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on September 7, 2017
This cell holder has been great...good build quality, easy to use, swivels in every direction, and at a good price point. I can't really think of a downside, highly recommended.
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on September 16, 2017
Vehicle: Honda Odyssey
Phone: iPhone 7 Plus
I looked and looked and looked trying to find the best cell phone car mount. At first I thought that the vent clip type of mount wouldn't be very sturdy so I didn't give it too much of my time then I stumbles across a video review of the Patea vent clip car mount and all the 5 star reviews got me! This mount is very easy to put together and install. The legs make it very sturdy and to wear the phone stays propped up at all times (seems like a main complaint on others was that they eventually fall down while in use). The vent clip holds onto my air vent very tightly and I love the one hand catch and release function. It makes it every easy to use. I also like the position of where my phone is mounted in my van and the ball joint in the mount makes for an easy adjustment of pretty much any angle that you prefer with an added bonus of being able to charge it while it's in the mount. If you are looking for a relatively low priced mount that does what it's supposed to, look no further bc you've found it!
UPDATE: A week into using my mount and although I love the design and ease of use, the release button on the back of the mount has become really hard to press. Like So hard to press that I can’t use it bc I’m worried I’ll break my screen bc of the pressure needed to get the mount to release my phone. I have emailed the company for a replacement and they did respond to my email immediately so I’m pretty sure they’ll replace it for me. I’ll come back and update when it’s resolved. Hopefully this is just a fluke that this one broke bc I really enjoy this mount.
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on August 20, 2017
It is very best,it is can fit any kind phone, very like it .
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on December 3, 2017
This mf-er is super tight. No slippin', no wobblin', no tiltin'. Clamps onto your vent with a kung fu grip second only to GI Joe. As long as you've got a flat phone case that isn't too bulky, Chuck Norris couldn't pull your phone free. That being said, if you've got a phone case that's got that wallet thing or one of those pop socket things, forget this cause it won't hold. Like trying to walk when your legs have fallen asleep, weak and unstable. This thing is to your phone like guns are to Charlton Heston.
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on November 16, 2017
I’ve owned a number of dashboard phone mounts over the last few years and while most worked fine, they always seemed to be too far away to see or operate while driving or at a stop light. And many dashboard mounts have a habit of leaving a residue or mark on the dash where it resided over time.

I’ve always avoided vent phone holders because I couldn’t quite imagine them working well: too loose; will it stay connected to the vent over bumps or quick tiurns, etc.

But after reading good reviews about this product I decided to give it a try to use with my iPhone X. And it’s perfect. It sits close enough to work with Face ID, it’s easy to reach and operate without leaning forward, and super easy to put the phone in and out of the unit.
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on April 24, 2018
Design is genius. Implementation of that design is problematic. Researched almost every car phone vent mount on Amazon that would be sturdy and large enough to hold my cell phone protected by a thick leather wallet-style case. The vast majority either don't state their phone size limits or claim maximum cell phone size limits over or at the borderline of such a large, heavy phones (no listings for ANY mount showed weight in addition to size limits so I can't fault this seller alone for that omission).

When I claim that the design of this mount is genius, I'm not exaggerating; the way it's 'supposed' to work is great

But when the blueprints were actually implemented in their manufacture, someone cut some corners -- principally in the size/strength of return and clamping springs. These shortcuts and penny-pinching when manufactured means that the extension and retraction of the clamps is tediously slow and their clamping power is very limited. Because of these weak springs, my cell phone is very subject to dropping on bumpy roads or long trips when the clamps and grips loosen spontaneously. To overcome these potentially costly events, I've had to train myself to check and recheck the tightness of the the clamp arms holding the phone and the clamp holding the mount to the vent. Those without the patience or time to mount large, heavy phones will be disappointed.

With all the above negativity, why a 5-star rating? Simply because that even with all it's production weaknesses described above, it's the very best mount that I could find either online or in brick-and-mortar stores for large heavy phones, i.e., those with thick protective cases. [and I hope that Amazon allows me to also volunteer that the service was excellent and delivery was very fast]
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on March 22, 2018
Update May 23, 2018

Replacement item is also defective after only a few uses.

Update May 7, 2018

After only a few weeks of use, the gears that keeps the grip tight no longer hold fast as is always a weakness of this design in my experience.

The company has given me a 99% discount code to reorder the unit. I like the concept of the unit, so I'll try again. I wish these types of designs would last.


Has worked very well so far. It holds my Galaxy S7 Edge firm and the unit does not move when I take hard corners, which was an issue with my previous holder before it broke. I'm hoping the gears that open and close the group do not break as I have seen designs like this do in the past. Only time will tell?
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on July 2, 2018
It is such a shame. It stopped working properly after only 2 weeks of use. There is a gear system that opened and closed the side clamps. That gear system stopped locking in place and is now permanently open. The phone is not secured and completely wiggly in it. I had to add a hairband to keep the sides clamps in "place". This is NOT a solution for a faulty product, the product should be keeping the side clamps from opening as it used to do.

I contacted the seller on June 27th. No reply so far. I don't think I got a defective product as I've read similar review (too late for me, hopefully not too late for you). Waiting for the seller to fix this issue, send a replacement.... anything... I'm just amazed that this wonderful product only lasted 2 weeks.
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on December 14, 2017
had a problem with the first one I received. It would not lock the phone in place. Contacted the seller and they sent the updated model and so far it has been working quite well. Very pleased with product and with the seller as well. great customer service. My only minor complaint is that I use a rather heavy armored case weighs about 9 ounces and when i use the vent grip attachment it tends to pull of the vent because of the weight of my phone and case. I mounted the receiver with epoxy to my old mobile phone stand and it works fine.
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on October 18, 2017
got it for Samsung Galaxy S8 plus (with Tech21 pure clear case) as my previous mount was cheap and not stable. so far I am happy with it.

- very stable, the legs on the bottom help to secure it. The phone sits tight and not moving
- it is all plastic of course but it does not feel cheap
- really liked silicon vent arms - glad to see they won't damage my vents
- silicon pads would not scratch my phone and hold it tight
- easy to put the phone in the mount with one hand only (thanks to the bottom lip) and then you just squeeze sides
- does not take a lot of space and does not look bulky without phone

- release button works fine but it does require extra push and requires two hands. Will see how it will hold with time but they promise 1.5 year warranty
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