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on February 2, 2018
I love these for a couple reasons. I had a set of Rowkin Bits for almost 2 years until they fell out of an unseen hole in a coat pocket and I got to watch them roll down a sewer in downtown Indianapolis. That’s the joy of having small headphones.

So I already know some of Rowkin’s positives and negatives. Yes they have some dropouts. All Bluetooth headphones do to a certain extent. These tend to do it more when I have both headphones paired and my phone in a front pocket. So I keep my phone closer and it lowers the amount of drop outs or I sit my phone somewhere and stay in range (the range is pretty good most of the time; I have a 2 story house and have left my phone upstairs with no issues while cleaning or doing laundry). With a single headphone (I use these more one at a time so I can hear around me) there’s never any drop outs. I’m not sure I buy their videos about “aligning the antennas” to prevent drop outs, but I guess they need to put out something. There’s no boom mic on this so the sound quality isn’t great during calls. I’m ok with that, as long as they can hear me.

As I’ve pointed out in my review of the Bit stereo, these headphones go from good to great with Comply Foam tips (600 series fits; very snug installation). The noise isolation, bass, and overall clarity improves dramatically with a good seal and fit. Comfort isn’t an issue at all with the foam tips and I’ve gone for 14 hours switching one single ear piece to the other in the same ear with no fatigue. The charging case made that possible. There’s no issue with the headphones fitting in the case with medium foam tips in my experience. It’s tight, but they fit.

Some others have complained that they don’t get a firm click when they close the case. Not sure if mine is different somehow but I’ve not experienced that. It clicks shut and won’t just open on it’s own. Charge is good, I’ve gotten several charges out of the case itself before I’ve needed to recharge it.

I really wish I could advance tracks with a double click, but for the size and audio quality (with the foam tips) I’m ok with how these work. I use my Apple Watch to advance tracks and adjust volume so it’s not a big issue for me.

The charging case feels nice and sturdy, and at it seems to be a nice median between the lipstick tube size Bit case that I used to have and watched roll away and the larger Bit Charge case (I’ve not owned a Charge but the size of that case is a turn off). The lipstick tube didn’t close once the headphones were in it either so there would be lint inside the tube. That case was magnetic too so anything metal would stick to it. The Micro case doesn’t seem to have any magnets and the size is just right for me. I can feel it in my pocket but it’s not annoyingly large. If anything I wish it wasn’t so shiny. It gets fingerprints pretty easily.

Overall I’m pleased with the Micro after losing my Bit. Everyone asks what I’m using because of how small it is so a few coworkers have purchased sets and been pleased as well.
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on February 13, 2018
This is the second set on Rowkin headphones that I have bought. The first were the Bit Charge Stereos. The Micro is the same exact headphone with a smaller charging case. Also, the case for the Micro cannot be used to charge another device. I love these headphones.

The original package that was sent was empty. Rowkin took immediate action. I initially bought these because I was emailed a flash sale. Although Amazon did not reflect the sale price, Rowkin made the adjustment. The customer service is top notch. I highly recommend Rowkin!!!!!
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on March 31, 2018
Bought these as a present for my wife and she loves them. Then she told me the charging case wouldn't close, keeping the bus from charging, unless it was fastened shut. After looking at other Amazon reviews, I saw that this was a common complaint. I contacted Rowkin and initiated a return for a new case. I then noticed the case closed properly without the buds. A closer examination showed that the cushions had slipped down and were in a position to keep the buds from seating properly. I have added a pic illustrating the problem. The earbud on the left will keep the case from closing while the one on the right will sit properly in the charging case.
Keep in mind that pushing the buds into your ears can cause this to happen and the solution is as simple as pulling the cushions out just a little!!
Hopefully Rowkin can develop a permanent fix for this issue.
review image
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on April 29, 2018
Works great if you like your music constantly fading in and out. I have tried all of the suggestions from Rowkin regarding positioning of the ear buds to maximize the antenna signal but they still struggle. They work fine if you want to put them in and sit in one spot but get up and move around, turn your head and one or both of them will lose signal. I'm using with an iPhone 7. Thought maybe that the phone could be an issue so I tried my wife's Galaxy S8 and had the same results. Just tried to use them again today while mowing the yard. Had them "positioned" according to the mfg instructions. Had my iPhone in a chest pocket of my windbreaker and still faded in and out every time I would turn my head in either direction. So sorry I made this purchase and did not get them sent back in the return window.
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on April 9, 2018
One of the reasons I bought these buds is its design. I like the my earbuds to be small and easy to carry along so I don't have to put them in my bag and spend time take out and put on. Instead, I can simply put them in my pocket and take out when I feel I need music. The other reason I recommend this earbud is that the battery lasts a very long time. After charing to the full amount of the auxiliary battery box, I don't need to charge again one week from now. Therefore it is designed for those who don't have the time to charge frequently or for those who always forget to charge items. Overall, based on the longevity and battery tolerance, it is a good choice as a sport earbud.
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on February 24, 2018
This is the second pair I have purchased. Absolutely happy with their performance (pairing & sound quality). They fit securely in my ears and automatically re-pair with last device I have used. With the second purchased charging case I had an issue with one side not fully charging the ear bud placed on that side (could charge both buds fully by utilizing only one side - just took twice as long). I contacted Rowkin and they walked me through a factory re-set that was supposed to reset both the buds and the case to factory default. Didn't work after several attempts and I will be receiving a replacement for the charging case. Rowkin support was very friendly and responsive to my issue and I expect to be fully satisfied with the replacement. (No issues with the first pair - and I am still using them too. 2nd pair was for my wife.)
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on April 6, 2018
I ordered these for myself for Christmas because I’m that kind of guy. I had been eyeing them for a while and snatched them up at a crazy low price as part of a Christmas sale.

