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on October 23, 2017
 This camera worked really well. The angle of the camera was surprisingly wide. One down side of the camera was the volume of the speaker. I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong but during the setup the audio coming out of the camera was very loud, but when you use the function to talk into your phone and have it project through the camera the audio is very low. That's really the only gripe I have with this camera. One cool feature I stumbled upon accidentally is that you can take the camera out of the case and hide it. If the camera detects motion it will automatically record to the cloud and or to a micro sd card if you have one inserted. Night vision works as advertised, and the camera is really nice overall. Please watch my short unboxing and setup video for more info.

For those of you wondering, the camera does not consume a lot of power. It consumes about .35amps at 5v. That's almost 6 times less than what my galaxy s7 uses to charge. I highly recommend adding this little camera to your home. It's a cheap and easy way to keep your mind at ease. This little camera is amazing for many functions. You can use it to keep an eye on your kids and use it to keep an eye on the house. Think about it. You keep your most valuable items at your house, don't you want to keep them safe?
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on January 2, 2018
It's amazing how far gadgets have come in the last 20 years. I bought this to use it as a crib cam for my first child. In this regard is works well, as it has good picture for close up spectating, it has two way audio in case I need to speak to the baby, and it also has some very nice night vision that turns on automatically. As soon as I got the camera, I took it out of the box and read the quick setup guide. Within 5 minutes I had audio and video on my phone screen. I set it up on my staircase to check out the motion detection, as I have 3 dogs that frequently go up and down the stairs. It takes a screenshot when motion is detected, and it sends a notification to your device, which is a very cool feature. The camera connects to your wireless router, so you can see the live video even when you aren't home, as long as you have an internet connection. Honestly, it works exactly as id hoped it would, and I'm considering getting a second camera to mount as a security camera, as both can be accessed in the app, on the fly.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 30, 2017
This is a great home security camera or baby monitor. I have some experience with some other home security cameras and this is a very good option that is easy to use and easy to expand if needed.

Inside the box you find the camera, five "hats" for the camera, mounting hardware and the reset pin in a bag, a user manual, and the power adapter and a six foot cable. This camera uses a micro USB cable, so you can find a very long micro USB cable for a low price and run a wire pretty much anywhere, but I found a spot close enough to a power outlet to make it work. All this camera needs to operate is power and a wireless connection.

The setup process is very clearly outlined in the user guide. It is quite similar to many other home security cameras that operate using wifi. You just need to get the app on your phone or other device by scanning the QR code, plug in the camera, reset the camera, scan a QR code from the app, and connect to the wifi. Once you are connected you can use the app to view the camera feed,listen to audio, speak into the mic, record video on your device, or take photos that will be saved on your device. This camera will not operate on 5Ghz wireless networks, so connect to a 2.4Ghz network on your host device (phone, tablet, or other device). If you try to connect to a 5Ghz wireless network it will simply fail again and again. You can enable motion alerts as well, but that option has not worked for me.

The best feature of this camera is that it captures either 720p or 1080p footage. The 1080 footage is much clearer than the 720 footage that most other cameras use. On top of being 1080p footage this camera uses a wide angle lens that gets more into the shot. On the bottom of the mount there are some screw holes if you want to mount the camera up high. In the app there is an option to flip the image, so you can mount this upside down. You also have the option of hearing what is going on, although the audio capture is not the best. You can also speak into your device as there is a small speaker on the camera.

I did notice when I first got the camera the shot was at an angle. The camera portion is easy to rotate and must have shifted during shipping; just grab the back portion and line up the colored dot with the top of the camera. If you want to mount this sideways or upside down you can turn the camera easily to get the image correct. The base is actually not required for operation, so if you have a better idea for mounting you can take the camera portion out of the white mount.

Overall this is an impressive little camera with all the right features to be useful.
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on October 18, 2017
This camera has a high-quality image, a nice touchscreen zoom, and a good field of vision which allows for wider viewing in smaller areas. The camera volume on the app is adjustable, but the volume on the camera is not and I find it to be too low. The camera can be rotated in the stand and will swivel up and down, but not left to right. It worked perfectly for my application.

This camera can’t be viewed on a computer; it can only be viewed through the Netvue app. I have an older tablet that it also won’t work on. When I finally found the app through Google, I received the message, “Your device isn’t compatible with this version.” You may want to make sure the Netvue app works on the device you plan to view the camera on, before buying.

The mounting base of the white stand has an arrow on the top (inside). The stand removes easily by holding the camera stand near the base, then twisting the base clockwise. The arrow on my base did not line up with the front of the camera. After putting it back together, I placed a small dot on the base where the camera faces so that after mounting, the camera faced in the correct direction.

