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As a part of my quest as a first time parent, i have made it my mission to find the newest and latest wipe in the market, the perfect wipe for my little baby. My two main requirements on this quest are 1, soft to the touch and 2, odorless. I have journeyed through Huggies Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, Sensitive, Unscented, 3 Refill Packs, 648 Count Total, Bloom bloom BABY Sensitive Skin Unscented Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes, 80-Count, Babyganics Babyganics Face, Hand & Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free, 400 Count (Contains Four 100-Count Packs), and now Seventh Generation. My thoughts are as below.

Huggies Wipes
Pro - large size, you can wipe and fold and re-wipe up to three x with the same sheet. I have done this when my little one has some massive diaper mess overload, not a problem. Mild lemony scent, i don't love or hate this but some parents may or may not like this. Affordable price.
Con - drench in solution. This is not a problem when you purchase the single pack pullout on the go pack with the plastic snap cover. But with the refillable large bulk pack, they are drenched in solution. Everytime i open a pack to refill in my wipe warmer container, i have to squeeze out a ton of solution or the wipe will end up sitting in a puddle of liquid. This is a major drawback for me because i have found that if i don't make sure to squeeze out the liquid, everytime i pull a sheet out to wipe it will come out dripping with solution, which causes a big mess when you are trying to clean and wipe your little one dry. This is my reason to leave Huggie and move on to Bloom.

Bloom Wipes
Pro - large size, same advantage as Huggies in term of sizing, which you can wipe 3 x before toss out as opposed to grabbing three wipes for one diaper change. Very subtle to none when it comes to scent. Just the right amount of solution. The Bloom logo imprinted into the wipe are much nicer looking than Huggies. Self adhesive single pack that you can take on the go or refill into container at home.
Con - cost a whooping 5 cents a sheet which more than double that of Huggies cost. Softer than Huggies wipes, but a little too thick for my liking. Some of my fellow parenting friends thinks I'm crazy since thicker should be better when it comes to wipes? But i personally feel because of the thickness, it still feel a tad course to the touch and not truly soft upon skin contact in my opinion. With this, my journey for the perfect wipe continues and i found myself with Babyganics.

Babyganics Wipes
Pro - oh so soft to the touch. This is the softest wipe i have every laid my hands on. I love this so much that i sometimes would use it as hand cleaning for myself. Mild lemony scent. Just the right amount of solution. Self adhesive single pack that you can take on the go or refill into container at home.
Con - moderately priced. Not the cheapest when compared to Huggies. Veryyyyyy small in size. This is what i would call Petite Wipes, or truly "Baby Wipes" pun intended. What i can do with my Huggies and Bloom's i now have to use one wipe per each wipe, which mean one messy diaper load change will require about 4 to 5 wipes, as opposed to 2 from Bloom or Huggies. My pack last for a shorter amount of time than the other two brands as mentioned above. But, even with the smaller size, i was willing to compromise on this brand until i find another drawback with this. With this wipe, it does not work when you put it in a wipe warmer container. I have the Munchkin Wipe Warmer Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer, and i can tell you just forget about putting the wipes in here. It will not pull out through the opening because the wipes are so small in size. I have to open the lid each time i do a diaper change and manually taking out each sheet, which instantly makes the wipe turns cold because too much heat are let out when the whole lid is open. With this, my journey for the perfect wipe sadly continues onto Seventh Generation.

Seventh Generation Wipes
Pro - large size, same advantage as Huggies and Blooms. No scent. Self adhesive single pack that you can take on the go or refill into container at home.
Con - moderately priced. Not the cheapest when compared to Huggies. Less solution and less moist than Bloom and Babyganics. This is a major deal breaker for me because with this, the wipe now feels very course and rough to the touch. Since i bought a large pack i now have to finish this and my quest will continue on for the next brand.

Final Thought -
Out of all four brands that i have tried so far, i will say Babyganics remains my favorite. Despite the ultra small size, the cost, and the inconvenience of it not working with the wipe warmer, i will sacrifice using it out the single pack if i have to choose one brand to stay with simply because i love the softness of it and the silky touch of it against my baby's skin. Until i found my next perfect wipe, Babyganics will be my choice.

