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on January 19, 2018
I really like these diapers. I have always used pampers when they were little and then a mix of those sand luvs when they got older. I figured I’d give these new diapers a try and see if they were good. Mind you, I almost didn’t try them, because the price point between these and pampers are super similar. However I really liked the cute bear print for my little one who tended to grunt like a little bear a lot! So we tried the size 1’s and I have to say I’m impressed! We never had 1 leak or blow out on these diapers.... and my little guy gave them a run for their money. He’d have several pee’s in there at a time if we were running about, and some very liquid stool, that filled the entire diaper from fron to back, but managed to stay in the diaper that has the back flap to catch it!! Yea!! We had one tab that came loose (I think that was due to a person that had no clue how to diaper the baby), and 1 blow out ( he hadn’t went in 2 days), and that was it for all 2 packs. All in all a very good quality diaper! I compared them side by side with huggies and pampers, and huggies match size and back flap perfectly. Pampers is missing the gathers or back flap completely, but seem to be bigger than the other 2. Also all 3 have some sort of inside design inside for goo catching, and all have the wetness indicator
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 28, 2018
We've got a toddler and an infant at home and ohhhhh how life has changed, yet again! I'm OK with it now. I'm over my 21+ years but not quite "over the hill". There I was on Amazon doing my regular (and daily) shopping and noticed these "Mama Bear" brand, which Amazon has created. Cool.

I noticed they had a coupon for their diapers which was nice, but I also noticed the prices were right up there with the big two name brands we typically buy. I wasn't scared since Amazon has not let me down yet. So, I purchased a case and they arrived in usual Prime time. These diapers look AND feel just like the two big name brands out there. Everything from the forming elastic waist and leg bands, to the absorbent padding is top notch. The prints and fabric feel is top notch. I'm really impressed. My daughter took to them right away and never batted an eye at night, or during the day, with the change in diapers. This is a good thing for parents who may be concerned with how a new material may impact their child. Absorbancy is great and again, that elastic has prevented a blowout or two already!

I get it. You're skeptical and you should be, as was I. If you're looking at replacing your name brand diapers with these, look for a coupon and give them a try. We are so happy and with the saved trip to the store, we can keep fresh diapers on hand and not worry about when our baby goes from a size 3 to a size 4 since ordering the next size up is as easy as a "one click"!

Update 07-18: My wife especially likes the Mama Bear brand so much that we have now subscribed for simple and automatic delivery of the diapers and the wipes. If you have not subscribed, look into it. It's easy, and you can save another 15%. If you have the Amazon store card, you save another 5%! With those savings factored in, this is a no-brainer!

I don't get anything from writing these reviews other than a bit of satisfaction knowing I may have helped you make an informed purchase decision. If you think I did help you out today, please click the yes button below. Thanks!
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on January 22, 2018
I have used these for 3 weeks on my 2 year old twin girls.

Pros: Nice and soft, cute bear print (or plain option), wetness indicator, diaper tabs are very secure, work well overnight with no leaks (I am talking about average night wetness not huge night wetters), gentle on the skin for my girls.

Con: They tend to get saggy when they are saturated. This is likely mostly a concern with bigger sizes where the child is moving around/walking and gravity is pulling the diaper down some. The leg openings sag more for me with these than with Huggies.

I currently have the same size in my house of Pampers Cruisers, Huggies Little Movers and Mama Bear. See pictures for a side-by-side comparison. These are definitely most like Huggies Little Movers, very similar, in terms of shape, size, thickness.
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on February 20, 2018
We have been using these for a couple of months and will never look back! My now (almost) nine month old's butt has grown so we are now in size 4s. They have been wonderful. The babe likes to poop around 5 am every morning. Sometimes I hear it, sometimes I don't and the 4s have been awesome at sucking up the moist juicy poo and stopping it from leaking out. My baby is still EBF (no solids yet), so yes, his poo is still the watery yellow stuff.

My husband first ran the numbers and told me that we were going to be in debt soon if we didn't switch diapers soon. We were using the Bambo brand which we love, but as our baby's butt got bigger, the prices followed suit. We are on our third baby in 4 years and have been through a lot of diapers. I feel like a professional diaper reviewer by now.

We suspect that our baby might have the MTHFR gene so we are adamant about getting him non-toxic diapers. Also, we are not Kardashians so we needed something affordable to the middle class. Wa are kind of crunchy, but cloth diapers are where we draw the line.

These managed to check off all our boxes on paper, so we put them to the test: the 7 month old's precious baby bum.

-When I opened the package, I was pleasantly surprised with how cute the diapers were. That's not high on my list, but again, "pleasantly surprised." Bonus. My baby's butt is extra cute now.
-No fragrance and no chlorine! I love that these don't knock you out with some nasty perfume smell tantamount to an old lady covering up sweaty panty-hose.
-The quality is excellent. The feel alone was much better than Earth's Best. They are softer, more "cloth-like." Not that cheap public-bathroom-paper-towel feel.
-the back has a stretchy band that actually stretches. Far superior to Earth's Best and Bambo diapers.
-Non-toxic! It's really sad that we have to label this, because why are other brands putting toxins on baby's butts in the first place??!
-I haven't dealt with any urine leaks yet. My baby is a belly sleeper and nothing has leaked out near his belly button. Also, I tote this baby around a lot in my Tula (front carry). I'm always wary that he'll pee and it'll get all over my stomach (yeah, it's happened a lot), but so far in the past week or 2 that we've been using these diapers, I am happy to report that no pee has leaked on me! SUCH A RELIEF!
-Pee indicator. I haven't had diapers with these on them in a long time. You don't really need the pee indicator at this point as the diaper undeniably swells up when it gets wet anyhow.

