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on August 8, 2016
Works as advertised. Easy to pair with Fire Stick. I'm saving so much time (not to mention eye strain) using this keypad. I'm only kicking myself because I didn't find it sooner. The keyboard comes with two sizes of silicon sleeves. One fits the regular Fire Stick TV remote and the other fits the Fire Stick TV Remote with Voice. The sleeve for the "Voice" remote fits a little snug, but it does fit. Make sure to put the Voice Remote into the sleeve the correct way (it only fits in one way) Others who bought this item said that it didn't fit at all, but you have to make sure you're putting it in the right way (that's what she said - Huh-huh) If you have any problems, see the attached photos. Putting the batteries in is a little different than you would expect. The entire back comes off the keyboard (similar to the back on your smartphone), so don't look for a battery "compartment" cover (like I did) because there won't be one. The keys are decent size, but they are not back-lit, so using the keyboard in a dark room will be challenging. But overall, it does exactly what I need it to do. Allows me to quickly type in my searches on YouTube, Netflix and Prime Movies.
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on July 18, 2016
My real rating sound be more like 3.75 stars. Because I purchased 2 of these, 1 for my standard fire stick and 1 for my fire stick with voice remote. I'd give it 5 stars for the standard remote, and 2.5 stars for the voice remote.

I had no issue pairing the keyboards, I'm an IT professional, but Bluetooth has been around long enough that most people should be able to follow the limited instructions, which I didn't think was that bad.

The unit comes with the Bluetooth keyboard and 2 silicone cases, 1 for the standard fire stick remote and 1 for the fire stick remote with voice.

My only issue is that the silicone case to hold both the fire stick remote and keyboard was apparently not molded from a fire stick remote with voice. The standard fire stick remote fit like a charm. The second silicone case looks like it had the overall shape right, but it was about an inch and a half too short. Perhaps it's the size of the fire tv remote with voice, but it definitely was not designed for the fire stick remote with voice.
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on May 7, 2017
I admit to being a bit skeptical when I read the description -- Mini bluetooth Keyboard -- worried the mini might be too mini. It is truly perfect. No more moving the curser up and down and all that with the Fire Stick remote. This works like a charm. the keyboard is large enough for my husband to use and is so easy to utilize. A great buy on a great item.
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on July 31, 2017
Purchase the KP-810-30B that is just for the fire stick it said ,But works great with the second gen fire box .
the steps for setup :
1. Goto settings
2. Controllers and Bluetooth devices
3. Other Bluetooth devices
4. Make sure the ON/OFF button is in the ON position (slide down).
5. Press Fn+Esc buttons simultaneously for three seconds on the keyboard, the light on keyboard (top of unit) will begin to blink.
6. Click On ( Add Bluetooth Devices ) .
Should connect in seconds if done this way after time the key will goto sleep and disconnect all you have to do is slide the off/on up and down and it reconnects .Hope this helps save you time. Get the right one if you got the second gen box .
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on March 31, 2018
I've had the Amazon Firestick for a while now, and before the days of Alexa (no microphone button on the top center of the black remote). One problem with the Firestick remote is that it's tiny and easy to lose. Another thing that gets tedious is having to enter text for a search string or what not by using the up/down/left/right navigation to hunt-and-peck the alphabet. This little keyboard solves both problems.

This keyboard is surrounded by a rubber base, which has a recessed area on the back for you to snap in your existing little black remote control that came with your Firestick. There are instructions to pair the remote to your device. Once you do a one-time set-up, it works great. You no longer have to hunt-and-peck when doing a search. Also, the size and rubber grip makes it much easier to use your original Firestick remote on the other side.

Don't worry about accidentally pressing the keyboard keys while you use the regular part of the remote on the other side. There's a small on-off switch on the side of the keyboard to avoid that from happening. I keep it off when not in use. Having the remote for a while now, I still haven't had to change the batteries. I don't think I've experienced any real lag time either between turning on the keyboard and the Firestick recognizing the letters I type.
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on December 23, 2017
Works as advertised, and the silicone sleeve makes it more "grippy" when put on any surface.
Built-in rechargeable battery.

Adds a bit of bulk to the remote.
The on/off switch is not labeled to tell you at a glance whether it's on or off.

This last one is kind of a personal preference, so I won't list it in the "Cons" section directly, but being right handed, I found the keypad to be better oriented when put in opposite of the way it's intended. This will partially cover the charging port and the other side, but you can still charge it without taking it out of the sleeve. I just find it more "natural" to flip my remote toward the right and having the keyboard facing the right way, rather than being upside down. Your mileage may vary.
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on November 2, 2016
It takes 2 AAA batteries. I'm using Eneloop rechargeable batteries. The keyboard was easy to connect via Bluetooth to Firestick and it worked immediately. It's pretty cool that you can navigate around the Firestick UI and the Youtube UI using the directional keys, Enter, Backspace and Escape keys. You don't need the Firestick remote except for the long-press Home button to put the Firestick to sleep.

One big disappointment I found turns out to be a problem with the YouTube App. The YouTube app does not work with keyboards. You are forced to use the on-screen keyboard.
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on March 11, 2017
Since I started using this keyboard I was in love. It is a welcome addition to the Alexa remote. It even comes with 2 silicone attachments so that the remote and the keyboard always stick together.
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on November 4, 2017
At first I thought that this was a nice addition to the firestick remote but now I'm finding that it's big and clunky and at times it's slow to respond when typing should have just bought a cable to plug into the firestick and used my Rii remote instead of buying the iPazz remote
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on December 2, 2017
Gotta set up the bluetooth for the remote in the FireStick settings EVERY time you turn it on, that defeats the purpose of a quicker method to navigate..returned it
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