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on January 26, 2018
I purchased the previous version of the ENACFIRE Bluetooth Earbud (CF8001) in July 2017. I was extremely pleased with the design and functionality of the device and used it for about 6 hours daily to listen to music at work. Recently the sound coming through the earbud wasn't as loud (possible user error) so I went on Amazon to purchase a back-up in case it stopped working. While looking for the CF8001, I found the CF8003 for a very reasonable price. I decided to take a chance on the new version to see if it works as well as its predecessor. When it arrived, I was immediately impressed with the professional packaging and well designed storage case. The instructions are straight forward and easy to understand. When I put the earbud in my ear I got a stupid grin on my face. The CF8001 felt good but the CF8003 feels amazing. It has a solid fit without feeling too big and it's nearly weightless. Also, the new ear plug design fits and feels much better than the CF8001. I paired it to my phone quickly and started some base heavy music. Again, I was immediately impressed. The sound was very clear and the base has a bit of a thump. Phone calls with the earbud were flawless. The person on the other end of the line didn't even notice I was on an earpiece and they came through crystal clear.

Out of the box, I got about 6 hours of playtime which again is very impressive for such a small device. The voice used for verbal cues is the same one used in the CF8001. It's a slightly comical sultry female voice that made me LOL the first time I heard it. It's kind of obvious that English isn't the voice actors first language but she doesn't mispronounce anything. You only hear the voice prompts when you turn it on and off and when you get a call so it's not really a bad thing, just kind of funny the first few times you hear it.

The only minor downside I have with it is turning it on. The previous version would give a verbal cue when the earbud turned on. If you hold down the button on the CF8003 for 4 seconds, it'll automatically go into pairing mode. You need to hold down the button for 3 seconds to turn it on so you'll need to push the button and hold it in your hand until you see the light turn on instead of getting a verbal cue while in your ear. It's really a very minor thing but I wanted to point it out so they can address it on the next version.

Overall it's has a great design, sounds amazing, and the price is a steal. I can't recommend this product enough.
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on October 27, 2017
Sound quality is good, not great. A tip to get the most of the sound is use the largest rubber tip that can fit you comfortably. That way you can cancel out noise and really hear the bass and trebles. It sounds like crap if the rubber tip is not snug in your ear. What I love most about it is that it comes with two USB charging terminals so you can have one at home and one at work. The battery life is superior to all I have tried and chargest quickly. For such a small size, that is a huge plus. It is designed so it can fit either left or right ear.

Now to the not so good and why only 4 stars. It only comes with one earpiece. My phone has capability of streaming to two Bluetooth devices so I bought to to get a stereo effect, or to have one on each ear. It worked ok but sometimes comes out of sync where one is half a second or a quater of a second delayed. Easy fix is to disconnect one of the two, and reconnect. You can do this by going into the bluetooth setting on your phone and disconnecting and reconnecting one of them. 2 second fix. Second, it sounds garbled/stuttery/noisy when you get past 5 feet from your phone. Microwave also disrupts signal even if you have it in your pocket. One of them announces things like "incoming call", etc... the other does not. I wonder if that is a setting I have not figured out.

Overall though, I would buy it again and recommend it to others. It is far better than the similar ones I have purchased and returned in Amazon.
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on September 26, 2017
My husband an I both have similar earbud's and we love them so I decided to get one for my mom. She has an IPhone 5 (I know) and says she can't hear very well while using it so she always has it on speaker phone which means EVERYONE can always hear her conversations. Since she has so much difficulty hearing I thought an earbud would be great for her.

While it took some training for her to get used to using it (she is not the most technologically advanced) now that she has the hang of it she LOVES it. It fits perfectly in her ear and she just leaves it in throughout the day. It paired easily to her phone and now she can actually have her conversations in private! I have called her several times while she has been using this and the sound is great. So glad I decided to get her one!
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on October 20, 2017
I bought this for my son to use while going to school or working out, but as I tired it out before I gave to him I feel in love with it! I don't usually listen to music while I work bec the cord from the earphones gets in the way or they fall out easily, but this earbud is so amazing. It stays in my ear perfectly and the sound is so clear. This is going to be great while working at my desk or while working out. I am defiantly keeping it for myself and will have to order more for my whole family.
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on November 29, 2017
(UPDATE, 12/18/2017: I'll give the company this, they were definitely wanting to please me and even sent me a replacement, even though I had to send the original back ON MY DIME.

In the end, it's just an interior product where it concerns connectivity. The replacement acted the same. I should not have to tell the Bluetooth on my phone that I'm connecting a device that I use every single day, but that is exactly what happens with this earbud.)