-Not a big deal, but when he pees, it gets super pouchy. The Bambo brand seemed to hold a bit more pee. I find myself wanting to change these diapers more often. I'm sure it's just a mental thing because we haven't had any pee leaks yet.
-On day one we had our first #2 blowout sale in his pajamas. It leaked through the legs and the sweet yellow goodness got all over his clothes. It was 5 am so I wasn't very happy in the first place. It is inevitable with any diaper, though. Crap happens.
-the packaging says "leakage protection up to 12 hours." I guess if your baby rarely pees, then yeah. Go for it. In the meantime, I'll definitely be changing my baby's butt WAY more often than that.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these diapers. We are quite pleased and grateful for the affordability.
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on January 17, 2018
Cute package and patterns. My 19 months son loves the bears on it. The texture is similar with Huggies. Good absorbing and last overnight. Nothing outstanding overall it’s okay. But I think the price is a little bit higher than Huggies since I always subscribe and the price is cheaper.
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on January 18, 2018
Really good, but could be a bit better.

The elastic along his back is great, allowing for a lot less droop and sag. This is an improvement over the brand name diapers we usually buy. (We normally buy Pampers Cruisers in size 6.) This makes them less likely to drop to his ankles as they get heavier. (Which happens periodically with our usual name brand.)

The padding goes much higher in the front and back on these, which is very nice. The padding also appears to be thicker than our usual brand.

The tabs are soft, nice, wide and seem very secure.

The bear print is very adorable. More design choices might be good though. I imagine that the parents of girls might appreciate a third option of pink on top of the current blue bears and plain white.

There is a lot of leg room, but this is not all good. (This could be a result of the superior elastic of the mama bear diapers.) Our biggest concern is so much side room leaves for a narrow rear coverage area. But the size 6 of this brand does seem just a little smaller than a 6 of our usual brand. 

The back has been prone to having one side slipping into a "wedgie" position because it is fairly narrow. This could be very dangerous if the child makes a good size rear "deposit".

The absorbtion area does not seem to swell evenly, causing a gritty and chunky feeling when it's wet. This has not caused a problem, but seems strange compared to what we are used to.

Overall we like them quite a bit, there is just a small concern about the rear area being too narrow which could cause less protection against rear deposits escaping and the forming of wedgies. This could be from the size being a little smaller than the standard.

These definitely give Pampers some solid competition. 
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on January 17, 2018
Having twins, I was excited to try out these new diapers since I change a LOT of them. I absolutely LOVE that they come in white so that patterns don’t show through light colored clothing. These are super soft diapers and my girls both seemed comfortable in them. We didn’t experience any leaks or blowouts in these. The elastic waist helped with this, I believe.

Now on to the things I disliked about Mama Bear Diapers. When using these overnight, they tended to leave fuzz all over my babies’ legs, especially in my chunkier twin. They didn’t seem to fit my skinnier twin well, which makes sense since they are made very similar to Huggies, which don’t fit her well either. My biggest complaint, and it’s a deal breaker for me, is that the elasticisized back causes the tabs to fall in towards the center of the diaper during diaper changes. This isn’t a problem with a diaper that is only wet, but is a huge inconvenience when the diaper is dirty because it makes it very difficult to keep the tabs out of the poop and potentially makes a very big mess, especially as my babies get older and more mobile.
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on February 22, 2018
I have been on the hunt for the perfect diaper since my daughter was born 11 months ago and I had all but given up and decided the perfect diaper just didnt exist.. until these came out. I was hesitant to try them at first because I considered them to be an "off" brand and expected them to be cheaply made and fit terribly like the other store brands I've tried.. boy was I wrong. I LOVE these diapers! I have tried almost every organic/chemical free diaper out there, including honest, babyganics, seventh gen, earths best, Andy pandy, target brand, nature's promise, as well as the chemical-filled pampers, huggies, and luvs, and these mama bear diapers are definitely the best! The fit is great, they arent bleached or full of irrirating fragrance and lotions, they are very soft, they dont leak, and you can't beat the subscribe and save price. My daughter has very sensitive skin and a lot of diapers give her rashes.. she hasn't had a single diaper rash in the 2 months that we have been using these. I love that I can get them in all white and they have the wetness indicator so my husband can easily tell when my daughter needs a diaper change. Another huge issue I had with other diapers is now that my daughter is mobile, her diapers were constantly sagging and falling down.. these stay up perfectly. I really can't rave enough about how happy and impressed I am with these diapers.

Update: I have changed my original 5 star review to 4 stars. These diapers do not hold up well over night. Whenever my daughter wears these to bed, her bum is covered in diaper gel in the morning. We have opted to use these during the day and babyganics at night.
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on February 17, 2018
Very disappointed in these diapers. We were excited because we have always been fans of amazons own products but the diapers sag alot, they just don't seem to fit right and they don't contain smell very well. Also unsure if these keep moisture away from the skin because our sons skin is red after a days use and yes we change him frequently.
I do like the wetness indicator and design but we wish we could get a refund but of course we opened them to use them.
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on January 18, 2018
I have been using Mama Bear diapers for over 2 months with my 3yo all day and night and my 5yo just over night.
First let me say these are the thinnest diapers I have ever used, yet absorb more, hold it without bursting, and still let child feel dry. They are so thin you can pretty much go down a pant size or wear a size longer.
I no longer need to buy overnight diapers, these hold more and feel just as dry as Huggies or Pampers overnights.
My children had NO irritation whatsoever from these.
I used cloth diapers a lot until my 3yo starting oversoaking them and then i mostly used 7th Generation. These are better than 7th Generation for above reasons and those had tabs that ripped easily, or when left in hot car the tabs completely fell off.
I feel like i am going through significantly less diapers a day with these.
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