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on November 18, 2017
 Here’s three reasons why I love the Zentec smart plugs:

1. It’s horizontal design takes up only one wall plug, so I can either have another device plugged in or even better - another smart plug!
2. The USB port feature - so I can charge me phone at all times!
3. Compared to TP-Link or Wemo’s smart plug prices, Zentec provides you with two smart plugs for the price of one!

So don’t hesitate, get your Zentec smart plug now!
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on November 30, 2017
Beware of Fake Reviews.

When I ordered this there were no 1 or 2 star reviews and then five were entered between November 26 and 27th. I only noticed this because I went back to buy this again and I will tell you, I wouldn't have ordered more if I wasn't satisfied.

Note, the description clearly states this will only work on 2.4GHz wifi as most of these types of products are limited by, so don't give one star if you don't read the product description before buying. Also, the instructions are okay and it's pretty mindless to setup and no issues there either. So, believe me, you can ignore the low reviews as they are either clueless or competing vendors trying to degrade the competition.
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on December 21, 2017
My wife wanted timers for our Christmas lights. After looking at the cost of these (about $10ea), I thought we would try some home automation instead. Bought 2 pairs of the Zentec WiFi Smart Plugs instead for about $30 a set or about $10 each.

These worked very well after I installed the App on my S7 phone. I then set up the Alexa Android Phone App to access them as a group and now I can shut off any or all of the plugs from my Android S7 anywhere.

Wife is happy we don't have to run around the house to shut off the various Christmas Lights. Just speak to Alexa and everything is on or off!

Will use these after the Holidays to control some lamps around the house.
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on November 24, 2017
I'm pretty excited about this product since this helps me in my conquest to make my home a smart home. While I can literally reach 3ft over to my nightstand to turn on and off the light, what better way than to do it from your phone. Since I sleep on a queen size bed I could actually be 5ft away and don't want to move from that comfortable spot I worked so hard to warm up. I sleep with my phone in hand so this makes it easier for me to turn on and off.

Best part. I'm traveling in Japan right now and I can actually turn it on and off from my phone 5000 miles away. My family used to use those old timers to turn on and off the light to make it seem like someone's home but this allows me to turn it on and off while I travel. You can actually set up a schedule too.. so this really is a smart plug.
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on December 1, 2017
Loving these new Smart Plugs! Total game changer around the house. Only thing is I didn't realize how much I would use them and only ordered the 2 pack. Not a real techy person so I thought it might be difficult for me to set up and use. Wrong! Instructions were super simple and clear and I was good to go in minutes.

Not sure what the 1 & 2 star review people were doing to not get theirs working. The description clearly states it doesn't support 5GHz so I didn't try.

One suggestion guys - would like to see 4 packs made available or a bundle option. Get these people they're awesome. Great buy
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on March 8, 2018
I bought these to use with Google Home Mini connected on an older iPad mini. The Zentec connected home app is compatible with my old iPad (yay), easy to use, and easy to connect with the Google Home Mini. The only challenge I had was finding the app in the app store - it wasn't searchable by the program name. Once everything was installed, linked, and connected, it was very easy to give the outlets nick-names (like "living room light") so I can ask Google to turn on or off the living room light. Good price/value, easy to use, product performs as expected, doesn't cover other outlet, and will definitely buy again in the future if I want another.
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on November 17, 2017
Just moved into a new spot. The sleek flat design makes it super unobtrusive. Hooked it up to my lights and it makes walking into my apartment a total pleasure. Lights on and no grappling for switches with full hands.

I wasn't sure how amazing this device would be, but honestly I am super surprised how cool it is and how easy and pleasurable the little things it does that can improve your home experience. Definitely get one!
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on December 4, 2017
They are a bit on the bulky side, but understandable being that they have wifi and also a usb port, paired with smartlife app and also to google home with smartlife app, it was very easy i can turn the lights with a simple voice command on home and the app on my phone. Also set a schedule and works great, would buy again.
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on March 5, 2018
We have pets and also I'm super paranoid about if I turned of the appliances. So I thought this would be cool to try out.
Not only does it turn the power on and off from my phone it appears to be working remotely. And the set up was super easy on the phone. I just put in my phone number and my router info. There are also timers and different modes, but to be able to see if I can't make it home if I have a light on so far has been worth it. I'm sure there are some inventive ways it could make our home "smarter" with its affordable tech.

I used rebatekey when ordering them item, so when the rebate comes in the price I paid should be even lower.
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on May 10, 2018
I bought these because they were the best deal on smart plugs that I found on Amazon, and I love the fact that they are shaped so they don't block the other outlets. The USB charger is a nice touch, even though I haven't made use of it yet.

These outlets are easy to set up with your smart phone, and you can control them with your phone or smart speaker. I feel so powerful telling Alexa to "Turn on Living Room" and have all of my lights come on as I descend the stairs!

I also discovered that, if you have an Alexa, you can actually create groups of these outlets in the Alexa app, and you can even group smart plugs from different companies. I bought another brand before these, and half of my living room is on these and the other half is on the other brand, and I can still turn them all on and off with one command to Alexa.
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