These things are seriously tiny and look super cool. If you want your ears to look like a character from Blade Runner, then these are for you. Lots of reviews complain about the sound quality. I say settle down. These sound fine. Do they sound like my custom fit $1000 UE-10s? No, but no Bluetooth headphone is going to. Complaining about the sound quality of a Bluetooth headphone is like complaining about the quality of the cheese on a Big Mac. I think they sound fine for what they are. The volume is sufficient. I don’t like talking through a headset, so I can’t really comment on that. There are instances where the right headphone loses the signal. It will fade out and fade back in gently which is better than it just popping on and off. I find that the signal issue seems to be worst when laying down. I don’t know why. It is sometimes annoying, but I forgive the little guys because they are so awesome looking and convenient.

Pairing is easy. The charging case is fantastic. It’s smooth and tiny and rides perfectly in your pocket and looks really cool while the headphones are charging. The red LEDs on the earbuds glow through the tinted plastic of the flip up lid. The size of the charging case is about the size of a tin of Altoid Minis.

Here is where Rowkin shines though. The customer service is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s not everyday you deal with a company that stands behind their product like they do. Something happened to my charger case, I don’t know what. It stopped accepting a charge for some reason so I was on my last few hours of being able to actually use my headphones since there is no other way to charge them than using the case. I sent an email to Rowkin customer service explaining I was having an issue with my charger. I was honestly just looking for some advice on how to make it work again. They replied within 15 minutes that if I would send my address and Amazon order number they would gladly send me a new charging case. I replied and the replacement was literally in the mail the same day. 3 days later I have my new charger. No hassle, no fuss, just fantastic customer service. It is for this reason mainly that I give them a perfect 5 stars. The product is very high quality. It looks way better than the Apple earbuds, and works admirably. This company is second to none and I will definitely support them in the future when they release new products.
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on May 9, 2018
Not worth it. Returned it the next day.

Didn't even last a full day after charging completely. Audio quality is poor. Phone calls were impossible.

Left one died before the right. Tore through my iPhone 8 Battery making it constantly looking for them even though they were connected. Software was also uP^ to date.

Spend the extra money on Apple's AirPods. At least they put R&D into them if you really want good Bluetooth wireless headphones.
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on October 19, 2017
Overall pretty good, a few things could be fixed. DESIGN: Be warned, the case design is poor -- the lid should have a push-button clasp to keep it closed, it does not -- it just snaps shut. You have to press really hard (feels like you're crushing your earbuds) to snap it all the way, otherwise it just keeps opening back up. CONNECTION: The BT connection works pretty well, each earbud can be connected separately to your device (phone) -- reasonable BT range for earbuds this size (don't expect to get more than 5-10ft max from your phone), there is some random fade in/out even with the phone near, but it's not bad (I have a different brand that just abruptly cuts in out w/out any fade which is much more annoying). Moving around a lot (exercising, cleaning) didn't effect connection. SOUND QUALITY: Sound quality is pretty good; you're not going to get amazing bass but it's not muddied; highs/mids are fairly detailed without being tinny. FITMENT: Not the most comfortable design I've had, but it performs better than the more comfortable set I have. I can wear it for several hours without too much issue. Wearing it all day, it starts to irritate my ear a bit. OVERALL: I'd buy again. For the price you get pretty decent performance and sound.
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on February 17, 2018
gave as a gift tony son. he plays hockey and workout at the gym where he is able to use this product. so far he likes them.
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