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on September 11, 2017
these are amazing i mean wow! they are so tiny yet very powerful. wish i could have bought another pair. they feel great in the ear and fit very snug without the feeling of it falling off. very well built and love the sound quality. truely wireless earphones and love the little carrying case/ charging case. i would highly reccomend to anyone who wants some bt earbuds with great sound quality and a fractions of what the samsung gear x cost. amazing is all i can saw nothing but good words
and connecting them was very easy which was a plus to me because ive had some bt headphone with tones of connection issues.
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on October 5, 2017
The right headphone constantly cuts out. Otherwise it's a great pair of headphones. I just wish both worked fine.
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on May 15, 2018
Very cool, and I do mean very cool. Right out of the box The earbuds found the Bluetooth on my iPhone and turn on right away! The sound is very balanced. I did not have to do any pairing at all they just begin to work. They are not as loud as some that I have had in the past, but they have a very smooth and delicate sound. Plus there are a lot of very cool features. The earbuds are magnetic so when you put them in that case they snap into position. Sweet!

Also there are a little white outline lights on the top of the earbuds that you can see even when the case is closed and that along with a blue light let you know they are still charging. The ear pieces and tips are among the best I have ever had. Usually the tips are too big for my ears, or shall I say by ear openings. These fit in nice and allow the bass to be very strong but not overwhelming.

Nice packaging and nice box. Somebody actually thought this out. Did I say very cool?
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on March 14, 2018
These Bluetooth earphones are super lightweight and comfortable in my ears. I am usually sore and annoyed by buds. The sound is really good. I have never used super expensive earbuds to compare, but these sound way better than cheap and mid priced earbuds I’ve tried. In listening to classical music, I hear each instrument clearly, which pleases me a lot.
I had a full 3 hours on battery use before having to replace in the case. The case is nice too. Very small and easy to place the earbuds in and take out. Closes securely. I also had an amazon coupon for 15% off on this, March 2018. I think I got a very worthwhile buy.
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on September 20, 2017
I just received these and was excited to try these since I accidentally broke my other earphones. These were purchased upon Amazon and YouTube reviews. As an avid running, I only run with music to go the distance, and needed to get wireless earphones since my phone does not have a wire connect. The red color of the earbuds have a polished and hip look. These were one of the smallest sized buds I found in comparison to others I looked on Amazon. I needed a small earbud since I am a small framed 5' woman, and didn't want the earbuds to look like I had corn growing out of my ears or looked like I was wearing hearing aides ;0p More than vanity though, I needed something to fit securely while running. I did exchange the rubber tips for another foam tip which I purchased separately since sweat profusely (any rubber or silicone tips with any earphone I've used while running have always slipped out). With the substituted foam tips, I got a secure fit, and I did not need to fool around in adjusting the earbuds while running. During the run, the buds do not feel heavy or strained. The music quality provides a full treble, mid, and even the elusive bass sounds. The background environmental sounds were blocked out almost completely. The pairing to the phone through the earbud buttons is quick and easy. I love the voice and light prompts which notify that the earpieces are paired and turned on and off, and charged. The phone does have to be close by otherwise the connection does drop only short distances maybe 10 feet, but I carry my phone on my waist with my Running Buddy pouch. I will not really use this for phone calls but when I did use the phone feature, the sound albeit only coming through the left earbud was clear in and outgoing. I will give an update when I use it for a longer time frame but so far I am so pleased with the sound and am happy to use my first earbuds.

The only reason I am giving this 4 versus 5 stars is the shorter battery life BUT that being said the charging case with the magnetic battery pull of the buds helps to avoid risk of falling out with an open lid, and makes it easy to plug in routinely. The lights on the charger and earbuds themselves are a nice visual to notify when they are being charged and then fully charged. I also, I found that upon review of other truly wireless earbuds that the standard battery life is about 2 1/2 hours so these earbuds' longevity of battery life off charger are really no worse or better than the others out there now.

Overall these earbuds are an aesthetically pleasing, small, user friendly wireless earbud, at a nice mid-price point.
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on October 31, 2017
Purchased these for my wife and she loves them. They fit very nicely in her ear. They keep a good charge also, 3-4 hours give or take.
The case is also very well made and will keep the charge longer for the ear buds if close by we have noticed.
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on May 4, 2018
I am actually loving these earbuds. I always wanted true wireless earbuds so that I can wear to talk on the phone unnoticeably. So I bought this pair based on positive reviews. These have been great little earbuds and they sound is very well.

1) Completely cordless design;
2) Charging base has lid and is magnetic, which is easy to take;
3) Small size and lightweight.
4) Comfortable to wear, good battery life.
5) Charge fast, only a 1-hour charge, you can charge your earbuds 3 times without cables;
6) Easy pairing with each other and with cellphone; remember the left is the main one;
7) Clear microphone;
8) Very good sound quality, crystal clear, can hear every musical equipment playing;
9) It comes with 3 caps of different size. My ears are small and they came off initially. After I realized to change to small caps, they now sound very well and don't come off anymore even when I am running.

Very, very nice earbuds for affordable price.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on July 3, 2018
Great concept and design, but the final product has me miserable to the point where I just refuse to wear them now and I am currently in the process of returning them.

At this point these have been my daily earbuds for about a week now, and there are two things that "make it or break it" for me regarding earbuds, Sound Quality and Ease of Living, and it couldn't do either. The sound quality is not up to par, pretty non-existent bass and high notes are wishy-washy at best, made for a very miserable listening experience. The microphone quality is terrible as well, I had tested it out with a few friends and they all said that they could either barely hear me or not at all. What hurt the most however is the weak Bluetooth connection with my phone. For example, while walking on my way to work it would CONSTANTLY drop connection while my phone was in my pocket, making them unsuitable for anything other than a home or office environment. Not only that they have an incredibly short battery life and ONLY turn off when you put them in the charging case.

They do offer great mobility however, but at what cost? Overall I give these earbuds 1/5, for the simple reason that they fail to do their job of being good earbuds
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on September 15, 2017
These wireless earbuds are the BEST. I take them to work and they are perfect. The sound is loud and clear and it connects right to Bluetooth. They also come with a charger that they fit right into. Everyone who sees my earbuds asks where I got them. Great purchase!
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on May 31, 2018
These earbuds are amazing!!!! I don't normally write reviews but I just had to tell someone. I ordered a different pair of earbuds prior to this purchase and even though the sound quality was fantastic on them I couldn't figure out how to pair both of them at the same time, after returning those pair I was recommended the ENOD mini the price was a little high for my taste (at first) but when I got these in the mail I took them out the box and they paired AUTOMATICALLY all you need to do is turn you bluetooth on!!!!!!!!!!! I was in love.. in love I tell you!!!! the sound quality is even better. they don't fall out my ears (something else I was concerned about) I would definitely recommend these earbuds.
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