INSTALLATION - Once I figured out what I was doing wrong, this camera was easy to set up. Customer service had worked via chat with me for quite some time, but didn’t realize I hadn’t followed the initial directions exactly. It’s important to download and boot the Netvue app BEFORE plugging in this camera. The app walks you through the complete setup. Apparently it will not connect for setup when the camera is plugged in first.
During setup, you’ll need the “pin” that’s included inside the accessory bag to do the “reset.” The reset button is located on the opposite side of the camera, which I would call the back, but the instructions called the front.
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on December 14, 2017
Pros: The night vision is awesome check out the picture below. The setup was very easy on the IPhone. The App interface is really easy to use and manipulate.
Cons: Design flaw the charging port and cable provided is a bit too long but if you have a different cable it works as well. The bright light, I just covered mine up with some black tape.
Overall this product is really cool. Picture quality is actually surprising too!
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on September 30, 2017
This turned out to be a great purchase. We rent our house and this means that multiple people have keys and security access codes (maintenance, etc.) besides ourselves, so people can enter our house without permission and when we're not home or are not expecting them. We wanted something quick and easy to make sure the house was left alone while we're out and to grab photos of anyone who might come in uninvited. I purchased two of these cameras, and the setup was incredibly simple. Didn't even need a wired connection to link to the home's Wi-Fi. Just download the app on your phone (Apple or Android) and follow the steps while powering on the camera. It was even incredibly easy to add multiple cameras to the same app for viewing on my phone -- just repeat the process on the already-installed app for the additional camera(s) and you're good. The picture quality is excellent, the night vision is wonderful, and when the motion-detection is active, the cameras grab an image of the motion that triggered the device so you can view it (and save it or screen capture it) later by pulling up a menu of all of the motion-triggered images on your phone. I added an SD Micro card (the instructions call it a "TF" card but an SD Micro is the same thing) to record seven days of captures from the motion detector so I can always return later and grab any images I might need. The field of view of the camera is wider than I expected for how small the camera appears to be. About the only improvements I would suggest would be including details on any available cloud storage options directly in the instruction manual so people don't have to search for them online, and a battery backup would also be very helpful. When the power goes out or if someone unplugs the camera, it shuts down, and having recording continue when the power is out would be great. Apart from those small things, though, I was more impressed than I thought I would be for how small and how reasonably priced this camera is. If you need something on the less-expensive side but would like some peace of mind about your home security, this camera is a great choice.
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on June 15, 2018
I have to say that this camera was definitely worth the money it has a very clear picture and has a amazing sensitivity for its motion sensor. I can literally be at work and look into my house or outside my house whenever I want it has very good Clarity both in the dark and in the light. the only thing that I wish that it did was record brief bitts of video whenever it notices motion instead of taking pictures. but honestly I have to say that even with that being said it doesn't matter because my phone gets a notification like a text message whenever it notices motion and within seconds I can click it on and begin watching a live feed and choose to record it or disregard it as I see fit. I have gone through many of these cameras including hidden wall charger cameras and I have to say that even though this camera is not as stealthy as the others it makes up for it in function it works amazingly. And at the same time something that I also think is worth mentioning. there is an awesome feature on here where you could be watching the video away from your house on your smartphone or tablet and if the camera notices motion not only can you watch the video and record it but you can actually talk through the camera and people can talk through the camera back to you as well. so you could literally be at work and tell your kids to get their hand out of the cookie jar if you know what I'm saying LOL. and you can watch the look on their little faces as they realize that mom or dad has just caught them! Now obviously that was just a brief example but you can see the benefits of this. weather it be talking to your dog or telling a criminal that the cops are on the way this camera is amazing and has awesome Clarity definitely worth the purchase. I hope this review help someone make their decision I do have to say that I personally loved this camera very much and it will not be the last one of these models that I buy I really want to load my house up with these little buggers!
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on December 28, 2017
This camera is awesome! I use it to keep an eye on my kids while they are in their playroom. It is very lightweight and easy to set up. It is wireless, but it does have to be plugged in to an outlet for power. You can also fold it flat if you need to travel with it or store it when you are not using it. When it is plugged in, any motion will send an alert to your phone to watch the video. This will also be beneficial when we are away from home.
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on January 4, 2018
The positive reviews convinced me to purchase this specific unit to add to my home network of Echo, Harmony, several TP-Links, and Ring. Since I was experienced with installing all these devices and adding them all to my network, I thought I would have no difficulty in adding this Netvue camera. I thought wrong. The first unit arrived as a present and I spent over an hour on Christmas Day trying to get the unit to work. I kept pressing the pinhole "reset" button and nothing would happen. I unplugged and powered up the unit several times. Finally, I decided to return the unit through Amazon and I noted that the "reset" button was faulty. I foolishly decided that this one unit was defective and so I re-ordered the same model. This arrived on the day before New Year's Day and I scrupulously followed the instructions. Joy! I briefly saw a video on my iPhone from the camera. Excitedly, I moved the camera to the living room -- and nothing. The unit did not reboot and reconnect. I unplugged it several times and waited the proscribed length of time. The error message stated that the unit was "offline" and that I should wait. I waited a day. Nothing. I deleted and rebooted the app. Finally on January 3, I used the app to chat with Patrick of the Netvue help desk. From 8:15 PM GMT to 8:40 PM GMT, he led me through all the same procedures I had attempted over the previous days. Even with the expert's assistance, the unit would not work or come online. Patrick's response: "We apologize for this, I have a netvue home cam and it works perfectly well." Good for you -- but not helpful for me. I'm buying another brand of home camera and hoping the next one will work.
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on July 2, 2018
I installed this security camera in my den since this is where my pet normally stays when I am not working at home so I could keep an eye on them. I was a little hesitant in trying a security camera that does not have remote pan/tilt feature but this camera covers all the room since it has a wide view lens. The clarity is amazing and the application that you download from the app store is super simple to set up the camera and use. The 4 times zoom feature is really convienient and again easy to use. In a totally dark room the picture is very detailed and easy to see. I have it set up with the motion detection off since I only use it as needed. It can be configured to turn on when motion is detected and with two way audio that can also be turned on or off. The image is definitely 1080P which again is so clear. Based on how easy this was to set up and the high image quality I will be adding more of these in the future and can't find any negative things about it.
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