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I've had the InstantPot Duo 6 Quart for several months and used it 2-3x per week, so I was interested to try out the Cosori model, as well as the larger 8 quart size. In terms of quality and cooking style, this Cosori is essentially identical to InstantPot. The buttons, design, and format are all very much the same. Which is actually a vote in favor of the Cosori -- without being able to tell any difference in quality or design, the Cosori is a better value for the money as it comes with several accessories that Instant Pot doesn't (ie an extra sealing ring + glass lid for slow cooker, plus I like the included steamer rack a bit better than the included steamer rack that came with InstantPot). In terms of size, the 8 quart is definitely noticeably larger than the 6 quart Instant Pot, about 2 inches taller, wider, and deeper. So it really does make a difference in terms of footprint if you're leaving this on the counter or trying to squeeze it into a cabinet. We have 2 adults and 2 children in the house, though, so for cooking capacity this 8 quart has been nice, as it lets us cook enough to have some leftovers and/or freeze. Generally the 6 quart would make enough for the 4 of us for dinner, but not significant leftovers. All told, consider this equal in quality and design to the InstantPot, which means it has a slight edge with the extra accessories provided. Recommended!
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on February 1, 2018
I've have the 8qt Cosori for 2 weeks and have used it 10 times. I'm not sure if my PC is defective or not. Every time I use the Meat/stew function and when it finishes cooking I press the off button. It shows "off". And when I want to cook it longer, I would repress the meat/stew button. The screen would keep circling for a long time and not go to the countdown time. And if it doesd go into countdown time mode and finish the countdown time (supposedly Finished cooking) , when I do the quick release there would be very little steam and the food would not be boiling or be cooked at all. It does not seem to function if you try to cook again from the "off" screen. If I unplug it for several seconds and then replug, it would then cook or work correctly. It seems it needs to clear the memory that it finished the previous cooking by unplugging it and if you don't unplug it and then try cook with it again it won't work right. Is my PC defective? Or is that the way Cosori is programmed to work? If so, then it is a problem for me. I don't see why I need to keep unplugging it to cook again. Not sure if I want to exchange it or get a Instant Pot instead.

Update: Cosori has great customer service. After my above review, Cosori customer emailed me and offered to send me a new unit which I accepted. The way this pressure cook works is that you need to hit the off button and unplug the unit if you plan to immediately use the PC again. If you don't hit the off button but unplug and replug, the unit will not reset and will resume where it left off when you unplugged it. To reset the PC, you need to hit the off button and then wait till the LED shows the dashes and then unplug and replug. If you don't, the PC sometimes don't come to pressure or shows that it does but don't actually pressurize and the food isn't cooked. This happened to me several times until I figured it out. Cosori needs to fix that programming but all the other functions were working well. I originally gave it 2 stars but because of their customer service and the PC working well for everything else, I added 2 stars to make it a 4 star. It losses a star for the way it needs to be reset before one can immediately cook again.

Updated 3/16/18. have now used it about 20 times and getting to hate it. its very frustrating if you need to cook with it again right after it finishes cooking and you find out it needs to cook longer. it either takes forever to come to pressure again or it just spins forever, or if it does show its cooking (time is counting down) but when it finishes it never pressurized. it took me three hours to cook to cook corned beef. I could have just cooked it on my stove. this pressure cooker is no good. it my second one. sorry cosori
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on October 11, 2017
I wanted to LOVE this so badly. We cook at home most of the time and our kitchen is full of gadgets that we enjoy using. After reading reviews on various electronic pressure cookers and fully reviewing the product information on the 8-qt Cosori we figured that we had found the ideal device to work for our large family. The Cosori arrived well packaged with a handy little instruction book which I dutifully reviewed prior to the first use.

Decided to try the cooker as a slow cooker since I was familiar with the technique. Filled to stainless steel liner with all the ingredients for yummy multi-bean soup. Oddly we could find no instructions for completely removing the pressure lid while using the glass cover. A center screw permitted the removal of the cover itself but the large arm handle across the top does not seem to be removable. The product picture showed the pot itself without the lid. YouTube video shows the product being used without the lid. The big old handle arm was in the way and looks silly. Seems like an accident waiting to happen.

A question to Amazon had an answer which did not address the question of how to remove the lid. A call to customer service at Cosori was answered by a delightful young man named Eric who could not find a product in stock to practice lid removal. He did promise to find out how to remove the lid (and the handle arm) and call me back. Forty-eight hours still no answer. Returning to Amazon.
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on January 29, 2018
I have used this product several times. I am new to pressure cooking. The manual is not intuitive. The recipe book is small but adequate. I have had to research to figure out how to use it.
I like the speed and flavor of the things I have cooked. There is a learning curve to how long to cook things. When using the preset setting the vegetables I have cooked have turned mushy.
I bought the 8 QT size and after using it I would not ever buy the 8 QT size again. The 8 QT size has the lid attached to an arm. I find the lid hits my cabinets and the most annoying thing is the lid has to be removed from the arm to clean it. It is attached by a bolt on the inside of the cover. It is not easy to reattach the lid without help.
A clear glass lid is included with the cooker for use when slow cooking. This is very nice as other brands make you purchase the lid seperately. BUT on the 8 Qt cooker the pressure cooker lid must either remain open or you can detach lid but the arm is still attached and in the way.
I am sure I would be much happier with the 6 QT size. But since I have used it I did not try to exchange it.
I recommend the cooker but not the 8 QT size.
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on February 2, 2018
used this item 2 times and these were the results.