It's a pretty good device, but you have to really talk loud to be heard. It's a boomless ear piece, so...there's that.

What gets me is that, I have several other devices that I connect to my phone via Bluetooth, this is the only device that requires manual reconnecting EVERY TIME it is turned on. I mean, I even got a new phone (Galaxy Note) and it made no difference. My Jabra headphones, my Craig Bluetooth speaker, my Lenovo laptop, etc. just connect to my phone when they are turned on. This is a huge fail for me.

This item got two stars, because I could at least hear others and music, clearly, even though it was hard for people to hear me.
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on July 5, 2018
When I bought this in mid-February, it was a little awkward to use and the audio quality was less than expected. I used it almost exclusively in the office to listen to music while working at my desk. I occasionally used it for phone calls, but the other person often reported I was cutting in and out, even though I could hear them with no issues, until I disconnected this earbud from the phone and talked without it.

Around the beginning of June the battery stopped charging - I would connect to the charger, the blue light would come on for a moment then go off. After its battery drained completely, if I removed it from the charger then re-connected it over and over again, I was able to get it to power on almost long enough for it to (loudly) proclaim "battery low" before it lost power. I left it on the charger for a couple of weeks, still won't power on.

Usage experience:
- single button for all functions, just depends on how long you hold the button down (I got used to this)
- button click and release are fairly loud when pressed while it's in your ear
- the volume for the voice telling that provides info ("battery high", "battery low", "ready to pair", etc) is not adjustable and is louder than a comfortable listening level (but not louder than you listen to that one song you really like that gets you pumped and have to turn up)
- distance was definitely less than 45 feet, closer to 15; I didn't test out in the middle of the open plains, so perhaps walls, wireless network signals, and other bluetooth signals had a negative impact
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on November 6, 2017
 I have been using mono bluetooth earphones for over a year now and have loved them. All my mono earphones are from when they first started popping up on the market so I decided to get one of these newer ones to see if they had upgraded any parts such as the bluetooth range. The earphone seems to use the same original molding for the main body of the earphone but the difference is that the the button is now larger making it way easier to press and also the plastic used is now matte that somehow makes it feel better on the ear and “lighter”? I was wondering if the earphone were lighter and decided to weigh it and found that it was actually heavier. The earphone was able to play continuous music for around 7 hours and 25 minutes this is similar to the old ones that I have had. This is still impressive and is more than enough to last most of the day with normal use. I usually have two handy at any time to cover all day.

Recharging is very simple since the earbud orientates itself with the use of magnets. This earphone also includes a 2nd charging dock for charging in another room or even in the car. The sound quality isn't as good as a wired headphone, but I don't mind since it's really not noticeable if you don't compare it with another. The bluetooth range seems to have been upgraded since it was able to connect to my computer from around 5 rooms away. This is quite nice since the older ones had issues going 3 rooms away. I’m quite happy with this earphone since it's easy to charge, has a nice battery life and doesn't have any wires making it easier to get things done.
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on October 15, 2017
I must admit, i was a little bit skeptical of this product, had seen many on a few sites and thought about it and thought about it. My biggest concern would be is it good for talking on the phone with. since there is no mic near your mouth.
Let me be the first to say. OMG what a surprise, the first phone call was like i was hearing with my actual phone, and the mic is so sensitive, with no background noise to the person listening. I also listen to music while on duty at work. no one even had a clue i was jamming to music quietly. lolol.
Im extremely happy with this product, and thank u for having it at a price u couldnt resist. One more thing.... i actually thought u could only get this type of quality from a piece that would cost you hundreds of dollars. If are looking at this product to buy. I PERSONALLY SAY YOU WONT GO WRONG.
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on January 31, 2018
This is the best ones of the many many many wireless earbuds ive gotten. I have bought close to 30 different ones and these are my favorite simply because the button is very nice and easy to push. Most of them are pretty similar...good sound good battery and good mic for calls. But some fall short on the phone call part. This one has top marks on all. I ended up buying another one tho cuz i accidently flushed mine. Usually it stays in my ear really well but i was scratching an itch and knocked it out by accident into the pooper. Whoops. But another one is on the way and im not worried because another top feature of this brand....its the cheapest...or close to it. Very worth the money.
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For me personally one earbud was odd and made my OCD go through the roof.. I gave it to my nephew and he loves it. The sound quality is great. The battery last hours which is awesome as not many do that. It is small and you don't have to have a wire hanging around your neck. Realistically no one really will know you have it . He says this is the best earbud he has owned. If having only one doesn't bother you then this one is really a good quality earbud.
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