Cost Comparison
Huggies - 648 ct / $14.63 = $0.022 / sheet
Bloom - 640 ct / $32.36 = $0.050 / sheet
Babyganics - 600 ct / $21.00 = $0.035 / sheet
Seventh Generation - 768 ct / $28.99 = $0.038 / sheet
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on May 19, 2017
In the process of trying out different brands. Was using water wipes, and now Bloom. I did want to try something that contained cleaning agents, unlike water wipes, which has only water and grapefruit extract. Says unscented, but there is definitely a scent. I like that the wipes are larger and stronger than water wipes. Tip: To keep top wipes from drying out, turn over (upside down) after usage. Ive only been using these for a few days, so I will give an update when I'm down with the 640 qty.
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on July 5, 2016
These are my absolute favorite wipes ever! Both my kids have super sensitive skin & most other wipes leave them irritated. These are perfect without killing your wallet as well! They are big & stretch so you don't need many per diaper change. Plus 2 day prime shipping, can't beat it! Won't buy any other wipes!!
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on November 6, 2016
Simply, the BEST WIPES EVER. Diaper rashes are an issue with my son and these don't hurt his area..... no matter how many times he must be changed through out the day! No more red bleeding bottom or crazy irritation. Loved how wide the wipe is. Rarely do I need more than one.
This is a fantastic wipe!!!!
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on April 7, 2016
Tried these wipes for the first time and was worried since I had never heard about this brand before. I am really happy I tried them because they are an excellent product. My daughter often gets diaper rashes and she would cry with the other wipes with all these chemicals and perfumes. These are soo good for her sensitive skin and I like that they have 98% natural ingredients and have vitamins derived from plants. Really glad I found this product and will be buying them again. Also, they are surprisingly affordable, compared to the other common brands that are not natural.
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on January 21, 2018
I think these are really great wipes with horrible packaging. My daughter has eczema and the wipes themselves are just the right texture and they don't bother her skin at all. The package itself is anything but even remotely good. My 2yr old is potty trained except nap time and at night so I dont use too many everyday. With that being said if I had used them when she was still in diapers they would not have lasted because the packaging rips so easily. By the 3rd time I had opened them the sides of the plastic started ripping. Now I have to either set something over the top to keep them from drying out or turn them opening side down.

Nice texture and thickness
Great for even the most sensitive skin
Cute packaging
Price point

Packaging rips and wipes inevitably dry out.
review image
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on June 5, 2016
We LOVE these wipes. They used to sell them at Sam's Club, but for whatever reason stopped. They are larger than most wipes, and are very non abrasive. My son has very sensitive skin, and we were at a loss for what to try. These have cleared up all his diaper rash, and kept it away. Happy baby = happy mom.
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on February 8, 2018
Great wipes! Checked the ingredients against a few reputable sources, and this is by far the best I’ve come across. I refuse to use the Honest diapers after their recall and have found these to be even better. No weird smell. Just the right amount of wetness. Why only four stars? They include these travel wipe soft plastic things in the bigger boxes. It’s a nice bonus, however, they almost always break. (They fasten by a center zipper.) I thought it was just one time, but it kept happening. So on a few occasions I’ve put wipes in their little travel clutch thing and gone out only to find the wipes drying out because the zipper thingy failed so it won’t stay closed. Now when I get a new box of wipes and the travel pouches are in there, I don’t use them because I don’t want to waste the wipes. So I feel guilty about throwing it the extra plastic. SO if they want to include them as a freebie, make them strong enough to last for a decent amount of time. Otherwise save the plastic and don’t include them.
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on May 8, 2018
These are great baby wipes, gentle enough for kids and pets. I have mostly used these for cleaning up after my Puppies, these were nice smelling and I had no allergic reactions nor any issues noticed. I thought these were a good deal for a 640 pack, with each pack containing 80 slightly larger Jumbo(8 Inch X 7 Inches_20.32cm X 17.78cm) better quality wipes.

These BLOOM Wipes are made with 98% Natural ingredients, and made with Pure Hydro Water, Clean Wind Energy, EcoFibers, Hypoallergenic & Formaldehyde FREE, Sensitive Moisturizing Lotion, Safe for Rashes & Eczema Prone Skin, and Enriched with Plant Derived Vitamins A, Vitamin B-Complex, Omega-3 & 6, and its Animal Cruelty Free!

The Ingredients are as follows... Purified Water, Olus Oil, Glycerin, Lauryl Glucoside, Polyglyceryl-2-Dipolyhydroxysterate, Glyceryl Oleate, Dicaprylyl Cabonate, Sympytum Officinale(Comfrey) Extract, Olea Euopea Fruit(Olive) Oil, Phenoxyethanol, and Potassium Sorbate
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on March 20, 2018
These wipes are great! I’ve tried Huggies, and Pampers sensitive wipes but neither compare to these Bloom wipes. Reason being is that they don’t have that slick feeling after you clean baby’s bottom. They feel very soft, and just plain clean, free of extra ingredients that leave baby’s bottom sticky feeling. These wipes are strong and soft in texture, with no odor. I find myself using two max, with each diaper change and the second wipe is just to make sure I didn’t miss anything on the first wipe. Really one or two wipes is all you need, and it gets the job done flawlessly. Out of the three wipe brands, I would use these from here on. They are my favorite.
My only con would be that it doesn’t have a snap lid, so it closes with a sticker. However, I’ve accidentally left it open a few times and the wipes don’t seem to dry out.
Would recommend, and will be purchasing again!
review imagereview image
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