1. steam seeped out of everywhere and did not hold steam in. ruined our dinner. called support and they said try the new ring provided.
2. 2nd time steaming potatoes and it burned the bottom of the unit. water just dissipated too fast. called support they said they will test it out and let us know what the problem is. no call back. and were no help after that.

customer service was the worst. dont get me wrong nice people. they tried to help but did not know jack about the product. they were just like ummmmm. hmmmm. thats never happened.

over all my mom hated this thing. other products on amazon are way better than this. no wonder the price droped by 30 dollars.
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on February 19, 2018
I have to say that I am incredibly impressed! This is not my first pressure cooker. I have owned the Farberware brand and truly love my Farberware 6 qt. I was looking to increase size and have yogurt making function. I assumed I would be buying an Instant Pot brand due to all the hype. But I decided to ask around and read reviews. Not only did I like the price point better on the 8 qt Cosari vs the comparable IP model but the Cosari comes loaded with extras!
- Extra Silicone Seal
- Taller Steaming Trivet with handel
- Extra glass lid for slow cooking and covering

All of these are extra expenses for other models. I was sold and have been using my Cosari daily since arrival. I have made lasagna, muffins, bbq chicken, pork ribs, egg bites, mac and cheese, even yogurt! This thing is my best friend!
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on January 31, 2018
This Cosori 8-qt multifunction cooker has nice functions and is relatively easy to use...but there is a bit of a learning curve. I'm used to a stove top pressure cooker; i had no idea that an electric cooker doesn't get as hot or produce as much pressure as a stove top pressure cooker, so I was surprised when my food wasn't cooked in the same amount of time as it would have been on the stove. Other than that, I would say this is a great space saver since it has basically every function a person could need. I truly love that it's an all-in-one unit; it can brown or saute your protein or vegetables before switching to another function, such as slow cooking or pressure cooking. There's absolutely no need for extra pots or pans, and therefore saves time on cleaning too! It's a little bit of a pain in the neck to clean the lid after pressure cooking, but I consider it worth it for all the functions it provides.
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on April 16, 2018
I bought this in1/30/2018, leaked though the led pressure valve, I called Cosori , they sent a new lid which only had a new seal ring on it, that did not help, so I called again , they wanted photos of the problem, then they sent a new unit, This time the timer did not work, but I was able to combine the parts and get it to work most of the time .Some times I shut the lid ,it does right till it starts the time then the pressure release valve starts spewing, so I waste 20 min or more to depressor and start over. The company tries to help but quality control needs improvement, I should have returned to Amazon during my return window expired for these reasons I would not recommend . one last note I have noticed that a lot of 6 quart on you tube don`t seem to have this problem. There is very little information on 8 quart, the lid is different on this model . Changing from 3 to 1 star ! Support team had me contact them to try to resolve the problem, so I sent the information again &they offered to send another unit or a refund I wanted refund ,so I had to resend invoice info., they sent me email saying this was a third party buy so they could not refund money & would get back with me when they decided what they can do. That never happen & that was on 4/23/18! warranties are only as good as the company. When u have problem like this ,u soon feel jinxed but I bought a 3 qt. & 8 qt instant pot duo, it`s so nice to put everything into pot, set it & walk away ,
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on December 31, 2017
Now that I’ve been using my electric pressure cooker for a couple of months I like it better and better! Particularly that I can adjust the time and or pressure settings from the preset settings. The lid is attached and raises off of the pot to the left, so I didn't need to find a place to set the hot lid when I opened the pot, which I really liked more than I anticipated! Very easy to clean. Also, I like that it has a glass lid, for crock pot mode, and a steamer-rack, and an additional silicone gasket.
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on February 1, 2018
I've only had this item for a few days but it seems to be a good product and at under $100 it's at a great price. However, I regret this purchase. Cosori is not making a back-up 8 quart inner pot available as a separate purchase item. I'm learning I'm going to need a second inner pot if I'm going to be preparing slightly more elaborate than one pot meals, or if I'll want to get started on the next meal while an inner pot is in the dishwasher. Instant Pot may cost more but, at least, the manufacturer makes some effort to support their product by offering parts for purchase and, I suppose, that's also true of some of the other pressure cooker manufacturers.
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