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on November 18, 2017
I would be pissed if it didn't work, it's just an adapter, I really can't see why Amazon just didn't include a Ethernet plug in the Fire Stick, Puzzles me. My 1st generation Amazon Fire which is still working has a built in Ethernet plug, not everyone has a great wireless system, Amazon should have thought of this in the first place.
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on November 3, 2017
Earlier this year I purchased three fire sticks for my home TVs so I could give cable the boot. The fire sticks would pop up errors practically every day. Depending on what app I was using would dictate what error message would pop up. Long story short it was wireless congestion. This device was a God send. As soon as you connect the device to your fire stick it disables the wireless connection so no configuration required. (It will not work with first generation fire sticks so don't waste your time trying.) Since switching to a direct wired connection to my cable modem, I haven't seen so much as a hiccup from the fire sticks. To be honest, the fire stick needs to be redesigned. A direct wired connection should be part of the design period. Just like the design of the original fire TV.
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on October 31, 2017
This works great - I really appreciate being able to take my Fire TV off the WiFi so that i can reserve my WiFi for our mobile devices. This means the gaming systems, computers, phones and Alexa/Echo devices keep the wireless bandwidth, while the Fire TV runs full 4K steam on a wired LAN. (And it's great that the wireless is built into the Fire TV because I can still grab it and go somewhere without a wired connection if I need to.)
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on April 24, 2018
This product really works. I usually don't write these goofy reviews but I'm thinking this might help somebody. For a long time I was frustrated with having to use wi-fi with the firestick because of buffering issues. Buffering while watching a movie is like getting a haircut and the barber stops just to start talking about sports. So I got nervous when I first tried it with my 1st generation firestick and it didn't work. So word to the wise it isn't compatible with the 1st generation firesticks. However I do have another firestick which is a 2nd generation and it worked like a charm! I was able to use a 75 foot ethernet cable from the firestick in my bedroom to the modem in the middle of the house in the kitchen. Its working great. So if anybody is wondering, stop wondering if you want a stable connection with your firestick but just remember, 2nd generation and up!
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on January 23, 2018
Ok initially I was very disappointed because my stick didn't recognize the adapter. Rang amazon and they determined that I had a first generation stick which came as news to me because when I bought it I had been told it was latest version of the stick - it came in the orange box and had voice control!!! Turned out that the only thing that was second generation in that box was the voice controlled remote!!! Cut a long story short - bought another stick last night and loaded it up and started using it initially with a wireless connection. Actually worked ok (far better than the first generation stick I had just discarded) BUT then I added the ethernet cable and wow it was like night and day. Definitely worth the $14.99 and for now I'm very happy with this but then again it's only been 12 hours!!!!!!
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on April 24, 2018
We've only had this for a few weeks, but it's so nice to not have to worry about wireless issues when streaming. We have a long house with a lot of walls, even after installing a wireless access point nearby we were still having to reboot the wireless router and reconnect with enough frequency to be annoying.

I actually upgraded our fire stick to a firetv and got this adapter. The increased speed of the firetv and the wired connection means that issues (and complaints) have dropped dramatically. I also notice that we get less time where the picture quality it low when the video first starts, it's in HD pretty much right away, when before we would have quality more like 420p for a bit as the buffer built up.
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on November 28, 2017
Love it. Direct connection to the router makes it fly with no buffering as interference with wifi sometimes caused buffering. Able to feed cables
down the inside of the wall with the other cables and it works flawlessly.
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on November 7, 2017
Nice little product if you feel the need to hook a network cable to your newest fire tv 4K device. I wish amazon would have just left the network connection built into the device.
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on May 8, 2018
First thing I found out about this device is that they are NOT comcompatible with the 1st generation fire tv stick
How to Connect it AND get it Working
1. Connect it to you fire stick/tv then plug it in the outlet.
2. Getting it to work - So you have it Wired (Connected)
First you need to find these numbers. Because the device will promt you to put them in.
1. IP Address:
2. Gateway:
3. Netmask:
4. DNS1:
5. DNS2:
After all that you should have
Connected to Ethernet
Connected to Internet
(Note) I used ATT&T Support Plus to get my numbers.
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on February 2, 2018
People say it doesn't work on speeds of 1GB. I decided what the heck, I'll give it a try. I run 1GB speed at my household but my wireless always goes haywire around the house and disconnects from any fire device driving me absolutely bonkers. I plugged it in and it worked instantly. Very happy with this purchase.
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