days now. I've tried everything to get it to work. No support help with this problem of any type.
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on January 25, 2018
This is really good! It is a much more affordable option then the ring brand! The only thing that I don’t like , is that the instructions are very confusing. But I will say the build quality is great! It is very sleek and smooth!
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on February 14, 2018
this is a pretty good doorbell camera. its simple to install, and it has a decent picture quality up close. the unit that rings has some annoying rings, and not really any good tones. also, the live feed can sometimes be wonky, but the motion detection is great!
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on March 24, 2018
I bought this camera and I’m very satisfied. There are a many of devices out in the market but this one much better than all. Great reception and great resolution! easy eccess from any device yaht connect to the WiFi
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on January 6, 2018
The unit I purchases had to be returned to the vendor because of color issues. The support was very helpful. Night vision is not that good but is usable. It does cost less than other doorbell cameras.
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on May 4, 2018
Great doorbell, but it’s diffucult to hook up the video with the app since the reset button is on the back. Still works well for the money.
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on March 10, 2018
Could never get audio to work. The support staff was no help and their suggestions messed up our wifi connections.
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